Man kicked from poker game, robs pharmacy


A Salt Lake City man is bringing new meaning to the phrase "going on tilt," having allegedly robbed a pharmacy after being kicked out of his home game.

The Desert News is reporting that Salt Lake police arrested Matthew Shane Jones, 33, last week after he purportedly got kicked out of his poker game, got into a fight, smashed a window and then robbed a pharmacy.

Jones was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail for investigation of felony robbery, felony drug possession and felony fleeing.

According to the story, Jones was playing poker with others in a Millcreek house on Tuesday when he got into an argument with another man, which escalated into a physical fight. Jones was quickly booted from the house and then responded by smashing the front window with his fist and then throwing a planter box through the window.

Less than 15 minutes later a man described as having fresh facial wounds and a bloody shirt robbed a Walgreens pharmacy.

Police officers found Jones on Wednesday and booked him into jail at about 4 p.m.

Utah is just one of two states (Hawaii being the other) that takes a zero-tolerance stand on gambling. It does not even have the most popular form of gambling - the state lottery.

Maintaining control of yourself is an important part of poker, and you too can learn how to not rob a pharmacy by reading the Managing Your Emotions article in the strategy section of


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