LPA tournament makes dreams come true

Susie Isacs

The Ladies Poker Association Pro Tour made a stop at the Commerce Casino for its Dream Weekend, giving women two shots at tour success and a whole lot of cash. The lucky ladies walking away with the wins: Susie Isaacs and Terresa Gallagher.

After busting out of the World Series of Poker Main Event during Day 2b, Susie Isaacs decided to head to L.A. and take part in the LPA tournaments there. It turned out to be the right decision as she turned Saturday's $335 buy-in into a win.

With a prize pool of $18,042, she pocketed $6,790 and gets to take home a trophy and $1,065 buy-in for the Ladies event of the 2008 L.A. Poker Classic.

Here's the list of ladies who cashed in the tournament:

Place Name Cash
1st Susie Isaacs $6,790
2nd Ruby Teich $3,905
3rd Elizabeth Ouellette $2,037
4th Diana Korikis $1,188
5th Christine Smith $933
6th Cho Do $763
7th Pamela Rich $594

On Sunday, Isaacs again made it into the money of the tournament, but it was Terresa "London" Gallagher who edged her way to the top for a win. She takes home $7,277 of the $17,460 prize pool as well as a trophy and $1,075 seat in an event at the Legends of Poker at the Bicycle Casino.

Another $1,065 seat in the L.A. Poker classic event was giving to the second-place finisher Denise Aaron. Third- and fourth-place finishers Isaacs and Louise Rocchio each received seats in the California Ladies State Championship as well.

The ladies who cashed in Sunday's tournament are:

Place Name Cash
1st Terresa "London" Gallagher $7,277
2nd Denise Aaron $4,098
3rd Susie Isaacs $2,460
4th Louise Rocchio $1,640
5th Lisa Fergison $920

Next stop on the LPA Pro Tour is the Cherokee Casino outside Tulsa Oklahoma Aug. 5. The winner of this event will also take home a seat in the LPA Pro Tour's event at the Bicycle Casino Aug. 18 and 19.

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