WSOP $10,000 PL HE Championship- A Champion Is Born

Valdemar Kwaysser Goes Down In Poker History
Valdemar Kwaysser Goes Down In Poker History

After play got to be four handed, Matt Marafioti suggested that they take a quick break.  James Calderaro thought that would be a good ideas as well, so the players took a ten minute break to get their game plan in action. 

Calderaro Is In-N-Out

James Calderaro had not been involved in any pots for some time, and he finally opened for 200,000.  Valdemar Kwaysser potted, and Calderaro moved in for his remaining 1,700,000.  Kwaysser made the call.

Calderaro held A K, but was up against the pocket jacks of Kwaysser.  The board ran out 6 5 4 3 3 which made Calderaro our 3rd place finisher.

He would take home a cool $284,845 for his efforts.

How About A Chop?

 When it got to heads up play Kwaysser had about 7.3 million in chips, and Marafioti was sitting at a disadvantage with 655,000 in chips. 

"Ok, how about a chop?" Marafioti asked. 

Kwaysser didn't laugh and seemed as though he was trying to figure out if he was serious or not. 

Double Trouble

It seemed as though it was going to be a short match with Marafioti at such a short stack.  It didn't take him long to get it all in, and Kwaysser called him down.  Marafioti had pocket aces and was up against the K 9 of Kwaysser. 

The board bricked completely for Kwaysser, and Marafioti doubled.

A few hands later Marafioti raised to 200,000, and Kwaysser called for a flop.  It came J 6 T.  Kwaysser checked, and Marafioti vet 425,000.  Kwaysser potted to put Marafioti all in.  He made the call with 1.6 million behind.

Kwaysser held J 8 for top pair, and Marafioti had K 6 for a pair and a flush draw.  The turn and river came a Q and the 7 which were not the right black cards to give Marafioti a win.

Mariafioti becomes our 2nd place finisher making $381,507.

Valdemar Kwaysser
Kwaysser's Buddies Support Him 'Til The End

Valdemar Kwaysser Takes It Down!

A very excited Kwaysser and his friends celebrated with cheers and hugs when he won the last pot against Marafioti.  It was a great day for the young Hungarian who dropped out of school to play poker. 

He said that he didn't know much about pot limit games, but he found that he had an edge because people respect the raises more when there are no antes involved.  He was able to play a very aggressive game at the final table and this propelled him to a fantastic victory. 

He will take home a bracelet and $617,214 in hard earned cash.


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WSOP $10,000 PL HE Championship- International Game

Flipping bad.
Flipping bad.

The price of poker has gone up to 40,000/80,000.  We have four players left, and three of the four players are still in their twenties.  James Calderaro is the oldest player left on the table, and he is holding his own against these young guns. 

Bucherl Doubles Through Marafioti

Konstantin Bucherl had just shipped chips off to Matt Marafioti when he button raised to 210,000.  Marafioti raised, and Bucherl shipped in the rest of his stack.  Marafioti made the call thinking he was way ahead.

Bucherl: 5 5

Marafioti: A T

The five in the window was almost enough to secure the win for Bucherl, and when the turn and river bricked he was able to double up.  Marafioti was rendered the short stack after losing the hand. 

International Crowd

There is a strong international crowd railing this final table.  Some of the railbirds are from America, but a great majority are from overseas.  This is mainly because Valdemar Kwaysser and Konstantin Bucherl are foreign. Valdemar Kwaysser is from Hungary and Konstantin Bucherl is from Germany.

We can't understand what most of them are saying, but every time there is a showdown the crowd erupts in a mirage of different languages. 

Konstantin Bucherl's fans have a blow horn which goes off periodically, and James Calderaro became annoyed at the noise. 

"Come on," he exclaimed, "we are playing a serious game for real money here."  After the annoyance didn't stop, the floor stepped in and threatened to kick them out if they didn't behave. 

Bucherl and Kwaysser Go Head To Head

Valdemar Kwaysser and Konstantin Bucherl had been trying to run each other over in the last few hands. 

