$5,000 PLO Hi/Lo - Shak Sacked, Bell Rings!

Shak attack countered.
Shak attack countered.

It seemed like only a matter of time and now, it's official. Chris Bell wins!

After overcoming a big chip deficit, it seemed like Bell had the momentum and the wind had been taken out of Dan Shak's sails.

On the last hand, Shak got all in on the turn with a useless nut flush. We say useless because Bell already had a full house. Shak could suck out and make a low to retrieve half the pot but instead the river was the 9 - just one pip too many to qualify for a low.

Bell's full house did the trick and the pot and the bracelet were shipped to him.

Both of these players have over $2 million in tournament cashes, but neither had a bracelet, until now. Chris Bell is our 2010 World Series of Poker $5,000 buy-in Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo Split winner! He gets $327,040 plus one of the 49 bracelets that will be handed out at this year's series.

On the other hand, we have Dan Shak who must feel like he had the win snatched from him. Heart breakingly close, all he gets is $202,140. Boo-hoo.

We're going to bed right now but please make sure to come back in six short hours when the Tournament of Champions reconvenes at noon PST.

With so many names and so much prestige on the line, it's a tournament that will go down in history!

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$5,000 PLO Hi/Lo - Back and Forth They Go

Has the momentum.
Has the momentum.

The rail is mostly empty seeing that it's past 4am, but there are a few notables we can point out.

First, Shannon Elizabeth is here, and she's been getting a massage from some dude for the last couple of hours. She's railing her friend Dan Shak with Nick and Mike Binger also there backing her up.

On the other side of the room, are Gavin Smith and a few others. Smith won a bracelet

They're part of the Chris Bell camp and have been cheering whenever he takes down a pot. Worth mentioning is the lady that is on Smith's side. She is wearing a shirt that says "Hooray For Boobies!". Hooray indeed.

As far as the poker goes, they're on their first break since they started playing and it's been a back and forth. Shak had the lead for a little while and it looked like victory would be his in only a matter of time; but then his chips began funneling to the other side of the table replenishing Bell's stack until they were even.

Bell didn't stop there and hacked away a few more pots. He's now got 3 million to Shak's 1.2 million.

They'll be back shortly to hopefully finish it off.

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$5,000 PLO Hi/Lo - Time For Heads Up

Has bad case of Bieber Fever?
Has bad case of Bieber Fever?

"There are five guys in poker want to be heads up against and you're one of 'em," Dan Shak said to Chris Bell. "Well....maybe ten."

It looks like we have ended up with Chris Bell out of Raleigh, North Carolina battling it out with New York's Dan Shak who is looking to supplement his lifetime tournament earnings of $2.26 million with an extra few hundred thou' and his first bracelet.

How did we get here from just an hour ago?

Ritzie Cracker'd, Cheese'd

After a mad dash of all ins where the pots were just split, Joe Ritzie's luck ran out.

On the last hand, Dan Shak raised it up to 150,000 and Joe Ritzie shoved all in from the blinds. Shak made the easy call with A 2 J 8.

Ritzie turned over a much less premium 2 3 9 T.

The dealer rolled over the 7 J 6 on the flop. The nut low draw and a flush draw as well as top pair for Shak had Ritzie in rough shape. The 5 didn't help Ritzie and neither did the 7 river.

Ritzie will be our first six figure payday at this final table with $113,444 coming his way for his fourth place finish.

Devilfish Gutted, Stuffed, Hung On Wall

There has been a growing trend among teenie boppers across the United States (and world) that has them getting haircuts just like popular popular Canadian teen sensation Justin Bieber.

We can't help but notice that it seems more than likely that David "Devilfish" Ulliot showed up at a hair salon, saw a 12 year old getting his hair 'Bieber'd' and said, "I'll have what he's having."

The hair couldn't save him tonight, though. Ulliot had been fighting valiantly to keep himself in the game but was starting to look tired.

"It's ok, he looked tired anyway," said railbird Gavin Smith as Devilfish walked away.

