Looking back at the biggest players of 2007

Jonathan Little
Jonathan Little was one player who helped make 2007 the year of the online rounder.

As I sat back on New Year's Eve, toasting the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008, I reflected on the biggest poker players of the year that had just ended. Without a doubt, there were many names that came to mind.

One of the biggest stories of the past 12 months was the number of newcomers who may well be at the forefront of the game for years (perhaps decades?) to come. Not surprisingly, most of them were raised on the Internet game and made significant inroads into the live game in the course of the year.

It really makes a person wonder, as 2008 is in its infancy, how many more online poker players will shatter the wall between the online game and the live game in the coming year?

Both Jonathan Little and David "The Dragon" Pham. Both of these players were remarkable to watch as the year played out and should be a focal point for 2008 as well.

Chip Reese
Poker loses a legend.

As the noisemakers began to quiet down, I also remembered the passing of the legendary Chip Reese. I raised my glass to the greatest cash game player ever and wished that 2008 will bring us more players like him, who had the style and grace to handle all outcomes, whether in his favor or not. There is a void in the poker world without him, and he might just be irreplaceable.

With the beginning of a new year, bankrolls are reset and the players are ready to go once again, battling in cash games and tournaments around the world. Who, and what, will make 2008 a year to remember? This poker player, for one, eagerly anticipates finding out.

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