Mad comeback in's $100k tourney

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Player madkey made a nice comeback to win's $100,000 Sunday guaranteed tournament. Madkey started the heads-up match against Joe 8877 as a major underdog, but managed to turn things around and walked away with $25,000 in prize money.

In one of the key hands, madkey called when Joe 8877 put him all-in on a Jd-4h-4c flop. It was an easy call to make holding 8c-4d, and to make things even better his opponent showed Td-7c for absolutely nothing.

After that huge pot, things were evened out, and madkey marched on to win the tournament. In the final hand, madkey caught an ace on the river to eliminate Joe 8877.

In total, he defeated 809 opponents, meaning that the number of entrants was exactly the same as last weekend. Bodog consequently had to come up with $19,000 in overlay money to match the $100,000 guarantee.

Results from's $100k Sunday guaranteed:

2nd Joe 8877 $14,000
3rd Killa_Tyven $9,000
4th Heinz57 $6,500
5th eljay85 $5,400
6th BlindCloud $4,400
7th Petez $3,400
8th teamflushdraw $2,400
9th El Cubanito $1,550

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