Luck, one heads-up hand give Hevroy LAPT win

LAPT chips and cards

After three days of poker action at the PokerStars Latin American Poker Tour Punta del Este, all it took was one hand in heads-up play for Karl Hevroy to secure the win.

Hevroy, who made his way to the Uruguay tournament from Norway, went into heads-up play with a 6-1 chip lead against Uruguayan player Alejandro De Arruabarrena.

It appears De Arruabarrena pinned his hopes of recovery on the very first hand of heads-up play. On the hand, he completed the small blind and Hevroy checked in the big blind.

They saw a flop of 9 9 8. Hevroy checked it over to De Arruabarrena, who bet 70,000 and got a call from the Norwegian.

The turn brought a 4 and the battle heated up as Hevroy checked and De Arruabarrena fired out another 100,000. Hevroy moved all-in and De Arruabarrena made the call.

Hevroy turned up 8 9 for the nut full house, and De Arruabarrena was drawing dead with his Q J. The dealer flipped up a 4 on the river, and with that, Hevroy had an LAPT championship title.


The PokerStars LAPT Punta del Este just seemed to be Hevroy's time to shine. He'd made his way through a 327-player field to end up in the top nine holding more than a million in chips.

His nearest competitor was Angel Guillen, from Mexico, who was sitting with 572,000 in chips.

A chip lead is never a sure win when you hit the final table of an event, but Hevroy appeared to have fate on his side as well.

With the table down to five players, Hevroy and Oliver Rowe saw a flop of J 9 3. Rowe led out for 50,000 from the small blind and Hevroy called.

A K came on the turn and Rowe bet out 115,000. Hevroy moved in, and Rowe was quick to call, showing his 3 3 for bottom set.

Hevroy was behind in the hand with his K Q. Drawing to just four outs on the river, Hevroy was facing the possibility of a severely crippled chip stack.

However, the T fell on the river giving Hevroy a king-high straight and sending Rowe to the rail.

Hevroy Houdinied his way out of another tight spot when play was down to three-handed. Guillen opened from the button for 64,000, and Hevroy raised it to 210,000 from the big blind.

Guillen made his move, reraising all-in, and got a call from Hevroy.

Guillen had the dominant hand, showing A J to Hevroy's A T, but the flop brought Q T 6 to pair up Hevroy. When a 6 came on the turn and a 7 fell on the river, Guillen was out in third.

"I had a few moments where I was in danger," Hevroy told PokerStars after his win, "and then I luckboxed my way out of it."

From there it was smooth sailing for Hevroy as he moved on to capture the win and the $283,500 top prize.

The final-table results were:

Place Name Country Prize
1st Karl Hevroy Norway $283,500
2nd Alejandro De Arruabarrena Uruguay $155,420
3rd Angel Guillen Mexico $99,120
4th Ron Wasiel United States $82,160
5th Oliver Rowe Canada $59,960
6th Waldemar Cogo Brazil $48,840
7th Bolivar Palacios Panama $37,740
8th Magno Aragao Brazil $26,640
9th Andre Ventura Brazil $21,000


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