Live Updates: Phil Ivey Beats Bruce Yamron to Claim 10th WSOP Bracelet

Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey both had a shot at winning another gold bracelet today but in the end it was Ivey who came out on top to earn his 10th WSOP title.

It was an especially significant achievement since Ivey and Negreanu have wagered large sums of money on whether one of them would win a WSOP bracelet this summer.

The exact amount of the bets is unknown but it's safe to say it far outweighs the $167k he snagged for his win. Keep reading for the details of Ivey's historic 10th bracelet win.

Current Chip Counts

    Phil Ivey - All of Them

Ivey Goes Strong to Win Tenth Bracelet

The two stacks were close at the start of heads up play but nothing went right for Bruce Yamron from the start.

Ivey took command during the No Limit Hold’em hands and extended his lead during the Stud portion. Yamron was able to double late but it wasn’t enough.

The final hand of the tournament was in Omaha/8 and all the chips went in on the turn. Yamron had two pair but Ivey had the bigger two. Yamron had a low draw but the Qd ended the tournament and send him out in 2nd place for $103,375.

This is the tenth bracelet for Phil Ivey putting him in a tie with Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan. Phil Hellmuth holds the record with 13 titles.

Stay tuned for a full recap.

Bruce Yamron eliminated in 2nd

Heimiller Sent Out; Yamron Stays Hot

Dan Heimiller didn’t have a lot to work with after Steury’s elimination and Yamron took care of most of his stakc.

Heimiller was chopped down to just 150,000 after losing a big Deuce-to-Seven hand with a 9-6 versus an 8-6. He had few options and put his stack in the middle with K6h but Ivey was waiting with A6h. The flopped was a bonus and Heimiller’s tournament was over.

It was a good run for the Seniors Event champion but he fell two spots short of his third WSOP bracelet. The finish earned him $66,246 for the effort.

Ivey and Yamron are now playing heads up for the title.

Dan Heimiller eliminated in 3rd

Steury Out and Ivey Down

The first few orbits were very uneventful until Bruce Yamron picked up the pace. He was firmly in second spot after dinner and took a large pot of Aaron Steury in Limit Hold’em.

Steury had a great chance to double with pocket Aces but Yamron’s QhTs caught a four flush on the turn to knock Steury down. The hand also moved Yamron into the lead over Phil Ivey.

Steury lasted just two more hands before his AQ was outflopped by Heimiller’s AJ to send the former bracelet winner out in 3rd place for $44,286.

Aaron Steury eliminated in 3rd

Back Underway

The players have returned from their 60-minute dinner break and Phil Ivey has a little hop in his step. Dan Heimiller, Bruce Yamron, and Aaron Steury will try to chase him down.

Ivey Regains the Lead; Heimiller Out of Steam

Heimiller’s time atop the leaderboard was short-lived. He rode out his heater just a little too long and allowed Phil Ivey to come back.

Ivey won a 500k pot against Heimiller with pocket Jacks in Limit Hold’em then knocked Aaron Steury almost to the felt in Deuce-to-Seven. He is back over 1million and in the lead.

The tournament clock ran down to zero while Heimiller and Steury were fighting in a Triple Draw hand. It was time for dinner and Ivey didn’t stick around to see the outcome, he was off to his trailer.

Steury was all-in before the first draw and stood pat after one. Heimiller took his time to consider his second and third draws, taking one each time, but couldn’t beat Steury’s nicely drawn 7-6.

Ivey is back to a commanding chip lead with nearly half the chips in play at the four-handed table and will be back in one hour to play it out.

Heimiller Heater; Takes the Lead

Dan Heimiller folded an earlier hand with just 40k behind, caused an unscheduled break, and then went on a heater.

Heimiller made a bit of a mess on the table causing a quick break and it might have cleared his head. He won three straight, big pot hands to get out of the danger zone.

Heimiller pulled a huge pot against Phil Ivey in Pot Limit Omaha then two more big Limit Hold'em pots to vault him from micro-stack to leader.

Chidwick Gone; Heimiller Sticking Around

Stud/8 isn't the usual game for big pots but there were three doubles during the rotation. Dan Heimiller doubled through Phil Ivey on the first hand then picked up anoter against Bruce Yamron and Stephen Chidwick.

Chidwick was the short stack but managed his double before the game switched. His problems ended during a second Deuce-to-Seven Triple Draw hand.

Chidwick was all-in before the third draw and was gone when he couldn't beat the pat 8-5 of Ivey. He was bristly about his fourth place finish and left without a word to the table to pick up his $30,488 payout.

Heimiller continued to his run back before Chidwick cleared the rail with another Deuce-to-Seven double up with a big 7-6 against Steury's 8-6.

Stephen Chidwick eliminated in 5th

Millionaire Ivey; Heimiller Gets Short

When Phil Ivey won his ninth bracelet in the 2010 H.O.R.S.E. tournament, he made a lot of his progress soon after each break. Not sure what he does during that time but he always moved higher after a pause.

The trend is continuing today as Ivey jumps over 1million at the expense of Dan Heimiller. The Seniors Event champions folded a Stud/8 hand on sixth street with just 40k behind with Ivey's board showing 6-5-4-3.

The hand put Ivey in seven-digit territory leaving Heimiller looking for a quick double.

Stephen Chidwick also made a small move north shortly after the break when he doubled through Bruce Yamron in Limit Hold'em.

Ivey Back on Top; Soulier Predicts

It is a little surprising there are only a few big names on the rail for Phil Ivey but his fans are out in force. They are the only ones in the crowd making noise and it's when Ivey drags a pot.

