Low turnout means big win for UltimateBet, Bodog.com players

The Super Bowl was the big news on Sunday with many sports fans turning from their computers to watch the game rather than play in the large guaranteed tournaments. That was good news for the winner of the UltimateBet and Bodog.com guaranteed events on Sunday who had a much smaller playing field to work their way through.

At UltimateBet, 729 players signed up for the $200,000 guaranteed tournament. That left the poker site having to cover a large chunk of the prize pool to meet the guaranteed amount.

RandALLin was probably more than happy to scoop up his share of that when he came out on top. For first place, he earned $46,000.

The final table results were as follows:

2nd stallion pt3 $28,000
3rd no1TK $18,500
4th PoppyG46 $13,000
5th MHBSchwab2 $11,000
6th sonofred $9,000
7th pdawg86 $7,000
8th gocavs1 $5,000
9th Kona21 $3,500
10tha_thekevlar_2 $2,000

Bodog.com went back to their usual $100,000 guaranteed tournament this Sunday after having beefed it up to $200,000 last week. Despite the drop, 747 players still came out to play.

In the end it was Roshambro who took home the $25,000 top prize.

The final table results were as follows:

2nd kingkai $14,300
3rd HaNkYDahANky $9,200
4th pinnie $6,900
5th LokTakWah $5,500
6th PlayNBarredUp $4,500
7th watash20 $3,500
8th Brady Hawks $2,500
9th PokerJones $1,600

For more information about tournaments or to get in on the fun, head over to UltimateBet and Bodog.

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