Man who gave the finger chosen as's "Gambler of the Week"

Internet poker room today announced it has bestowed its "Gambler of the Week" title on yet another lucky individual. This time, the title goes to Thomas Burns, a man who was recently cited by authorities in Pennsylvania after a construction worker reported him for making an "obscene" gesture – sticking up his middle finger. awards people who have taken "an unusual, heroic, or foolish risk during the previous week" with the "Gambler of the Week" title and accompanying prizes.

According to the poker room, Burns was stuck in traffic and feeling the frustration. In a moment of reckless release, Burns gave the finger to a construction worker, who later reported his actions to Pittsburgh authorities.

"I think Thomas Burns is worthy of receiving our 'Gambler of the Week' award. Mr. Burns made an obscene gesture at a construction worker in Pittsburgh. The construction worker reported him to the local authorities, and he was later cited for disorderly conduct. We think that this is a newsworthy situation, but we'll let the public decide what kind of 'gambler' he really is," says Maria Marmo, of's Media Relations.

"Burns said he became frustrated with a traffic delay and made the gesture at a construction worker." Mrs. Marmo added, "Fortunately for Mr. Burns, Pennsylvania courts have ruled that the gesture doesn't automatically constitute disorderly conduct, because it is not 'obscene' as defined by the law, unless it is used in a clearly sexual context, which makes Mr. Burns a gutsy fellow for flicking the finger."

Mrs. Marmo concluded: "I loved this story from the start. Getting cited for an obscene hand gesture makes you think twice. I just had to name Mr. Burns our 'Gambler of the Week' for his 'gutsy gesture.'"

As this week's "Gambler of the Week," Mr. Burns will receive merchandise and gift certificates for use on

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