There were some big bets placed against Ivey winning a bracelet and those involved must be following from afar. They will show up if Ivey gets heads up for the win.

One of those watching the action, with money on the line, is former bracelet winner Fabrice Soulier. He has been around the final table but not worried about losing the bet. Soulier's prediction for Ivey?

"Second place."

Soulier may be hoping for that result but Ivey quickly took back the chiplead from Aaron Steury after two big pots in Omaha/8 and Razz. Stephen Chidwick was on the wrong end of those hands and now needs helps to stay alive.

Ivey is closing in on the 1million chip mark and has a nice advantage heading off to the next break.

Guo is Gone; Ivey Falls Behind

Yuebin Guo might be a mystery player to the common fan but this was Guo's second final table of the summer. Guo never had much going once he hit the final table and was the next sent home.

Guo was riding a small stack until he ran a smaller two pair into Dan Heimiller's winner. He quietly picked up a nice $21,602 payout.

The last half hour saw the emergence of 2011 WSOP bracelet winner Aaron Steury. He won a $1,500 H.O.R.S.E. title and his skills are on display as he moved past Phil Ivey to take the chiplead.

Steury won a big Deuce-to-Seven hand with a wheel against Heimiller and Stephen Chidwick before taking some from Ivey during the Stud round.

Yuebin Guo eliminated in 6th place

Ivey Climbs While Haller and Rocha Leave

Christoph Haller would have been a compelling champion, come to the WSOP and win the first event you cash. He was able to hold on against his tough opponents and survived a four-handed table against some top talent.

Haller was unable to win a Limit Hold'em coin flip and was the next sent to the rail, gone in 7th place for $15,720. He was gone shortly after Alex Rocha quietly left the table in 8th to form the official final table.

Phil Ivey continues to play a patient game, taking smaller pots from opponents to build his stack with little risk. He still holds the chiplead but the always dangerous Stephen Chidwick is closing the gap.

Pump the Brakes

The quick action of the short-handed tables came to a sudden halt when the last eight players joined together. Small pots, slow action, and Ivey came back to the field a little.

Bruce Yamron is the only one making noise when he found a quick double off Christoph Haller but he's still shortest.

Yamron is also enjoying a nice rail of his own including 2005 WSOP Main Event champion Joe Hachem. He is a retired jeweler living in Florida and he has a lot of friends cheering him forward.

Meanwhile, Daniel Negreanu has moved on to his next challenge.

End For Negreanu

The ride ended quickly for Daniel Negreanu. Christoph Haller began the assault on his chips but it was Dan Heimiller who finished him off.

Shortly after Negreanu doubled through Haller to get back in the game, he played a big Pot Limit Omaha hand with Heimiller to give them up. The chips were in the middle preflop where Heimiller was ahead and stayed that way for a double.

Negreanu was left with just 40,000 when they went in shortly after and it was Heimiller cleaning up. His Aces were good enough to end the day for Kid Poker in 9th spot.

It also seems a lot of those in the stands were Negreanu fans as most left along with their favorite player. Players are on a quick break before going to the WSOP side stage.

Daniel Negreanu out in 9th

Negreanu's Rollercoaster

Christoph Haller could be excused if he was a little intimidated by his table. His other three opponents, Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, and Dan Heimiller, hold 17 combined WSOP titles while this is Haller's first WSOP cash.

But Haller has been unfazed by the star power and spent 30 minutes chopping down Negreanu's stack. He won several big hands until he finally had Negreanu all-in on sixth street playing Razz.

Negreanu slow peeled his final card and asked, "Ace or a deuce?" He needed the Ace to win and found the diamond version to double his short stack.

The visitors have stopped coming by and the joking has dropped to a minimum as all nine work towards the final table.

Ivey Jumps Into Lead; Negreanu Moves Up

The second hour of play was good to Phil Ivey. He knocked out Abdel Hamid with just a small pair in Stud/8 and followed that with a bigger hand against Dan Heimiller and Christoph Haller. Those two hands quieted him down and moved into the chiplead.

Daniel Negreanu hasn't missed the action. He delighted the rail when he sent Amnon Filippi out in 11th place to move into the top half of the leaderboard.

Nine players remain with one more elimination before the unofficial final table. Until then they are playing at two short-handed tables.

Ivey Tempts Flack

Either one of them along would have a few big names show up to wish them well but together they've had a steady stream of friends stop by.

Erick Lindgren came over to wish them well and "Miami John" Cernuto is watching from the wings. Layne Flack was needling Amnon Filippi when Ivey jumped in.

"When I win this, you come out of retirement," Ivey said to Flack. "We will party straight through until the One Drop."

Flack has been taking it easy on the extra-curricular activities but Ivey might try to change that. Ivey is one of the 41 players registered for the $1m buy-in Big One for One Drop tournament on Sunday.

Ivey and Negreanu Chatting Away; Chidwick Doubles

Play was underway shortly after 2pm and all are in their seats. Fans will have a tough time seeing their two favorites as their table is the furthest from the stands. That isn't stopping them from coming out and it's standing room only. Another disappointed for fans will missing these two play on the big WSOP final table. Not because they won't make it but because ESPN is preparing the stage for Big One for One Drop action.

Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu are seated at opposite ends of their table keeping their tablemates entertained. Negreanu is always chatty, partly his personality and the rest as strategy, but Ivey is more animated than usual.

Neither has made much movement in their stacks in the initial part of the final day but one player is already gone.

Stephen Chidwick doubled early off Devin Looney in a straight No Limit Hold'em race before the seats were even warmed up. Chidwick finished him off soon after to drop the field by one and the popular Brit moves into the chiplead.

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