In the end, he got his chips in, in pretty good shape against Chris Bell on a Q J 3 2 board:

Devilfish: A T 5 3

Bell: A Q 8 4

The fish was behind against Bell's pair of queens, but still had a gutshot, a flush draw, a low draw - plenty of hope.

Unfortunately for the scaly pro, the river came down the 7.

$150,925 is what the Omaha expert will have to be content with be that's all he's getting. Oh, and the sweet hair cut.

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$5,000 PLO Hi/Lo - No Nine For Seidel

Don't be sad. There's still tomorrow big fella!
Don't be sad. There's still tomorrow big fella!

We're now down to just four opponents who are now on a break - a break that has the potential of being the last of the evening.

The chips have been flying around all over the place during the last hour but it hasn't benefited Joe Ritzie who took a 600k nosedive. He's still in just barely with 200k.

Dan Shak remains our chip leader. Earlier we saw him with a handful of boxes of Tic-Tacs and he's been plowing through them all night. He may be on his fourth box by our count.

Maybe having minty fresh breath may be paying off. He's still our leader with about 1.5 million.

Seidel Slighted

Erik Seidel was in the hunt for his ninth WSOP bracelet tonight and he came pretty close. Unfortunately, close doesn't cut in the world of statistics so Seidel will have to settle with just another cash.

Seidel potted it and then called when Ritzie moved all in on the 4 K 7. Seidel had A J 4 5 while Ritzie turned up A Q 6 2. Seidel was in the lead - for now.

The dealer burned and turned the K and then rivered the Q which gave Ritzie a pair of queens and the hand.

At least Seidel will get a good night of rest. He's expected to return tomorrow at noon for the Tournament of Champions.

David "Devilfish" Ulliot has been close to going belly up several times at this final table. He has been around the block a few times and it shows. While some players may be hesitant to put the chips in, he just throws them in and lets it ride.

Devilfish Doubles - Again

The players headed off to break but not before Devilfish doubled up again.

Joe Ritzie limped in the small blind and Devilfish popped it. Ritizie repotted it and Devilfish called all in.

Devilfish: A J Q 2

Ritzie: A 4 J J

Ritzie was in trouble right off the bat when the board came down 9 K T. Ulliot had flopped the nuts and pretty much the best Ritzie could hope for was for a queen to tie.

Instead the dealer delivered a meaningless turn and river that had Devilfish stacking up nearly 900k and left Ritzi nursing just 200k.

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$5,000 PLO Hi/Lo - Down to Five


We're down to five players in the $5,000 PLO 8 event.

There have been several all ins (several with tournament lives at stake) but we only netted one elimination in the last hour.

Despite having the power of a young and vigorous cheering section behind him, it wasn't enough to keep Leif Force alive.

Leif Raked!

Dan Shak made it 100,000 to go and Force called from the big blind. The flop came down 9 Q 3. Force chose to go for a check raise against Shak, which went off flawlessly, but he wasn't happy to see what Shak turned over.

Shak: K K 2 5

Force: A 7 9 K

Force had a worse lose draw and a lower pair than Shak's kings in the hole. The turn was the K and, while most of the rail realized what happened, one inebriated young girl still found hope in even the most impossible situation.

"Go Leif!" she cried. Little did she know there was nowhere for Leif to go but the exit.

Leif and his crew took what was left of the case of beer they had brought with them and headed for the exit.

"Good luck gold fish!" said clueless drunk girl as she walked by.

Devilfish Chops, Stays Alive

"Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water," David "Devilfish" Ulliot said with a wink to someone on the rail. He had just doubled up and was looking for more.

After a couple of unsuccessful blind steals he was right back to where he started. Then a hand arose against Erik Seidel.

Ulliot raised it up preflop and then Erik Seidel reraised the pot.

"I don't like this hand but can you do," Devilfish said as he made the all in call.

There was reason for him not to like his A A A 8, but when he saw that Seidel only had K K 3 6, it was game on.

"I knew you didn't have two aces," Seidel replied with a smile.

The dealer ran a flop of 8 Q 7. The turn was the 5 and then the river a 2 resulting in a chop.

