$1.5k NL Shootout – Steve Kelly is Shootout King

Future is so bright he's gotta wear shades!
Future is so bright he's gotta wear shades!

Before today Steve Kelly had one WSOP cash but he certainly made his second one memorable.

Kelly outlasted all 1,397 players in Event 39 $1.5k No-Limit Hold'em Shootout including tournament vets like J.C. Tran, Annette Obrestad and Dustin Dirksen.

Heads-up lasted under 20 hands as Kelly quickly asserted his dominance over Jeff King and eventually King was forced to make his stand.

In the final hand of the tournament King open-shoved for his last $1.5 million and Kelly thought a long while before finally making the call.

King showed K Q and Kelly must have done a fist pump in his head because he had A 9. Both of King's cards were live however and Kelly would need to avoid a number of cards if he wanted to end the tournament.

The board came J 9 3 2 3 and that was enough to seal the victory for Kelly.

King will take home $236,819 for coming in second place while Kelly gets $382,725 and a highly-coveted WSOP bracelet.

Thanks for catching our coverage of this event and we suggest you check out the ongoing live updates of the hotly contested $2.5k Razz event with Vladimir Schmelev gunning for a bracelet.

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$1.5k NL Shootout – Dirksen Dagger’ed, Haynie Hit

Double D is Done
Double D is Done

Loudmouth Dustin Dirksen was perhaps the most experienced player left in this field but even that couldn't save him from an ugly bust out in fourth place.

Dirksen was somewhat short with 700,000 and he decided to straight up ship it into the middle when he was dealt A T.

It seemed to be the right choice as Derric Haynie called him down with Q T.

Dirksen was way out in the lead but flop came a disastrous Q T 6 giving Haynie top-pair and leaving Dirksen drawing extremely thin.

The board finished with the 7 and then the K river and that was all she wrote for Dirksen.

He finishes in fourth place for $112,214 place.

Haynie Hit

Derric Haynie didn't last much longer than Dustin Dirksen although he will receive a nice pay boost.

Steven Kelly bet 165,000 and Haynie simply moved in on him for his last one million chips.

Kelly called and tabled pocket eights. Haynie could only muster Q J.

The board out A 9 2 A K missed Haynie, albeit just barely, but it was enough to eliminate the young pro.

Haynie will take home $161,117 for coming in third place.


We are now officially heads-up and the chip stacks look like this:

Steven Kelly - 4.6 million
Jeff King - 1.7 million

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$1.5k NL Shootout - Four Players Remain

The latest victim.
The latest victim.

It's down to a four-way battle now, as we've just had another final table elimination.

Jeff King has held the chip lead for most of the last hour, but it's still anybody's bracelet to win.

Here's a look at the latest elimination:

Reagan Leman Hits The Rail (5th Place $78,361)

It's been a story of short stacks shoves hitting the rail at the final table, and sixth-place finisher Reagan Leman continued that trend.

With about 600k remaining, Leman open shoved with A 5 in the hole, but it was bad news for Leman when Jeff King dialed him up with A Q.

Leman was seriously behind as the board fell Q 9 8 on the flop.

Needing a miracle, Leman's luck ran out when the turn and river hit 8 2, and King found himself with a sizeable chip lead.

Keep it here at PL.com as the final four players battle for the bracelet.

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$1.5k NL Shootout - The Final Five

Jeff King is your current chip leader.
Jeff King is your current chip leader.

The drama continues to unfold at the final table, as we've had three more eliminations in the last hour.

We're down to the final six, and we'll have a bracelet winner before this WSOP day wraps up.

Here's a look at the last hour:

Michael Cooper Busted (8th Place $30,119)

With just over 340k remaining Michael Cooper decided it was time to make his move.

Cooper went with the open shove, and Dustin Dirksen made the call.

It was Cooper's A Q versus Dirken's A T for all of Cooper's chips and the board played out 3 6 T 7 9.

Dirksen's diamond flush was good for a double-up and sent Cooper packing.

Paul Varano No More (7th Place $40,887)

Wasting no time, Paul Varano went in with his final 260k on the first hand back from the break.

Steven Kelly called, and it was bad news for Varano as Kelly held pocket aces.

Varano's A Q didn't hold any miracles for Varano, who's out in seventh.

Brent Shaffer Shown The Door (6th Place $56,446)

We're down to the final five as Brent Shaffer is the latest victim at the final table.

Shaffer's A 3 didn't hold up against Jeff King's Q 9, and Shaffer goes home in fifth place but $56k richer.

