Make Poker Easier, More Fun with 5 Best Poker Apps + Tools

Top 5 Poker Apps
Powerful strategy tools to take your game to the next level.

There are tons of powerful poker apps that can make the game easier to play and easier to beat.

In this video we run down the five best.

Ranging from in-depth strategy programs to ICM calculators and tournament clocks, this list is an all-around look at the must-have tools for anyone looking to get better at poker.

These days your opponents will be taking advantage of these powerful tools so make sure you're on a level playing field by incorporating them into your game.

Watch the video first and keep reading below for more information and links to download the apps and tools for yourself.

Watch Top 5 Best Poker Apps

Apps for Getting Better at Poker

In addition to getting actual experience by playing, studying is a huge way you can get better at poker.

Software programs and apps like the ones on this list will help you go way further in your studies.

Topping the list are the two programs that give you the ability to dive deep into your poker game: Hold'em Manager and Poker Tracker.

The vast majority of serious online players use these programs. By saving and uploading your online hand histories you can analyze every part of your game to plug leaks and develop new strategies.

And when you're playing online they can display key information about your opponents in real-time using a heads-up display.

The second strategy app on the list is SnapShove. It's a quick and light tool for analyzing push/fold situations when you're shortstacked in tournaments.

It has interactive training modes and is designed to work on your mobile phone to help you learn to make better push/fold decisions.

Apps for Making Poker More Fun

Some of the other apps on the list won't help you with poker strategy, but they will make playing poker more fun.

If you're hosting your own tournament, get yourself a blind calculator.

By entering the number of players and how long you want the tournament to last, a blind calculator like will generate a perfect blind structure.

Then you can take those numbers and enter them in a tournament clock like

Put the tournament clock where everyone in the game can see it and display important info like the blind levels, payouts and more.

Also earning a spot on this list are ICM calculators like

These come in handy when you're trying to work out a deal deep in a tournament. By entering the payouts and stack sizes, the ICM calculator will work out a fair deal based on each player's equity.

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