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$5,000 PLO Hi/Lo - Three Down!

The missing Hol-link?
The missing Hol-link?

The final table in the $5,000 PLO 8 event started off with a bang!

Three players were axed right off the bat and two others are on life support. David "Devilfish" Ulliot and Chris Bell are both in desperate need of some luck, but theirs has been better than these three:

Harkins' Bell Rung

Chris Bell made it 70k to go from the button and Jeremy Harkin moved all in for a bit less than pot from the big blind. Bell took his sweet time before announcing that he was calling.

Bell tabled A 4 6 3 while Harkin turned up T A 5 Q.

The dealer flopped the J 4 4 and then turned the 7.

Bell went to shake Harkin's hand, but he was too busy looking to see what the river would bring.

"I don't think he can catch anything, can he?" Bell asked.

He couldn't and he didn't catch anything.

Harkin, out in ninth place, will be cashing a check for $29,886.

Green Buried

World Series of Poker old timer Perry Green was bounced from the event after Erik Seidel made a pretty good read on him.

It folded to Seidel in the small blind and he completed. Green checked and they saw the A Q T flop.

Seidel fired 35,000 and Green made the call. The turn was the 9. This time Seidel checked.

Green bet pot (virtually all in) and Seidel went into the tank eventually repotting. Green made the call

and turned over J J 4 6 for a flush. Seidel responded with his J 8 A J for a better flush.

"Perry is drawing dead," the TD said.

Indeed he was.

"Good game, good luck," Green said as he went over to shake Seidel's hand.

Hollink Sunk

Rob Hollink had a group of about 30 Dutch fans railing him and when he busted they all left with him.

Hollink went out when his 'stop and go' failed to get off the line.

Joe Ritzie made it 70k to go and it folded to Hollink in the big blind who made the call after some thought.

As soon as the 9 7 2 flop came down, Hollink announced he was all in. Ritzie didn't have to think twice and he made the call.

Hollink: A K 6 4

Ritzie: A 3 7 4

Hollink was drawing slim. The 8 made the nut low for Ritzie and the 9 on the river sent Hollink and his fans heading out into the bowels of the Rio.

Seventh place is worth $50,014 for the Dane and that, as they say, will buy a lot of frikadeller.

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$5,000 PLO Hi/Lo - Final Table Time

Chip leader.
Chip leader.

It's time to get back to some Omaha 8. The players are looking well fed and hungry for more action.

As you know, they took off for dinner break as soon as making the final table of nine. Seeing that it's almost 11pm and they're just getting started, it might be a good idea to throw a pot of coffee on.

We're going to be splitting pots until the sun comes up.

Devilfish Avoids Net

They just sat down not moments ago and David "Devilfish" Ulliot was already at risk of elimination against Dan Shak. Luckily for him, he managed to get away with a chop after hitting a runner, runner low on the river.

We get the feeling this is just a taste of the hot and heavy action we're going to be seeing so keep it glued right here.

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$5,000 PLO Hi/Lo - Dinnarrr!

"I'm just saying Annie, it was a little harsh."
"I'm just saying Annie, it was a little harsh."

The $5k PLO - 8 event finally made it down to a final table of nine and that means that it's time for a dinner break.

They're taking an extended break of eighty minutes which ensures that no matter how late tonight goes, it'll be twenty minutes more than would have been expected.

Green Shak'd

Dan Shak semi-coolered Perry Green for a massive pot that put Dan Shak at the top of the leader board.

The two got all in in on a flop of J 7 3. Shak turned over A A 2 5 while Green turned over A 4 6 Q.

A blank on the turn and river gave Shak the massive double up to just less than 700k.

McKinley Mounted

The rail got just a little bit quieter when Cam McKinley was eliminated just moments ago.

Leif Force was responsible for the thinning of the rail when he got all in against McKinley preflop.

Force tabled A 2 Q 6 while McKinley turned over A K K 4.

The flop got McKinley's fans buzzing when the dealer rolled over the 3 7 Q.