The first hand involved saw Bucherl raise, Kwaysser reraise, and Bucherl move all in.  Kwaysser made the call and was behind with Q T against Bucherl's A 5.  The board delivered an ace which gave Bucherl the double up. 

Too Good To Be True

Just a few hands later Kwaysser and Bucherl were at it again.  In a hand that was raised by Bucherl, Kwaysser reraised, and Bucherl moved all in. 

Kwaysser: A K

Bucherl: A Q

Bucherl woke up with a good hand, but it was too good to be true because Kwaysser woke up with a better one.  The board came out 3 K T 8 4. Bucherl becomes our 4th place finisher for $214,106. 

Top Chip Counts

Valdemar Kwaysser  5,605,000
James Calderaro  1,780,000
Matt Marafioti  660,000

Courtesy of www.WSOP.com


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WSOP $10,000 PL HE Championship- Another One Bites The Dust

Stern Goes In With The Best
Stern Goes In With The Best

After that exciting last level, players took a 20 minute break to catch their breath.  When they returned, blinds were at 30,000/60,000.  The crowd is still quite large, and they continue their chanting when a player is all in or involved in a pot.

Name Change

After the break, the announcer started calling Valdemar Kwaysser "Laigi."  The name change must have been at the request of Valdemar.  However, we will continue to call him Valdemar for consistency sake. 

Dani Stern Taken Out

Dani Stern opened for 130,000 and it folded around to Valdemar Kwaysser who made it 300,000 to go.  Stern moved in and was called by Kwaysser. 

Stern showed down pocket tens, and Kwaysser held A 2.  The crowd erupted for Kwaysser who started calling out for an ace.  The poker gods must have heard them because the flop brought not one, but two aces.  Stern's tournament life depended on one of the two remaining tens to fall.  However, that didn't happen, and he was taken out in 5th place.

Another crowd favorite has been eliminated from the tournament taking home $161,934.

Top Chip Counts

Vlademar Kwaysser  3,730,000
Konstantin Bucherl  1,915,000
James Calderaro  1,650,000
Matt Marafioti  700,000

Courtesy of www.WSOP.com

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WSOP $10,000 PL HE Championship- Gone In Zero To Sixty

Jetten Sent To The Rail
Jetten Sent To The Rail

This level has been explosive.  While things were pretty stagnant ten handed, we've seen players conquer and be conquered.  Blinds are at 25,000/50,000 which might be the reason why the action is being pushed.

Respectable Finish

Blair Rodman had been waiting patiently to double up.  It folded around to Valdemar Kwaysser who opened for 120,000 from the small blind.  Rodman was sitting in the big blind and made the call.

The flop came J K 7.  Kwaysser fired out 135,000.  Rodman thought for a moment before moving all in.  Kwaysser snap called turning over pocket kings for a top set.  Rodman was in trouble as he turned up  K J for two pair. 

The turn and river were no help to Rodman and he was sent home in 8th place for $72,754.  On his way out the door, the much younger players who remained respectfully applauded him.

Jetten Loses Steam

Peter Jetten opened for 175,000, and Baldemar Kwaysser potted to put Jetten all in.  Jetten pushed his chips in and was at risk for his tournament life.

Jetten A 5

Kwaysser A T

The flop came K K 4 giving little help to Jetten.  When the 2 came on the turn, he picked up a few more outs, but the K on the river sealed the deal.  Jetten became our 7th place finisher taking home $94,394. 

Tom Marchese
Marchese’s Disappointing Finish

 Marchese Pair Dominated

James Calderaro raised from the button to 150,000, and Tom Marchese reraised from the big blind to 575,000.  Calderaro reraised back, and Marchese moved all in. 

Calderaro held pocket kings against Marchese's pocket nines.  The flop came 7 7 K to deliver a devastating blow to Marchese.  The turn was the 4 and the river was the A

Marchese looked very disappointed at his 6th place finish, but he will take home a respectable $123,264. 

