$2.5k PLO/Hold'em – Velador Victorious

Twice as nice!
Twice as nice!

On a day where all eyes were on Phil Ivey, it was instead lesser-known Full Tilt pro Jose-Luis Velador who would add another WSOP bracelet.

After a rip-roaring final table it all came down to Velador versus seasoned pro David Chiu.

It was a short heads-up match and despite Chiu doubling once, Velador's victory was never in serious doubt.

The final hand played out during a round of Pot-Limit Hold'em.

Velador bet from the button and Chiu raised from the big blind for an extra 124,000. Velador called and they both saw a flop of 6 3 2.

Chiu fired 372,000 and Velador made the decision to put Chiu all-in. Chiu called and showed A T for ace-high but Velador could beat that with 7 6 for top-pair.

Chiu was live, however and would receive a much needed double up if he could hit either of his cards.

The turn came 9 and the river was... the J.

Velador wins the pot and the tournament.

Chiu receives $160,902 for coming in second place while Velador takes home the bracelet and $260,552.

For those joining us late, Phil Ivey was one of the early eliminations coming in 12th place.

Thanks for tuning into our coverage and be sure to check our ongoing live updates of the $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Max event.

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$2.5k PLO/Hold'em – Too Fast, Too Furious

Mac Attacked!
Mac Attacked!

The final table of the $2.5k PLO/Hold'em is moving faster than the Indy 500.

Kevin MacPhee, Craig Gray and Rob Hollink have all been eliminated in the last hour and we are officially heads up between David Chiu and Jose-Luis Velador.

Here's a look at all the latest action:

Hollink Hit! (Third)

In hand of PLO, Rob Hollink limped from the button but Jose-Luis Velador popped it up to 85,000 from the small blind. David Chiu removed himself the action and Hollink called.

The flop rolled out Q 8 3 and Hollink moved all-in and Velador called. Hollink flipped over Q T 8 4 to Velador's K K 9 7.

The board finished with the 6 and finally the 3 to eliminate Hollink.

Hollink will earn $116,359 for coming in third.

Chiu and Velador are now heads-up for the bracelet. Here are the chip counts as the match begins:

Velador - 3.02 million

Chiu - 475,000

Shades of Gray (Fourth)

Craig Gray opened the betting in a hand of PLO for 120,000 and Velador called. The flop came K 8 2 and Gray moved all-in and Velador called.

The players revealed:

Gray: Q Q 8 4

Velador: A K 9 2

The board finished with the K and then the A which was enough to eliminate Gray in fourth place. Gray picks up an $85,030 consolation prize for his efforts.

MacPhee Mac-Busted (Fifth)

At certain points of the evening Kevin MacPhee looked destined to add a WSOP bracelet to his EPT title but it wasn't to be.

In a hand of Pot-Limit Hold'em MacPhee opened for 60,000 and Jose-Luis Velador called from the big blind.

The flop came K 6 5 and Velador checked but MacPhee C-bet to 80,000 and then Velador check-raised to 200,000. MacPhee wasn't going anywhere and moved all-in for 500,000.

Velador called and showed K 3 which was ahead of MacPhee's 7 7.

The turn came T and the river finished #ac.

MacPhee falls out in fifth place but will take home $62,791.

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$2.5k PLO/Hold'em - Busted!

No bracelet for you!
No bracelet for you!

Boy, oh boy. The $2,500 HA event has made some progress in the last level or two. We've had four eliminations so far. This means that each and every player at the final table is just 4 eliminations from putting gold on their wrist. The tension is rising as fast as the stakes.

Sterling Plated (Ninth)

Matt Sterling was eliminated in ninth place when he got all in preflop in a Pot Limit Hold-em hand. It was a classic type race where sterling held A K against Kevin McPhee's pocket tens.

The tens held and Sterling's final table run had been cut short. He went to collect his $20,698 while the eight remaining players continued to fight.

Gavin Cochrane Out (Eighth)

Gavin Cochrane was eliminated in eigth place. Jose-Luis Velador did him in when his pocket pair held up against Cochrane's A-J offsuit. 

Velador supplemented his stack with Cochrane's 130,000 or so which boosted him into the chip lead.

James Mitchell Chiu'd Up (Seventh)

David Chiu eliminated James Mitchell in a PLO hand. Mitchel had an all heart 7-8-9-T against Chiu's K-K-T-5.

The flop came down a Chiu friendly Q 7 4. The turn, on the other hand, was a pretty scary J.

Fortunately for the WPT Championship winner, the river was a brick. Mitchell headed off to collect his seventh place prize of $35,331.

Ramdin Rammed (Sixth)

Victor Ramdin was down to around 100,000 when he got all in preflop in a PLO hand against Kevin MacPhee. MacPhee had aces with a nut spade draw while Ramdin had A K J 9.

The J 3 4 flop was about as good as MacPhee could have hoped for. The turn and river didn't make MacPhee a flush but they didn't improve Ramdin's hand either.

Ramdin, out in sixth, will take home $46,861 for his troubles.

