Luske lookalike crowned king of Nordic Summit

Everest Poker players from Denmark, Norway and Sweden took to the felt in Barcelona last month with two things on their mind - national pride, and a little bit of money for themselves. In the end: Just the Swedes left empty-handed.

Thirty players in total qualified for a seat at the first-ever Scandinavian team poker event - dubbed the Nordic Summit by Everest Poker - where the 10 Swedes, 10 Danes and 10 Norwegians broke off into three national teams.

From there, they split into ten tables of three-handed poker, with one player from each country at a table but only three tables running at any one time, so other team members were available to give advice.

Three points went to the winner of each table, with two for second and one for last, and the highest scoring team winning the team title.

The winner: Denmark, with not only the highest point tally, but the most table champs as well at five.

The table winners then met at a 10-person final table to play for $20,000 in prize money, and it was Norwegian Marcel Luske lookalike Tore Nilsen who collected the individual title and $6,000, the biggest share of the Nordic Summit prize pool.

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