Top 10 Chip Counts

James Calderaro  2,425,000
Valdemar Kwaysser  2,325,000
Konstantin Bucherl  1,620,000
Dani Stern  900,000
Matt Marafioti  760,000

Courtesy of www.WSOP.com



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WSOP $10,000 PL HE Championship- Game Changer

Stein Drops Just Before The Final Table
Stein Drops Just Before The Final Table

We had a few game changers this round.  A final table was set, another was sent packing, and a new chip leader has emerged in this event.

The Dreaded 10th Place

Just when we thought this ten handed family would last forever, Sam Stein ended up being the first to go.

Stein opened for 140,000 from the button, and Stern popped it putting Stein all in.  Stein put his last 75,000 in the middle.

Stein 8 T

Stern A 4

It was a good flop for Stern as it came A A 6 2 K.  Stein becomes out 10th place finisher.

A Short Break

After Stein was eliminated, players took a short break so that the tournament staff could get an accurate chip count.  Once players came back to the table, each one was announced individually for their accomplishments, dreams, and poker aspirations.

It is common for a final table to have one fan favorite which the crowd goes wild for.  However, this final table has three.  Konstantin Bucherl, Peter Jetten, and Dani Stern have large confident cheering sections.  It should make for an entertaining final table.

Alexander Kuzmin
Kuzmin Out In 9th Place

Kuzmin Railed

Alexander Kuzmin opened, and Tom Marchese reraised enough to put him all in.  Kuzmin showed K J and was up against Marchese's A T.  The board came A Q 4 K 7.  Kuzmin becomes our ninth place finisher for $56,404.

Top 10 Chip Counts

Tom Marchese  1,810,000
Valdemar Kwaysser  1,655,000
James Calderaro  1,205,000
Dani Stern  1,105,000
 Peter Jetten  1,015,000
Matt Marafioti  630,000
Konstantin Bucherl  620,000
Blair Rodman  180,000

Courtesy of www.WSOP.com


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WSOP $10,000 PL HE Championship- Warriors

Jetten Takes Over
Jetten Takes Over

This event has attracted a great crowd.  The railbirds are about four rows deep, and we've seen a number of pros walk by or camp out to watch this event go down.  Even if the action on the felt isn't of interest, there are some good looking girls on the rails that are sure to peak some interest.

Jetten Doubles

A short stacked Peter Jetten had potted for 100,000, and Sam Stein repotted to put Jetten all in.  The call was made, and Jetten was at risk for his tournament life.

Jetten had pocket jacks and was up against Stein's ace-queen off suit.  The board came all under cards which was a relief to Jetten as he doubled up his stack.

Kuzmin Requests New Deck

As players were throwing their cards in, Alexander Kuzmin looked at the ace of diamonds and said that it had been marked.  The dealer looked at the card and couldn't find anything wrong with it. 

"New deck," said Kuzmin, "get a new deck."

Since he requested a new deck, the floor had to oblige and a new deck was spread.

Jetten On Fire

Preflop Valdemar Kwaysser made it 65,000, and Peter Jetten raised to 200,000.  Kwaysser didn't take too long to repot Jetten all in.  Jetten made the call.

Jetten: A K

Kwaysser: 8 8

The board ran out 4 T T A T.  Jetten is on fire and will double up again.

Top 10 Chip Counts

Valdemar Kwaysser  1,360,000
Tom Marchese  1,270,000
Peter Jetten  1,180,000
James Calderaro  1,145,000
Dani Stern  825,000
Matt Marafioti  750,000
Konstantin Bucheri  640,000
Blair Rodman  545,000
Sam Stein  340,000
Alexander Kuzmin  185,000

Courtesy of www.WSOP.com

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WSOP $10,000 PL HE Championship- In It For The Long Haul

Rodman Doesn't Want The WSOP Moving
Rodman Doesn't Want The WSOP Moving

It looks like we could be here awhile folks.  There are still 10 people left at the table, and it doesn't look like anyone plans on leaving.  James Calderaro and Peter Jetten are the short stacks, but that might not be any indication that they will be the first to go. 

Selling The WSOP

Over the last few years there has been rumors that the World Series of Poker will be moved from the Rio to Caesar's Palace.  Some of these rumors started surfacing when Caesar's started construction on a new convention center a few years ago. 

