WSOP $1k Day 4- And We Have A Winner!

Players took a quick 10 minute break and were able to run to the bathroom or talk strategy with their railbirds. 

Operation Domination Fail

Just after coming back from the break Daya moved all in on the short stacked Bhatti.  After a quick pause, Bhatti made the call.

Bhatti turned over J 2, and Daya had him dominated with Q J.

The board came out A K 7 2 9 to give Bhatti the win with a pair of deuces.  He doubled up to 1.8 million, but still had a lot of work to do to catch up.

Operation Success

Just a few hands after Bhatti's double up, Daya moved all in from the button with pocket queens.  Bhatti made the call showing K 5.

The board came out J 4 5 A 3 to give Daya the win.

Bhatti is our 2nd place winner and will take home $385,106 for his great play and efforts.

And We Have A Winner

"Hey Johnny, tell him what he has just won."

"A shinny new bracelet and bundles of cash!"

Daya is our newest poker champion!  He beat out a tremendous field of over 4,000 people and came out on top to take home a bracelet and $625,872 in prize money. 

When asked if he was planning on playing the main event he responded, "Yeah, maybe." 

It is our guess that we will see him at a main event table. 


We will be posting more information on Adam Daya and winner photos in the minutes to come.  Be sure to stay tuned to PokerListings for all of your poker needs. 

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WSOP $1k Day 4 - The Inseperable Duo

The Rio has many faces.
The Rio has many faces.

To everyone's surprise this match is still going strong. There are only 13 million or so chips in play, and blinds have just gone up to 120,000/240,000 with a 30,000 ante.

With the allure of a bracelet lying in wait for the winner, caution is the watchword as the players circle each other without ever landing any killer punches.

Bet Fold

There haven't been substantial hands shown this hour. If one person bets the other will fold most of the time.

Bhatti is hovering in the 5-7 big blind range. Daya has been slowing chipping away at Bhatti, but has yet to pull the trigger on him.

Dedicated Woman

Bhatti's wife/girlfriend has been patiently waiting in the lobby with their young child for her man to either win or bust. Our guess is that she is waiting on him to make a come back.

The Fail Rail

The subdued atmosphere at the $1k amongst the rail is in stark contrast to the boisterous crowds railing the $1.5k final table just across the Amazon room.

The slightly nitty play at the $1k is failing to inspire the crowd at the moment, who are slumped in their seats with gloomy expressions carved onto their faces as the two remaining players grind their stacks expressionlessly.

Contrastingly, Praz Bansi is four-handed for the bracelet in the $1.5k and he has a strong English contingent of support, who are loudly cheering his every success, creating a jovial atmosphere around the table.

The fact many of them seem to be carrying cups full, or rather half-empty, of beer may be somewhat of a contributory factor. More beer for the $1k please!

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WSOP $1k Day 4- A Little Back and Forth

Bhatti Losing Ground
Bhatti Losing Ground

There are two players left and the gold bracelet has been placed on the table for all to see.  The sight of it is keeping the players motivated and on their toes.

Blinds are at 100,000/200,000 with a 30,000 ante.

Back and Forth

Both of these players are pretty cautious and like to keep the pots small if they can.  The heads up match is just going back and forth as they exchange blinds and antes.  We haven't seen many showdowns. 

Interestingly enough, a standard raise of 1.5x is enough to take down a pot preflop.  A 1x raise post flop usually does the trick as well. 

At this rate we will be here all night. 


Faraz Jaka was railing the final table and said, "Two brown people at the final table, I love it!"

Even the concentrated players looked up and laughed. 

Chipping Away

Although there hasn't been much big action, Daya has been able to extend his chip lead over Bhatti by raising more consistently on the button or reraising to put the pressure on Bhatti. 

Daya has Bhatti 3-1 in chips, but with the blinds so high things could change at any moment.

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WSOP $1k Day 4- Almost There

Costner Out in 3rd
Costner Out in 3rd

Three players came back from an hour long dinner break.  Gabe Costner was the chip leader.  Once the clock started ticking down again, it didn't take long for the action to pick up where it left off.

Good Time To Double Up

Gabe Costner had raised to 475,000, and Adam Daya moved all in.  Costner made the call with pocket sixes, and Daya ended up with K Q.

It was a nice flop for Daya when Q 3 Q hit the board.  The turn was a 2 giving Costner a flush draw.  However, he couldn't pull it off, and a K came on the river. 

