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Day 3 Live Updates

09/26/2010 (4 years ago)

Hansen Wins First Bracelet in £10K Heads-Up

Bracelet numero uno for the Dane

Before tonight Gus Hansen was unquestionably the most accomplished player never to win a WSOP bracelet. Luckily for the Great Dane, that distinction is a thing of the past.

The £10,000 High Roller Heads-Up event was something special from the first match on. Both of these finalists fought their way through a who's who of poker's best.

This was a bracelet that was supposed to be awarded days ago but, thanks to a 4am finish to the second in the best of three finale, the match that would decide the tournament was postponed. No one knew quite when it would go down but we're all glad we were able to play it out tonight.

Collopy had momentum after surging back in match number two to tie things up, even if that momentum was a few days old. Tonight's battle was decided by a few key hands, the first of which was only four hands into the proceedings and it gave Collopy a big lead.

Collopy raised from the big blind and Hansen called. The Dane proceeded to call increasingly large bets on each street and was shown pocket aces. Hansen would later refer to it as, "A very bad call."

Collopy looked poised to snatch the bracelet from his more experienced opponent but things turned around in a hurry with one big cooler. Hansen called a bet on a J-J-8 flop and fired out when it was checked to him on the five turn.

A deuce hit the river and Hansen shoved. Collopy called and showed Q-J for trips while Hansen tabled pocket deuces for the rivered boat.

The two sparred back and forth with Hansen extending his lead before the last hand occurred.

Hansen opened to 91,000 on the button at 20,000/40,000 and Collopy shoved for 1.2 million. Hansen tank-called with pocket fours and saw he was in great shape against Collopy's K 4.

Collopy picked up a flush draw on the turn to go with his overcard but didn't get there.

Jim Collopy takes down £178,211 while Gus Hansen grabs the bracelet and £288,409!

For a full rundown of the results click through here.

We had the chance to chat with Gus for a few minutes right after the win so watch and enjoy!

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09/26/2010 (4 years ago)

Hansen and Collopy Final Set to Play at 6pm!

Mano a Queso.

As you may know, the tie-breaker in this best of three final was delayed the other night since the second match didn't end until almost 4am!

It was a little unclear when the match would actually play out but apparently both players are free tonight at 6pm. Gus Hansen and Jim Collopy will square off for one more heads-up match, deciding who will walk away with the bracelet and the £288,409.

Hansen seemed to have a stranglehold on this event in their second match but Collopy was able to hit a few cards and rally to tie things up. This is going to be an awesome final so check in later for results, highlights and hopefully a video interview with our champ.

For now check out the video we did with Jim Collopy on the final match delay.

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09/24/2010 (4 years ago)

No Champion Tonight; Hansen and Collopy Tied 1-1 in £10K Heads-Up!

Jim Collopy
Jim Collopy is lucky to have a chance tomorrow.

Tonight looked like the night Gus Hansen would finally get around to winning a WSOP bracelet but that opportunity has been postponed until tomorrow.

Jim Collopy was able to win the second match and in a rare gesture of mercy the tournament staff have decided to delay the tie-breaker. We've got the rundown of that last match below so get yourself up to speed and check in tomorrow to see who will walk away with the bracelet.

For a look at who cashed in this event click through here.

The Gods Giveth, and the Gods Taketh Away

Sometimes it's just not your day, the thought that must have been running through Jim Collopy's mind in the early stages of this match. He got off to a rocky start to say the least.

A perfect example, and one that speaks to Collopy's ability to hold on to a stack, came a little over an hour into this second bout. Collopy's stack had already waned to around 1.5 million when he and Hansen both saw a rainbow flop of 5-3-3. Collopy check-called increasingly large bets on the 7 turn and the 9 river.

Hansen showed A 3 which had runner-runnered a diamond flush. Collopy showed a trey. His trips were outkicked to begin with. A big pot lost but Collopy was lucky to have gotten away with anything.

It was looking bleak for the man they call Mr_BigQueso online but as quickly as Hansen was able to build that lead he gave it all back. With 571,000 to start the hand Collopy made it 211k from the button, all but announcing that he wanted to play for all his chips. Hansen obliged, moving all-in, and Collopy happily called.

K-9 for Collopy was only a slight dog to the Dane's A 7. The flop rolled out T 7 3 and the 6 on the turn only made things worse for the all-in youngster.

Hansen was just one safe river card away from the win, Collopy's hopes pinned on a non-club king or nine. Like magic the 9 appeared on the river, putting Collopy's count at around 1 million.

After pulling off that last miracle-river double Collopy got it in with AQ vs. pocket kings. Hansen had another chance at ending this tournament but again the board came to Collopy's

An ace on the flop was all it took and they were back to square one.

