Man who robbed WSOP champ paroled

The man who tried to rob Greg Raymer in 2004 has been released from prison early after providing authorities with information about a plot to kill witnesses in an unrelated murder trial.

Deen Cassim, 32, had been sentenced to twelve years in prison for the attempted robbery against World Series of Poker Champion Greg Raymer that took place at the Bellagio after he cashed out of the 2004 Five Diamonds World Poker Classic.

Raymer cashed out of the tournament and emptied out his safe deposit box of approximately $150,000 in poker chips as well before heading back to his hotel room because he was leaving the hotel early in the morning to participate in another tournament. While entering his room, he was ambushed by Cassim and an accomplice who pushed him into his room.

However, Raymer fought back and pushed the two men outside of his room and tried to keep them out while yelling for help. Cassim then pulled a gun out of a paper bag and told Raymer they just wanted his money, but the WSOP champ pushed the other assailant, Key Joy, to the ground and then they both fled.

Cassim and Joy both escaped the casino and managed to avoid being captured by the police for nearly six months before being apprehended in California.

Cassim was eventually convicted and in March received his 12-year sentence. Just a few weeks after he was sentenced, Cassim went to authorities with information about a plot to have witnesses killed in a high-profile murder trial.

He claimed to have been approached by another inmate, Nelson Brady Jr. at the Clark County Detention Center in Nevada who wanted to hire someone to kill some witnesses. Cassim then cooperated with authorities to stay in contact with Brady after he was released from prison and helped him set up a meeting with a hitman, who was actually an undercover cop.

In return for his help, Cassim's sentence was changed and he has been released from prison on parole.

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