Blair Rodman brought up the subject and said, "Man, I really hope they don't end up doing that."

Dani Stern chimed in, "I hate the restaurants at the Rio, but the set up here is much better. Where would we park?  I guess I would just go to the Bellagio and walk over." 

There were a few other comments about the disruption the change would have on the World Series, but if history is any indication the change could be good.

Color Up The Yellows!

The clock was stopped for a few minutes while all the yellow chips were taken away.  We are now seeing pink 5,000 chips and green 25,000 chips on the table.  This also means that the price of poker has gone up to 15,000/30,000

Top 10 Chip Counts

Tom Marchese  1,390,000
Valdemar Kwaysser  1,290,000
Alexander Kuzmin  945,000
Sam Stein  869,000
Dani Stern  775,000
Konstantin Bucherl  765,000
Matt Marafioti  745,000
James Calderaro  500,000
Blair Rodman  420,000
Peter Jetten  275,000

Courtesy of www.WSOP.com

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WSOP $10,000 PL HE Championship- Back From Dinner Break

Marchese Gets Respect
Marchese Gets Respect

Players are back from dinner break, and have come back to play 12,000/24,000 blinds.  If anyone is wondering why we haven't been announcing the antes, it is because there aren't any antes in this tournament.  This could be part of the reason why players have dropped slowly in this event.

After Dinner Banter

Players have come back from dinner and are quite chatty at the table.  Each seem to be in a good mood sharing stories and socializing as if there wasn't hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line. 

Many of these guys have played online together for the past several years.  According to Dani Stern, Matt Marafioti plays a different live game than the one he plays online. 

"You play so fast online," said Stern to Marafioti, "I've never seen you think for more than five seconds." 

Raise Fold War

Since the dinner there haven't been very many show downs.  Players are respecting raises and laying hands down when they think they are beat.  There isn't too much unnecessary aggression. 

Tom Marchese opened to 55,000, and Konstantin Bucherl called.  The flop came Q J Q.  Both players checked.  The turn came the 3, and both players checked again.  When the 8 came on the river, Marchese wasn't checking anymore and bet 78,000.  Bucherl gave up and sent his cards to the muck. 

Top 10 Chip Counts

Valdemar Kwaysser  1,298,000
Dani Stern  1,157,000
Konstantin Bucherl  1,080,000
Sam Stein  1,000,000
Tom Marchese  932,000
Alexander Kuzmin  818,000
Matt Marafio  815,000
Peter Jetten  340,000
James Calderaro  268,000
Blair Rodman  231,000

Courtesy of www.WSOP.com

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WSOP $10,000 PL HE Championship- A Suck Out Before Dinner

Marchese Gets Sucked Out On
Marchese Gets Sucked Out On

Blinds are 10,000/20,000, and there are currently 10 players left. 

Musical Chairs

Nathan Doudney went out in 11th place, and players were shuffled around again on the final table.  They will play ten handed at the unofficial final table, and as soon as they lose one more the real fun will begin. 

Marafioti Flops A Miracle

Tom Marchese opened for 40,000 in late position.  Matt Marafioti made it 140,000 to go.  Marchese took the reigns and potted all in.  Marafioti called all in for less. 

Marchese was looking good with his A K against the A Q of Marafioti.  However, the miracle flop brought Q 2 Q to give Marafioti trips.  Marchese was drawing slim, and the 7 9 came on the turn and river to give Marafioti a double up to 694,000.

Dinner Break

Players are heading out for a one hour dinner break.  Play will resume at 8:45.

Top 10 Chip Counts

Valdemar Kwaysser  1,298,000
Konstantin Bucheri  1,218,000
Dani Stern  961,000
Tom Marchese  932,000
Alexander Kuzmin  818,000
Sam Stein  754,000
Peter Jetten  714,000
Matt Marafioti  694,000
James Calderaro  268,000
Blair Rodman  231,000

Courtesy of www.WSOP.com


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WSOP $10,000 PL HE Championship- Mistake Gone Bad

Stein On The Leader Board
Stein On The Leader Board

Blinds have just gone up to 10,000/20,000.  There will be a one hour dinner break at the completion of this level.  We are down to the final 11 players, so it is possible we might have a final table established by the time the dinner break comes around. 