From there Collopy took the lead before getting lucky once again to tie it up at one match apiece.

Collopy four-bet shoved from the button with nines and Hansen snapped him off with queens. A nine and two treys on the flop gave Jim the boat and the chance at redeeming himself tomorrow.

We'll have coverage of the ultimate match tomorrow so check in and see if Gus Hansen can add that elusive WSOP bracelet to his almost complete record.

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09/24/2010 (4 years ago)

First Match to Hansen in £10K Heads-Up Finale

Gus Hansen

With stacks of 1.92 million and a deep blind structure we knew this was going to be an epic battle. The first match was in keeping with that prediction.

Gus Hansen has drawn first blood, winning the first of this best of three war and putting the pressure squarely on Jim Collopy in the second.

The Great Dane seemed in control from the first hand and it was a steady stream of chips to his side of the table from then on.

The First Big Pot

Collopy opened and got three-bet by Hansen. He called and the flop came down A J 9. Hansen fired out 157,000 and got a call. The turn was the K and Hansen bet out 384,000 and Collopy folded.

The Second Big Pot

The real damage came a few orbits later when Hansen limp-called from the button. Collopy bet the A 5 3 flop, got called, and they checked through the 3 turn. The 3 on the river prompted a big bet from Hansen and a call from Collopy.

Hansen tabled A 4 for the boat and took the second of the matches big pots.

The Death Blow

From then on it was a steady onslaught of aggression from the Dane until Collopy was in push/fold territory. They got it in with pocket nines for Hansen against Collopy's Q8s.

The nines held up and Hansen puts one point on the scoreboard.

The next match will be underway momentarily and we'll have the results and highlights when it's done.

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09/23/2010 (4 years ago)

Final Match 1/3 Plus Photos from the Floor: £10K Heads-Up

Mano a mano.

The feature area on the floor in the middle of the casino has been cleared and the final table is now the center of attention.

Gus Hansen and Jim Collopy are in their seats and the first match of this finale has begun. This final is a best of three affair and with extended blind levels it's sure to be a grudge match.

We're going to come back and update you with the results and highlights from each match as they end, but for now check out a few pics we snapped as the action got rolling.


IMG0409IMG287IMG0434Jim CollopyJim Collopy

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09/23/2010 (4 years ago)

Hansen and Collopy Through to Final in £10K Heads-Up

Jim Collopy advances.

The final four was a serious affair and after a few hours of intense battle we have our two finalists. Gus Hansen defeated Andrew Feldman while Jim Collopy was able to dispatch Ram Vaswani.

We've got the final hands and match summaries for you below but we'll be right back in action in just 30 minutes so stay tuned as we decide the winner!

Vaswani Can't Cope with Collopy

Ram Vaswani had the crowd support in this match but it wasn't enough to overcome online monster Jim "Mr_BigQueso" Collopy.

Vaswani was able to make quads twice in the match but Collopy didn't have much to go with it in those cases. Instead Collopy wore his opponent down in a long series of smallish pots, punctuated by a few big'uns.

The final hand saw Vaswani short and calling off from the big blind with A-J. He was leading Collopy's K-9 but by the time all was said and done Collopy had made a straight.

Vaswani is out but takes a very respectable £96,212.

Feldman Felted; Hansen Advances

We had a chance at an all-UK final if Andrew Feldman and Ram Vaswani had both made it through but as it turns out the opposite has happened.

Feldman was waiting for Vaswani on the rail, figuratively, having been busted by the great Gus Hansen.

Hansen ran this match from the outset, gaining a chip advantage early and using it to batter the younger player into submission. Feldman fought hard and managed to regain a few steps along the way but in the end it was too little too late.

Feldman four-bet all-in with pocket tens and got a call from Hansen's K-J. A king on the flop tilted the percentages in the Danes favor and his hand held up to end the match.

Andrew Feldman is out with £96,212 to console him.

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09/23/2010 (4 years ago)

Final Four Begins in £10K Heads-Up!

Ram Vaswani
Ram Vaswani

It took a little while for the players to finally take their seats but the cards are now in the air. It's just the two matches right now and when they're done we'll know who will be playing in the finals later tonight.

Gus Hansen is squaring off against the young Brit Andrew Feldman while Ram Vaswani and Jim "Mr_BigQueso" battle it out at the other end of the table.

This match has been moved to the feature area upstairs since the Main Event is dominating the rest of the casino.

We'll be back when these matches are down with results and highlights to set up our finale so check back in a few hours!

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Event 4: £10,000 High Roller Heads-Up
London, England
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1 Gus Hansen £288,409
2 Jim Collopy £178,211
3 Ram Vaswani £96,212
4 Andrew Feldman £96,212
5 Daniel Negreanu £47,045

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