Keep it here at PL.com as the final table of $1.5k No-Limit Hold'em Shootout continues.

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$1.5k NL Shootout – Great Scott! Justin Eliminated

I ca'na do it captain!
I ca'na do it captain!

We have our first casualty of the final table and Justin Scott is the player that takes that dubious honor.

Michael Cooper bet 65,000 from early position and action folded to Justin Scott who moved all-in for 210,000.

Action folded around to Cooper who went deep into the tank.

Eventually Cooper emerged and found it himself to call.

Scott showed 7 7 and it would be a race for his tournament life against Cooper's A J.

The board ran J 9 2 6 2 and it was Cooper's pair of jacks that would emerge as the winning hand.

Scott is off to the rail in ninth place for $22,575.

Double Up Dirksen

Dustin Dirksen has not been having a great time at the final table but a recent hand might help rectify that situation.

Michael Cooper, who's been very active at this final table, opened for 70,000 and Dirksen moved in for 215,000 more.

Action folded to Reagan Leman who re-shoved for 400,000.

Cooper was frustrated by Leman's move but eventually laid it down.

Dirksen flipped up 7 7 to Leman's A K.

The board came J 9 6 J 4 which successfully secured Dirksen his double up to 480,000.

Level 6

Blinds: 12,000/24,000 Ante: 3,000

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$1.5k NL Shootout – Dinner Done

Dirksen. Dustin Dirksen.
Dirksen. Dustin Dirksen.

Players just enjoyed what should be the last dinner break of this event. It's time for the remaining nine players to get serious about snagging a piece of WSOP jewelry.

Game on!

Level 5

Blinds: 10,000/20,000 Ante: 3,000

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$1.5k NL Shootout – Obrestad Implodes

Curse you WSOP!
Curse you WSOP!

In a shocking turn of events Full Tilt pro Annette Obrestad has been relegated to the rail just short of the final table.

As we wrote in our last update Obrestad was flying and nearly atop the chip counts but she then had the misfortune of doubling up Jeffrey King twice in rapid succession.

Both hands were coin flips and both times Obrestad had overs to King's lower-pair.

After losing both hands Obrestad was beaten all the way down to a short stack of 310k when this epic hand occurred:

Derric Haynie opened for 32,000 and Obrestad shipped it from the small blind for her last 310,000.

That was when Michael Pesek decided to re-shove from the big blind for about 500,000.

Haynie asked for a count and, upon hearing he had Pesek covered, decided to make the call.

"Pairs?" asked Obrestad as she turned to Pesek. "Tell me you have a pair."

He did not.

Pesek: A Q

Obrestad: A 7

Haynie: T T

The board ran out K 9 8 3 J and it was the tens holding up taking Haynie to over 1.2 million for the chip lead.

Meanwhile the $13,654 Obrestad picks up for coming 11th is likely little consolation or missing the final table. Michael Pesek earns $17,294 for coming in 10th.


After that massive hand we are down to a final table of nine and players have just headed out for a sixty minute dinner break.

Level 4

Blinds: 8,000/16,000

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$1.5k NL Shootout – Obrestad Eyes Chip Lead


Annette Obrestad certainly isn't wasting the best chance at a WSOP bracelet in her young poker career.

The Full Tilt pro just won a massive pot off Johnny Kitchens to knock him out of the tournament and rocket into second place in the chip counts.

Obrestad opened for a bet of 25,000 and Kitchens called from the button as well as Paul Varano from the big blind.

The flop came 7 5 2 and Varano checked but Obrestad bet 40,000.

Kitchens raised to 100,000 and Varano quickly folded leaving Obrestad with a pivotal decision.

Obrestad thought for a few minutes but then announced she was all-in. Kitchens called and the cards were on their backs:

Obrestad: J J

Kitchens: 9 9

The board finished with the 2 and then the 8.

"I thought it was a nine on the river," remarked Obrestad as she scooped the pot.

Kitchens is out in 12th place for $10,844 while Obrestad now has her hands on 810,000 chips, which must be frightening for the rest of the field.

Three Kings of Dirksen

Dustin Dirksen just rivered trip kings against Reagan Leman to win a 684,000 pot. Leman slipped down to 640,000 after the hand.

Dirksen's last WSOP final table came in 2008 but he's on the verge of breaking through tonight.

From the Felt

"Come on, let me hear it."

-Annette Obrestad to her fans after scooping a pot

Level 3

Blinds: 6,000/12,000 Ante: 2,000

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$1.5k NL Shootout – J.C. is B.U.S.T.E.D.