The 5 turn was even better because McKinley now had the best hand as well as a flush draw. The river, was a different story. The dealer flipped over the A which not only gave Force top two pair, but also gave him a 5-7 to better McKinley's 7-6 - AKA the perfect card for Force.

"Nice hand there Leif," Erik Seidel said as he nodded approvingly.

McKinley put both hands on his head and immediately exited the tournament area.

Earlier McKinley had been boasting to Mike Matusow about how soft the field was in this PLO 8 event and how he very much planned to take it down. Unfortunately he's stuck with 11th place prize money of $23,310.

Not Nowakowski

After McKinley's elimination, the ten players left redrew to a single table of ten. They played there until one unlucky guy busted and missed out of playing on the main stage.

That unlucky guy was David Nowakowski.

Just minutes until the scheduled break, he got all in against Erik Seidel preflop.

Nowakowski: A Q 5 3

Seidel: A A 5 3.

The 6 T K  flop was not much help to Nowakowski though the gutshot broadway draw did offer up some hope. The 7 turn gave him some more chop outs. The K on the river missed everything though and Nowakowski was rail bound.

Annie Duke, who was railing her buddy Seidel, laughed hysterically and screamed at Nowakowski to 'F$#@ OFF!' as she gave him the dual birds.

Ok, you got us, Duke was there but she didn't actually say much of anything.

The final table starts in about an hour. See you there.

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$5,000 PLO Hi/Lo - The Dirty Dozen!

Cold decked!
Cold decked!

Last week's $1,500 event of the same game started with several eliminations and then stalled to a brutally slow pace for the rest of the night. We're afraid that's what is going to happen here as well.

No players have hit the road in the last hour and, with all the chopping going on, it looks like it may be awhile before we see any progress.

McKinley's Rail Clueless, Devilfish Seeks Young Attractive Women

Cam McKinley's rail has been boisterous. They cheer on their friend whenever he takes a pot down and, only recently, did security step in to push the rail back a little bit to give the table a little bit of breathing room.

"That's it, now push 'em fifty feet further back but get some pretty young women and let them stay close. Are there any pretty young women in the crowd?" Devilfish wondered out loud as he scanned the rail zeroing in on the only woman in attendance.

"Well, you're young at least," he muttered under his breath. Apparently she wasn't up to par.

Devilfish, temporarily distracted by the actual poker game at hand, got McKinley all in and at risk of elimination. The money went in on a T 4 T flop.

McKinley: A J T 4

Ulliot: A K K 8

The turn was a 3 and the river was the 6 giving Devilfish a low and McKinley the nut flush.

McKinley's rail erupted in cheer but then stopped immediately when they saw the dealer begin to split the pot.

"See, you guys don't even know what the f$#@ is going on or why you're cheering," Devilfish said snydly.

Fish Swallows Cernuto

That pot was chopped, but the next one Devilfish would get involved in would not.

"Miami" John Cernuto pushed all in against Ulliot on a K 8 Q board.

"I've got three queens," Ulliot said as he, one by one, threw his Q Q T K onto the felt.

Cernuto could only show 8 8 6 3 for a middle set and a flush draw.

The J on the turn filled in the flush but the Q on the river made the Fish quad queens.

"Sorry bro," Ulliot said, holding out his hand and sounding quite sincere.

"It's OK. Cold blooded deck," Cernuto said as he shook Fish's hand. Cernuto is out in 12th and will get $23,318. We only need to drop one more before everyone moves to the main stage.

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$5,000 PLO Hi/Lo - Omaha Slaughter

Wha happen?
Wha happen?

It doesn't look like they're going to be playing at two tables for long. In just over an hour, half a dozen more eliminations have gone down in the Amazon Room.

Player after player bit the dust and headed for the rail at breakneck speed.

Felix Nixed

First, Felix Gubitz was eliminated in 17th place by Sergei Altbrekin when he ran his busted low draw into Sergei Altbregin's broadway straight.

Sergei scooped in the chips but they wouldn't last him long.

