Liz Lieu, Rising Poker Star

Liz Lieu
Liz Lieu in action.

Liz Lieu made her debut into big time tournaments this year at the World Series of Poker when she took 5th place in the first public event of the Series. Since then, she has cashed in one more event and has becomed determined to win a WSOP bracelet. Liz began her career as a professional poker player four years ago and her future looks very bright indeed.

How long have you been playing poker?

I have been playing poker for 12 years and professionally for the last 4 years. I just started playing poker tournaments actually and since my fifth place finish this year I am hooked.

Liz Lieu

What is your favorite poker game?

I only play Hold'em. In side games I mostly play Limit Hold'em but I am getting more into No-Limit Hold'em cash games as well. For tournaments, I prefer No-Limit Hold'em. I like to play at the Bellagio, usually Limit Hold'em and from stakes of $60-$180 and up, whatever their biggest game is.

Will you only play in Hold'em events in this year's WSOP?

Yes, I know how to play the other games, but I don't want to put my money in there and be the donkey at the table (laughs).

How would you describe your playing style?

Very aggressive. I used to finish on the bubble (meaning one spot out of the money) every time, but this is the style you should play in order to have the best shot at winning a tournament.

What do you have to say about being a poker professional, is it a lot of hard work?

It is very, very tough. Poker players often pay a big price for being successful doing this. You have to sit at the table for so many hours and it can ruin your looks and make you age faster.


What does your future look like?

I am very determined to win a bracelet and I see a bright future for me in poker. I learn something new every time I play and will only continue to improve my game.

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