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$2.5k PLO/Hold’em – Final Table Set

So close, yet so far.
So close, yet so far.

A final table has been set in the $2.5k Pot-Limit Hold'em/PLO event, although Phil Ivey and Burt Boutin won't be a part of it.

Instead it's EPT Berlin winner Kevin MacPhee who will lead the charge into the final table as the chip leader with aggressive PokerStars pro Victor Ramdin in second place.

Seasoned professionals David Chiu and Rob Hollink are also still in the running for a WSOP bracelet in this event.

Here's a look at the action leading up to the final table:

Boutin Sinks (10th)

Burt Boutin, Kevin MacPhee and Jose-Luis Velador saw a flop of J 5 4 during a round of PLO and Boutin bet out 25,000. MacPhee called and Velador laid it down.

The turn was the 9 and Boutin followed up with a bet of 75,000. MacPhee raised pot and Boutin called for the last of his chips.

The players revealed their holdings:

MacPhee: T 8 J 4

Boutin: K 2 J 5

The river was a fateful 8, which gave MacPhee two-pair and eliminated Boutin in 10th place. Boutin picks up $16,075 for his efforts in this event.

Tieman Tarnished (11th)

In a hand of Pot-Limit Hold'em Craig Gray popped it up to 30,000 and Victor Ramdin raised to 100,000 from late position. Josh Tieman was in the big blind and responded by shoving all-in for 228,000.

Gray re-shoved and Ramdin folded.

The players flipped over their cards:

Tieman: 3 2 (oops)

Gray: T T

The board came Q#8s7c9 7 and Tiaman won't be adding a second WSOP bracelet in this event. Gray is up to 400,000 in chips.

Final Table Chip Counts

Here's how it all stacks up at the final table:

Kevin MacPhee - 631,000
Victor Ramdin - 589,000
Jose-Luis Velador - 547,000
Craig Gray - 492,000
David Chiu - 437,000
James Mitchell - 337,000
Rob Hollink - 323,000
Gavin Cochrane - 131,000
Matt Sterling - 128,000

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$2.5k PLO/Hold’em - Ivey Ousted

Phil Ivey drew the attention of everyone in the Amazon Room just by showing up today for the final day of the $2.5k Pot-Limit Hold'em/Omaha event.

Ivey came back for play today as one of just 14 players left in field, with the final table in reach.

Before we even hit the first break, however, disaster struck for the Full Tilt icon:

Ivey Out (12th Place $16,075)

Anyone banking on a Phil Ivey final table appearance in this event will have to wait for another day.

Ivey found himself in a Pot-Limit Omaha hand vs. Jose-Luis Velador, with Ivey three-betting Velador for 66k pre-flop and Velador making the call.

The flop came J 4 4, and Ivey bet 80k, with Velador responding with an all-in shove re-raise.

Ivey tanked for a minute before calling and showing A A 8 2, but the seven-time bracelet winner saw he was in trouble against Velador's J J T 9 for a full house.

The turn and river came 7 K, and Ivey was out the door.

Keep it here at PL.com for continuing live coverage of today's $2.5k Pot-Limit Hold'em/Omaha event as we near the final table.

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$2.5k PLO/Hold’em – Ivey Watch Starts Now

Sicker than you!
Sicker than you!

Welcome to PokerListings' bonus coverage of the final day $2.5k PLO/Hold'em.

As you might have guessed there's essentially one reason we, and hordes of railbirds in the Amazon Room, are interested in this tournament.

A mister Phillip Ivey is currently ninth in chips with 14 players remaining and he has a serious shot at taking home his first bracelet of the summer.

Ivey won two bracelets last summer and a win in this event would likely have all sorts of ramification for the poker pros still willing to take bracelet bets against the man.

Ivey will have to get past seasoned pros David Chiu, Rob Hollink and Victor Ramdin if he wants to wreck havoc on the poker world.

The tournament director just announced the shuffle up and deal so we are once again live from the Rio.

Here are top 10 chip counts as we start the day:

Jose-Luis Velador - 455,000
David Chiu - 451,000
Rob Hollink - 423,000
Matt Sterling - 280,000
Josh Tieman - 277,000
Victor Ramdin - 262,000
Craig Gray - 248,000
Kevin MacPhee - 247,000
Phil Ivey - 207,000
Tristan McDonald - 196,000

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Event Name Event 33 - $2,500 Pot-Limit Hold'em/Omaha
Date 17 June 2010
Final Day 19 June 2010
Buy In $2,500
Entrants 482
Prize Pool $1,108,600
First Prize $260,552

Jose-Luis Velador

Event 33 - $2,500 Pot-Limit Hold'em/Omaha

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Jose-Luis Velador $260,517
2. David Chiu $160,902
3. Rob Hollink $116,359
4. Craig Gray $85,030
5. Kevin MacPhee $62,791
6. Victor Ramdin $46,861
7. James Mitchell $35,331
8. Gavin Cochrane $26,906
9. Matt Sterling $20,698
10. Burt Boutin $16,075