Green Has Plenty

Perry Green, who has cashes dating all the way back to the 1976 WSOP, is leading the pack in this event. Recently, Sergei Altbregin dueled with the old timer and came out on the losing end.

Altbrekin raised it up and then Perry Green repotted it from the button. Altbregin called all in and turned over J 4 5 6 while Green showed his A A A 2.

The 6 3 6 flop was pretty sweet for the Russian but a 5 gave Green a flush as well as the nut low.

Sergei Albregin, out in fourteenth place, earned $18,353 for his run.

Anybody See Andy Black?

Somewhere inbetween there, Andy Black mysteriously busted.

It seems like nobody saw it, or noticed it was happening. All we know is that Black is nowhere to be found and the spot he was previously sitting in has no chips left.

Hunting Season Over

David Hunt is out of it. Once again it was Perry Green who did the dirty work. After opening to 35,000 of his last 45k, Green went ahead and repotted it. Everybody folded but Hunt tossed in his last few chips.

Green turned up A A J 5 while Hunt turned over A 2 3 8. Hunt was in need of some clubs or low cards but he only got one of each on the flop.

The dealer turned over Q 7 J giving Hunt some runner, runner draws. The 6 looked pretty good but the J on the river sealed it.

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$5,000 PLO Hi/Lo - PLO Hi/Lo Is Back!

So ginger.
So ginger.

Just in case you guys and girls didn't get enough PLO Hi/Lo goodness a few days ago with the $1,500, we're back for more baby!

After much confusion regarding the start time of the $5,000 Omaha Hi/Lo event, it's finally in full swing.

Twenty-one players returned today to play out to winner. Considering they got started late, at around 4:30pm, and there are a bunch of chips on the table, get ready for a late one.

The first hour saw a hat trick of eliminations bringing the number of players left to 18. That means it's time for a table draw and that's what they're in there doing right now.

Dan Heim'liched

Dan Heimiller is gone from this tournament.

He potted it preflop from the button and was called by Perry Green out of the big blind.

The flop came down K 8 J.

"Pot," Heimiller said as he pushed in 70k.

Green called after a moment of thought. The turn was the 7.

"I'm all in," Green said almost the second the turn card hit the felt.

"How many players are left?" Heimiller asked the floor man while he thought. "Gotta gamble, call!"

Heimiller showed A 8 4 T while Green turned over A 2 6 9.

"I'm ahead right now," Heimiller said, realizing his hand was a favorite to survive.

Unfortunately for him, the K river filled in one of Perry's flush draws. Heimiller slammed his fist down on the felt, gave Perry a look, and gathered his belongings.

Chainsaw Cashes For More Than Min

Meanwhile, a few tables over, Allen "Chainsaw" Kessler was busy doing a little busting of his own. The hand is long and convoluted. Let's just say that Kessler got all in for his last 30k or so on a 7 T 8 flop with A A 4 9.

"I couldn't have folded that could I?" Kessler asked his table neighbor, Dan Shak.

"What? Noooooo!" he replied.

It turns out one of his opponents had flopped a straight, leaving Kessler drawing near dead.

Anyway, if any of you out there want to hear about the whole hand or how poorly his opponent played calling preflop with A 2 9 6, we're sure you know where to find "Chainsaw".

He made it past min-cash status and will pocket a little more than 14k for his effort. Speaking of fourteen, Kessler is now in fourteenth in the Player of the Year race and this cash might move him up another spot or two.

Can anyone say Allen Kessler for POY?

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Event Name Event 46 - $5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Low
Date 25 June 2010
Final Day 27 June 2010
Buy In $5,000
Entrants 284
Prize Pool $1,334,800
First Prize $327,040

Chris Bell

Event 46 - $5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Low

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Chris Bell $327,040
2. Dan Shak $202,142
3. David Ulliott $150,925
4. Joe Ritzie $113,444
5. Erik Seidel $85,800
6. Leif Force $65,311
7. Rob Hollink $50,014
8. Perry Green $38,549
9. Jeremy Harkin $29,886
10. David Nowakowski $23,318