This was a huge pot for Daya, and it was brutally crushing for Costner.

Short Stack Play

Gabe Costner didn't lose the air from his sails after doubling Daya up.  He raised five hands almost back to back and took down a substantial amount of blinds. 

However, that would only work so many times before he got called.

Daya raised on the button, Bhatti folded in the small blind, and Costner went all in from the big blind.  Daya made a very quick call.

Daya had A K, and Costner held A Q

The board ran A 2 9 9 5 which was no help for Costner.

He is our 3rd place finisher taking home a hefty $279,327.

Heads Up

We are now heads up for all the bananas!  The next person out will take home the consolation prize of $385,106.  Daya has the chip lead over Bhatti, but in poker things can change in a matter of a few hands. 

Stay Tuned!


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WSOP $1k Day 4- Party Crasher

Nicholas Mitchell Out In 5th
Nicholas Mitchell Out In 5th

It was a very interesting last hour of play.  The short stacks have been doubling up for most of the day which is a terrible result for the big stacks. The blinds are currently at 60,000/120,000 with a 15,000 ante, so every won pot is a substantial chip builder.

Double Trouble

Deepak Bhatti had doubled up through Mitchell earlier in the round.  This was the much needed ammunition he needed to push the action his way. 

Three hands in a row he raised and got the table to fold around to him.  He picked up 810,000 in those three hands alone. 

Time Out

Mitchell's crew was getting a little out of hand, and some of the other observers started to complain.  After some discussion with the tournament director, she had security escort one of the guys out.  He guy who was kicked out was promptly replaced by another Mitchell crew member who was waiting for a seat.

Party Crasher

With the blinds and antes eating away at the inactive players at the table, Mitchell became fairly short.  He tried to make a move in position and pushed all in.  He was called by Bhatti. 

Mitchell showed 5 4, and Bhatti held A 7.

The board ran 4 A 7 J 3 to bust Mitchell out in 5th place.

A very disappointed group of about 20 followed Mitchell out of the Amazon Room.  The final table was vastly less crowded or entertaining.  In fact, crickets could be heard in the background.

William Davis
Queens Flushed

Brutal Flop

Adam Daya raised from the button to 300,000, and Bart Davis reraised to 750,000.  Daya took a long moment to decide what he was going to do, and he eventually called.

The flop came J 9 5.  Davis moved all in, and Daya immediately called.

Davis showed Q Q and Daya turned over A T for the nut flush.  The turn and river blanked for Davis and he was shown the door in 4th place.

Bread and Butter

Players are now going on a one hour dinner break.  When they return it will be three handed. 


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WSOP $1k Day 4- Counting Down

Isaac Settle Out In 7th
Isaac Settle Out In 7th

Players have one more round to play before they go on a one hour dinner break.  From the looks of Mitchell's friends, they could use some greasy food to offset some of the alcohol they've been slamming.

Blind Leading The Blind

It folded around to Adam Daya and Isaac Settle in the blinds.  They saw a flop of K 2 6.  Daya took immediate control of the pot by betting 110,000.  Settle called, and the 7 was delivered on the turn.  Daya checked, and Settle bet out 130,000.  Daya made the call.  The river was the K to which Daya bet 200,000.  Settle made a quick call.

Daya showed a seven-eight for two pair kings and sevens.  Settle mucked his hand.

Not Done Yet

Settle was low on chips and pushed his remaining stack in with K J.  Bart Davis tried to get him out of the way by calling with 9 6 from the blinds. 

The board came 8 5 Q K K which was enough to keep Settle in the game.

Put a Fork In Me

Not many hands after Settle doubled up from Davis, he was all in again for 475,000.  Davis was determined to get the young lad out of the game and called his all in again. 

Settle had J J and Davis carried A T.

The board came 2 A 6 3 2 to hand Settle a 7th place finish and $88,025.

Cory Brown
Cory Brown Goes Out 6th

Back to Back

Just as soon as we finished saying goodbye to Settle, another player was giving their goodbye wave.

On the flop, Cory Brown and Gabe Costner got all the chips into the middle.  Costner had Brown covered.  Costner tabled a ten high flush draw which got there on the river.  Brown made a nice showing for a 6th place finish and $116,141.

