Marafioti Derides Social Media, Set to Launch New Lifestyle Website

Iconoclastic poker pro Matt Marafioti is eschewing Twitter and Facebook to launch a new lifestyle website.

Marafioti’s polarizing Twitter account was actually one of the most popular accounts in Twitter and had tens of thousands of followers before he deactivated in last year.

“I found it time consuming,” he said on break from the 2014 $10k PLO.

“I actually don’t have Facebook anymore either. I find myself a lot more focused without them.”

Marafioti has been recovering from a car accident over the last year so he’s just returning to live poker in earnest.

“I was on crutches for awhile so I just stuck close to home,” he said. “I played more online poker during that time but I’m back now.”

Car Accident Kept Marafioti on the Sidelines

Matt Marafioti

The Toronto native spent much of the spring in LA and managed to return to his winning ways by placing second in a $25k 6-Max event at Commerce in March for a $237,160 score.

He’s cashed four times at the 2014 WSOP but only made a Day 3 once.

“I’ve just been losing flips,” he said. “It’s just one of those things where it gets to a certain point and you have to win a flip. They haven’t been going my way this summer.

“I feel pretty good about my game though. I’ve definitely been playing well and making quite a few Day 2s.”

Despite finally getting back on his feet, Marafioti doesn’t see himself flying over the globe to play poker.

“I’m not a fan of flying,” he said. “I do like playing events where there are a ton of tournaments like the WSOP though. The PCA is also good, I haven’t made it out to that one in a couple years.”

New Marafioti Website to Have Poker Element

The world will get a bit more Marafioti in the near future when he launches his personal website.

“I’m making a website so that should be interesting,” he said.

“It’s going to be a lifestyle website but also relating to poker. I might give some lessons here and there if I can. I’m not saying I’m that great but I know that I’m decent enough to help some average players get better.”

While Marafioti doesn’t plan on returning to Twitter any time soon he does see at least one use for social media.

“When I want to talk to girls I’ll just re-activate my Facebook account and PM them,” he said. “It’s always good for that. Other than that its pretty useless.”

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