Man guilty of attempted murder following poker loss

In a drug-fueled rage set off by an unlucky poker game, a Pennsylvania man loaded a gun with two bullets, aimed the weapon at another player's head and pulled the trigger twice.

But luck was on the side of the player, Donnie Evans, who lived to testify against Harold Hoskins in court after the gun misfired.

Jurors in Williamsport, Pa., where the incident took place, found Hoskins guilty of two counts of attempted homicide and robbery this week, in addition to charges related to firearms and crack cocaine possession.

The trial wrapped Monday, after jurors heard how, on July 7, 2005, Hoskins was playing poker at a known drug house in the community.

Witnesses testified that Hoskins lost everything in the final hand of poker and left the house, only to return later with a gun. After collecting the players' money, he reportedly put the gun to Evans' head and pulled the trigger twice.

When the gun didn't go off, witnesses say he took a bullet out of the weapon and placed it on the table.

A police officer who investigated the incident testified that the gun's chamber held only two bullets, which were the incorrect ammunition and caused a misfire.

When Hoskins took the stand he said he had returned to the home in search of some crack cocaine.

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