What would J.C. do?
What would J.C. do?

J.C. Tran is one of the best poker tournament players in the world but he's going to have to wait another day to add another WSOP bracelet.

The Vietnamese-American was one of the early movers and shakers in this event but he got coolered in a hand against Dustin Dirksen.

Tran bet 20,000 from UTG and Dirksen called from the button. The flop rolled out J 6 3 and Tran bet 22,000.

Dirksen called and that brought the K turn. This time Tran checked and Dirksen followed suit.

The river came T and Tran threw 56,000 into the pot but Dirksen raised to 115,000.

Tran called and showed 6 6 for a set of sixes but Dirksen flipped over A Q for a rivered straight.

Tran was crippled and shortly after the hand shoved with 4-4 only to be called and then beaten by a player with J-T.

Dirksen moves up to 650,000 chips while Tran moves to the rail in 13th place for $8,638.

Here's the rest of the action from the last hour.

Heinz Gets French-Fried (14th)

Austrian Heinz Kamutzki ended up having a short day.

Kamutzki called all-in with T T against Brett Shaffer's A K and it was time for race.

The board ran out 6 4 2 K J and the deadly turn was enough to seat Kamutzki's fate as the first player to bust today.

Kamutzki picks up $6,940 for falling in 14th.

From the Felt

"I thought you'd have busted by now."

-Railbird to Dustin Dirksen

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$1.5k NL Shootout – Turbo-Charged!

All aboard the Tran train.
All aboard the Tran train.

We've made it through the first hour of $1.5k Shootout and the action has been fast and furious. Although no one has busted yet, the chips are flying.

Reagan Leman has emerged as the early chip leader while Annette Obrestad has also picked up a few pots.

Here's a look at the early action:

5-Bet? No Thanks!

Poker pros Annette Obrestad and J.C. Tran have both made big folds to big bets in the last 15 minutes.

In the Obrestad hand she opened for 15,000 from the cutoff and her opponent raised 26,000 more. Obrestad wasn't going anywhere and re-raised an extra 38,000. Her opponent didn't hesitate to throw 62,000 more into the pot and Obrestad had finally had enough.

She folded and sunk down to 470,000 chips.

Meanwhile Tran limped from UTG, the player in the small blind popped it up to 17,000 and Tran raised to 29,000. The player in the small blind fired 120,000 into the pot and that was enough to finally chase Tran.

Tran was down to 435,000 after the hand.

All Pro Rail

2010 WSOP Main Event winner Joe Cada and WPT Season 4 Player of the Year Gavin Smith are both on the rail sweating the action here in the $1,500 Shootout event.

We're not sure who they've got their eyes on but Smith seems to be watching Obrestad while Cada is fixated on the J.C. Tran/Dustin Dirksen table.

From the Felt

"You seem like kind of pansy, I don't think you're shoving with jacks."

-Dustin Dirksen to opponent

Level 2

Blinds: 4,000/8,000 Ante: 2,000

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$1.5k NL Shootout – Ready, Set, Shoot!

Gunning for her first WSOP bracelet.
Gunning for her first WSOP bracelet.

It's the final day of the $1.5 Shootout event and we should have one heck of a final table for you today.

In total there are 14 players who won their winner-take-all matches yesterday and the format of this tournament will now switch to a normal tournament with two seven-player tables.

Among the final 14 players are noted pros Annette Obrestad, J.C. Tran and Dustin Dirksen.

Because this is a shootout event every player will start with 450,000.

Here's a complete look at the day's roster:

Steven Kelly - 450,000
Brett Shaffer - 450,000
Justin Scott - 450,000
Heinz Kamutzki - 450,000
Michael Cooper - 450,000
Paul Varano - 450,000
J.C. Tran - 450,000
Derric Haynie - 450,000
Jeffrey King - 450,000
Johnny Kitchens - 450,000
Reagan Leman - 450,000
Dustin Dirksen - 450,000
Annette Obrestad - 450,000
Michael Pesek - 450,000

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Event Name Event 39 - $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout
Date 21 June 2010
Final Day 23 June 2010
Buy In $1,500
Entrants 1397
Prize Pool $1,885,950
First Prize $382,725

Steven Kelly

Event 39 - $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Steven Kelly $381,922
2. Jeffrey King $236,819
3. Derric Haynie $161,117
4. Dustin Dirksen $112,214
5. Reagan Leman $78,361
6. Brett Shaffer $56,446
7. Paul Varano $40,887
8. Michael Cooper $30,119
9. Justin Scott $22,575
10. Michael Pesek $17,294