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WSOP $1k Day 4- And Then There Were Seven

The crowd is very lively around the final table.  There is so much commotion going on that people are standing around watching for the sheer entertainment of watching the crowd.  The floor man has had to keep an eye on some of the on lookers and has given some verbal warnings to try to keep them in line. 

Dashing Dudley

Dash Dudley had taken a major hit from Nicholas Mitchell, and it didn't take long for him to push his remaining 250,000 over the line.  He was promptly called by Isaac Settle.  Dudley showed 7 T against Settle's A J

The board came out K 9 Q K 3

Dudley has been eliminated from the final table in 8th place, but he will take home $67,221 for his efforts.

Taking Control

Nicholas Mitchell has been quite active.  He has been raising a lot of pots and taking down the blinds uncontested.  He has definitely opened up his play from the beginning of the day, and he has become a force at this final table. 

Bhatti Doubles

Deepak Bhatti has been sitting at a short stack for most of the final table, but he has been successful at hanging in there and surviving his all ins. 

He pushed his remaining 405,000 in early position.  Gabe Costner made the call and everyone else got out of the way.  It was a pure race to the finish.  Costner showed pocket tens and Bhatti had A K

The board came out 5 2 6 K 4 to double Bhatti up.

Pee Pee Time

Players are on another 20 minute break.

Updated Chip Counts

Adam Daya  3,500,000
Nicholas Mitchell  3,300,000
Gabe Costner  1,900,000
Cory Brown  1,700,000
Isaac Settle  1,500,000
Deepak Bhatti  1,200,000
Bart Davis  500,000

Courtesy of www.WSOP.com

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WSOP $1k Day 4- Lucky Breaks

Dudley Takes a Dive
Dudley Takes a Dive

Players came back from break ready for war.  They are now playing at level 27 with 30,000/60,000 blinds and 5,000 ante.  The crowd is growing around the final table by the minute, and it seems that Mitchell and Dudley have the biggest (or loudest) supporters of the eight remaining players.

I Met Him On The Internet

Mitchell has a young crowd of beer drinking fellas sweating him at the final table.  After talking to some of Mitchell's friends, I found that that they all play online together.  They are from all over the country and have gathered here at the WSOP to root each other on. 

Mitchell is only 21 years old, and this is his first World Series of Poker.  He, and all of his friends, are hoping for a bracelet win this year.  He looks to be on the right track.

Battle of the Blinds

It folded around to Gabe Costner in the small blind.  He made the call, and Adam Daya checked in the big blind.  The flop came 9 J 5.  Costner checked, and Daya bet 100,000.  Costner made the call.  The 5 came on the turn to which both players checked.  The 3 hit the river, and Coster took the opportunity to bet 100,000. 

Costner turned over ten-seven for ten high, and Daya turned over nine-six for two pair. 

Good Call Gone Bad

It folded around to Dash Dudley on the button, and he raised to 160,000.  William Davis folded in the small blind. Nicholas Mitchell moved all in from the big blind for 1,260,000.  Dudley took a moment to think about it before calling, but eventually made the call.

The crowd went wild on both sides when the cards were turned up.  Dudley turned over A Q against the A J of Mitchell. 

"JACK! JACK!" screamed Mitchell's entourage. 

The flop came out 3 J K.  Mitchell's fans went wild.

"TEN! TEN!" screamed Dudley's crew.

The turn and river were no help to Dudley, as it came a 6 and 8.  Dudley was forced to ship a substantial amount of chips to Mitchell putting him at the top of the pack. 

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WSOP $1k Day 4- Man Down

Richard Rice Out in 9th Place
Richard Rice Out in 9th Place

There has been a little more movement on the felt this hour.  We've seen flops, turns, and eliminations.  The chips are starting to change hands, and there is a slightly different current in the sea.

Dudley Slips

Dash Dudley raised 110,000 in the hijack, and Gab Costner called from the big blind.  The flop came A 2 3.  Costner checked and Dudley made a continuation bet to 140,000.  Both players checked the turn which brought the 7.  The river was a 7 to which Costner bet 350,000.  Dudley called, and to his dismay he was shown K J by Costner. 

No More Rice

Nicholas Mitchell made a raise to 100,000 in mid position.  Richard Rice immediately moved all in.  Mitchell made the call.  Rice turned over K Q against Mitchell's A J.

The board ran 6 T 7 9 A to give Mitchell the win.  A billowing cheer came from Mitchell's entourage. 

