Lorain bar in problems over Poker

When shall we breath a sigh of relief, when shall this ever conflicting question be answered....

This million dollar answer as to whether Poker is a game of skill or chance, when or should I say if answered will solve many issues.

Latest scuffle happened at Kennedy's Broadway Billiards on last Sunday. Agents of Ohio Department of Public safety busted up the place and forcibly stopped Texas Hold' em taking place there. The agents feel that Kennedy was misusing the liquor license.

Mayor Craig Foltin is enraged by this act, he feels the highly famous businessman Kennedy should be left free as his bar lures lot of out of town folks, which is extremely important as they are all set to invigorate the town. He clearly states that no act of omission has been committed as no cash transactions have been carried out.

The prizes received by the winners is a once a month all expense paid trip to Las Vegas, or pool cues. These same prizes are won for billiard games then why is there a problem with Poker?

Well the answer is simple (and repetitive) Poker is a game of chance, no a game of skill and the battle continues……

Let's hope we finally hear a satisfactory answer at the hearing which is going to take place after sixty days.

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