Slowing Down

 There aren't as many short stacks in the field as there was in the beginning of the day, so play has slowed down a bit.  The remaining players are much deeper, and therefore can fold easily without the worry of being committed. 

Additionally, each player here is hoping to make the final table.  Players are trying to help their chances by taking their time to make decisions and not getting overly aggressive. 

Thumy Makes A Mistake

Clement Thumy was the chip leader for most of Day 2.  However, he has had a rough go of it in today's play. 

Valdemar Kwaysser raised from under the gun and Thumy potted to 129,000 from the big blind.  Kwaysser repotted, and Thumy called.  Thumy must have thought he was all in because he then tabled his pocket aces while still having 53,000 left behind.  The floor was called over to make a decision on what to do.

"The hand will play up, and he will receive a penalty at the completion of this hand for exposing his cards prematurely."

The flop was dealt and it came 7 4 K.  Thumy announced he was all in.  Kwaysser took a moment to think about it, but eventually called turning up K Q.

The turn came safe 3 for Thumy, but the river was another king to give Kwaysser trips.  Thumy becomes our 12th place finisher for $44,010. 

Top 10 Chip Counts

Konstantin Bucherl  1,800,000
Sam Stein  1,475,000
Valdemar Kwaysser  1,200,000
Tom Marchese  790,000
Peter Jetten  610,000
Alexander Kuzmin  565,000
Dani Stern  495,000
James Calderaro  405,000
Matt Marafioti  400,000
Nathan Doudney  185,000

Courtesy of www.WSOP.com

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WSOP $10,000 PL HE Championship- Getting Close To The Final Table

The Last Woman Has Been Defeated
The Last Woman Has Been Defeated

Players did a two table redraw when they got to the last 18 players.  There were a number of short stacks waiting to double up, so it didn't take long to see the field drop even more. 

Last Woman Down

Sandra Naujoks was the last woman standing in this field.  She has been doing her best to keep up with the boys, and overall she held her own against this tough group. 

She ended up raising, and Clement Thumy reraised.  She potted and got the rest of her chips in the middle with pocket fives.  Thumy made the call and turned up pocket nines.  The board bricked for Naujoks and she became our 15th place finisher taking home $32,639. 

First Break

Not long after the redraw, players went on a 20 minute break to grab some coffee or run to the restroom. 

Kessler Misses Out On POY Lead

Earlier today, Alen Kessler was telling us that if he wins this event he will be in the lead on the player of the year points.  He has already accumulated 20 points for making it this far into the tournament, and a win will give him 100 points for the lead. 

He had the short stack coming into today's event and desperately needed a double.  He finally pushed his last 59,000 with A J.  Seeing that it was only a bit more Konstantin Bucheri made the call from the big blind with 4 T.

The board dealt 9 7 4 to give Bucheri a pair.  Kessler wasn't able to catch up on the turn or river. 

He says he will be playing his heart out to win the $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. event that starts tomorrow. 


Peter Jetten
Jetten Jumps To The Top Of The Leader Board

Top 10 Chip Counts

Marc Inizan  1,100,000
Peter Jetten  949,000
Valdemar Kwaysser  772,000
Clement Thumy  699,000
Tom Marchese  685,000
Alexander Kuzmin  620,000
Konstantin Bucherl  515,000
Sam Stein  497,000
James Calderaro  491,000
Matt Marafioti  473,000

Courtesy of www.WSOP.com

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WSOP $10,000 PL HE Championship- The Casualties Of War

Marafioti Scared To Play Queens
Marafioti Scared To Play Queens

There have been a couple casualties this hour, and we are down to 18 players.  Noah Boeken, Thomas Pettersson, Nikolai Yakovenko, and Vitaly Lunkin are among those who will not be making it to the end of the day.

