LuckyChewy Leads Final Five at Epic Mix Max

Andrew Lichtenberger

Play is done for the day with just five players left in the Epic Poker $20k Mix Max main event and its Andrew “LuckyChewy” Lichtenberger with the chip lead heading into the final table.

Already with a slight chip lead, Lichtenberger cemented his edge and chipped up to 1.7 million in a big pot with Scott Clements on the very last hand of the night.

Hitting a jack on the river to improve to two pair, Lichtenberger got a call out of Clements to scoop in a million chip pot

Clements was knocked down to the short stack while Noah Schwartz was simultaneously eliminated on the final-table bubble at the next table to set the stage for tomorrow.

Lichtenberger will have a 500k chip advantage over Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi, who will come in to the final table tomorrow second in chips at 1,279,000.

Lichtenberger, who might be good at poker, will be looking to add the $780k first-place prize money to his $1.7 million in live tournament earnings.

Mizrachi is already one of the winningest players in poker history with just under $12 million in live tournament cashes.

Third in chips will be Chris Klodnicki with 1,024,000, his stack boosted by the bustout of Schwartz in sixth as his turned full house beat Schwartz’s turned trips when they got it all in on the river.

Coming in fourth will be Joe Tehan, who raced out to a huge chip lead to end Day 3 yesterday on what is now being referred to as “The Hand”, but backtracked slightly today to enter the final table with 820,000 in chips.

Clements will be the short stack at the table in fifth with just 131,000.

The unusual Mix Max format allowed for just five players to make it to the final table meaning some very capable players fell just shy.

Busting shortly before Schwartz in seventh was Jason Mercier, who ran into a cooler hand versus Klodnicki and couldn't catch a miracle on the river.

Both Mercier and Schwartz took home $89,680, as did David Williams who busted in 8th.

Busting out in 12th-9th positions and collecting $50,920 were Amnon Fillipi, Hafiz Khan, Amit Makhija and Sorel Mizzi.

The final table will kick off tomorrow at noon at the Palms in Las Vegas and will play down until another Epic Poker champion is crowned.

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