Smoke Break

Players then went on a 20 minute break.  They should be returning soon in an attempt to knock out more players. 

Update Chip Counts

Adam Daya  2,855,000
Gabe Costner  2,430,000
Cory Brown  2,100,000
Nicholas Mitchell  1,800,000
Bart Davis  1,355,000
Isaac Settle  1,000,000
Deepak Bhatti  575,000
Dash Dudley  450,000

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WSOP $1k Day 4- Where It Counts

No one wants to be the first player out from this final table.  There is a lot of money and pride on the line, so this is understandable.  Everyone is taking it slow and really trying to get a feel for the other players. 

Passing The Blinds

Players haven't been going head to head very much in the last round.  They are basically raising and folding. 

Richard Rice took an opportunity to steal some blinds and antes.  He moved all in for 605,000 but got no callers.

Deepak Bhatti saw how well this worked and also pushed all in for 280,000 from the hijack.  Everyone folded around.

Where It Counts

Play has just entered level 26 with 25,000/50,000 blinds and 5,000 ante.  Every time a player steals a pot they are adding significant value to their stack.  Every hand has 120,000 in the pot preflop including blinds and antes.  A player that can steal the blinds and antes consistently can increase their likelihood of winning this tournament. 

This is where stealing the blinds counts.


There is an exuberant crowd of guys hanging around the final table.  With beers in hand, they consistently cheer, "Go Nick!"  They are rooting for the 21 year old Nicholas Mitchell. 

"Do you want a beer?" calls out one of his friends.  Mitchells simply shakes his head and smiles.

It has yet to be determined if his friends are encouraging or distracting. 

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WSOP $1k Day 4- Going for Gold

Day 4 of the WSOP $1k event is about to start up.  A total of 4,345 players registered for this event, and only the final nine are left.

The event brought a number of pro players which included Vanessa Rousso, Jeff Madsen, and Antonio Esfandiari.  However, all eyes were on Eric Baldwin as he made the money and then jumped up the pay ladder.  Unfortunately, Baldwin was met with a tough few rounds and ended up finishing in 15th place. 

When play reached the final ten players, 82 year old Irving Rice was at the center of the headlines.  He and his son, Richard Rice, had made it to the final table.  It was an inspirational sight to see Richard shake his dad's hand in a congratulatory gesture. 

However, the family ties would not last long.  Irving Rice busted in 10th place.

On a brighter note, a new king will be crowned today.  The final nine players are battling it out for the bracelet and $625,872.  Everyone is guaranteed a respectable $51,735.  Adam Daya is leading the pack with 2,855,000 in chips.  Deepak Dhatti is the short stack with 400,000.

Stay tuned for more live coverage of this event.


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Event Name Event 3 - $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em
Venue Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Date 29 May 2010
Final Day 1 June 2010
Buy In $1,000
Entrants 4345
Level Ante Blinds
Level 1 0 25/25
Level 2 0 50/25
Level 3 0 50/100
Level 4 0 75/150
Level 5 0 100/200
Level 6 25 100/200
Level 7 25 150/300
Level 8 50 200/400
Level 9 75 300/600
Level 10 100 400/800
Level 11 100 500/1000
Level 12 100 600/1200
Level 13 200 800/1600
Level 14 300 1000/2000
Level 15 400 1500/3000
Level 16 500 2000/4000
Level 17 500 3000/6000
Level 18 1000 4000/8000
Level 19 1000 5000/10000
Level 20 1000 6000/12000
Level 21 2000 8000/16000
Level 22 3000 10000/20000
Level 23 3000 12000/24000
Level 24 4000 15000/30000
Level 25 5000 20000/40000
Level 26 5000 25000/50000
Level 27 5000 30000/60000
Level 28 10000 40000/80000
Level 29 10000 50000/100000
Level 30 15000 60000/120000
Level 31 20000 80000/160000
Level 32 30000 100000/200000
Level 33 30000 120000/240000
Level 34 40000 150000/300000

Aadam Daya

Event 3 - $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Aadam Daya $625,872
2. Deepak Bhatti $385,106
3. Gabe Costner $279,327
4. Bart Davis $206,904
5. Nicholas Mitchell $154,425
6. Cory Brown $116,141
7. Isaac Settle $88,025
8. Dash Dudley $67,221
9. Rich Rice $51,735
10. Irving Rice $40,121