Marafioti Talks His Opponent Out Of A Call

Matt Marafioti raised, and James Calderaro grabbed extra chips as if he was going to raise.

"Don't do it," said Marafioti, "I'm warning you.  Don't raise." 

Calderaro must have been convinced because he ended up folding his hand.  Marafioti showed pocket queens.

"I wouldn't be trying to talk someone out of calling me when I had pocket queens," said one of the other players on his table. 

Double Up For Kwaysser

Nikolai Yakovenko limped in from middle position, and Valdemar Kwaysser made it 50,000 to go.  Yakoyenko made the call.

The flop came A K 2.  Yakoyenko checked, and Kwaysser made it 58,000.  Yakoyenko potted, and Kwaysser repotted all in.  Yakoyenko made the call.

Yakoyenko: J T

Kwaysser: A K

Yakoyenko was on a flush draw that bricked when the 2 came on the turn and the 7 fell on the river.  Steve Landfish latter said that he folded A 6 preflop.

Kessler Flops A Full House And Chops

Alexander Kuzmin raised preflop, and Alen Kessler pushed his short stack in on the button.  Kuzmin called and showed A J, and Kessler showed pocket fives. 

The board ran K K K to give Kessler a full house.  However, the turn and river paired with tens to make it a chop pot.  Kessler will have to find another spot to double up.

Tom Marchese
Marchese Holding Strong On The Leader Board

Top 10 Chip Counts

Clement Thumy  920,000
Marc Inizan  795,000
Valdemar Kwaysser  730,000
Alexander Kuzmin  630,000
Tom Marchese  590,000
Dani Stern  550,000
Peter Jetten  535,000
Konstantin Bucherl  460,000
James Calderaro  430,000
Sam Stein  425,000

Courtesy of www.WSOP.com


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WSOP $10,000 PL HE Championship- Day 3 Has Begun

Kessler Loses Sleep Over Pawn Star
Kessler Loses Sleep Over Pawn Star

Welcome back to live coverage of the $10,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em Championship Day 3 event.  The day will start with 26 players returning from Day 2.  At the end of yesterday, the money bubble was breached and Mike Matusow became the first player to be eliminated in the money.

Kessler's Favorite Show

We asked Alen Kessler if he was able to get any sleep last night.  He said he was up late, and we assumed it was because he was watching Ivey win his latest bracelet last night. 

"I was up all night watching Pawn Stars on the History Channel," said Kessler, "it is my favorite show." 

Kessler said that he isn't a collector, but he just likes to watch the interaction between the characters.

Woolf Eliminated

Clement Thumy raised from under the gun to 26,000.  It folded around to Woolf in the big blind who potted.  Thumy proceeded to put Woolf all in, and Woolf made the call.

Thurmy: 4 4

Woolf: A J

The board came 9 4 8 K 6 which gave the win to Thumy with a set. 

Woolf has been eliminated in 23rd place and will take home $21,665.

Dustin Woolf
"I Never Win"

Top 10 Chip Counts

Clement Thumy  925,000
Peter Jetten  684,000
Samuel Stein  531,000
James Calderaro  509,000
Marc Inizan  492,000
Tom Marchese  465,000
Nathan Doudney  465,000
Nikolai Yakovenko  463,000
Daniel Stern  425,000
Alexander Kuzmin  424,000

Courtesy of www.WSOP.com

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Event Name Event 38 - $10k Pot-Limit Hold'em Championship
Date 20 June 2010
Final Day 22 June 2010
Buy In $10,000
Entrants 268
Prize Pool $2,519,200
First Prize $617,214

Valdemar Kwaysser

Event 38 - $10k Pot-Limit Hold'em Championship

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Valdemar Kwaysser $617,214
2. Matt Marafioti $381,507
3. James Calderaro $284,845
4. Konstantin Bucherl $214,106
5. Dani Stern $161,934
6. Tom Marchese $123,264
7. Peter Jetten $94,394
8. Blair Rodman $72,754
9. Alexander Kuzmin $56,404
10. Samuel Stein $44,010