$10k Limit Hold-Em - Keikoan Wins 2nd Bracelet

2010 WSOP LHE Champ.
2010 WSOP LHE Champ.

In what has to be considered a miracle comeback, Matt Keikoan has taken the 2010 $10k LHE Championship.

At one point earlier in the heads up match Keikoan didn't even have enough for a big blind and was all in with deuce-eight off suit. He was facing a deficit of approximately 60:1. Still, he managed to double up on that hand, hit trips for another double up minutes later and kept on riding a wave of good luck all the way to the chip lead.

Game Changer

In the pot of the night Keikoan held J 5 against Idema's 10 5 with each holding a pair of fives after the river. The win gave Keikona the chip lead and he never looked back.

Game Winner

The hand that sealed Idema's fate came one prior to the final hand of the evening. On a board showing 7 6 4# the pot was raised, reraised and then capped. The turn brought a 9 and the river brought a 10. Idema led out on the river and left himself with only one bet left.

 Keikoan thought for a moment, and then made the call with 4 6 for the winning two pair against the one pair of Idema who held A 7.

From the Rail

"C'mon one time," one of Keikoan's fans said on the final hand of the night, hoping his hand could fade all of the potential outs of Idema.

"One time?! That's the most ridiculous quote I've heard all night." Idema's fans were justifiably frustrated having seen their guy get sucked out on time and again earlier in the match.

That's all from the Amazon Room tonight. Thanks for staying up, or waking up, with us.

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$10k Limit Hold-Em - Marathon Match Persists

Still here!
Still here!

Matt Keikoan has at least nine lives, maybe more. He's proven to be more than resilient, borderline indestructible.

More than once he's been on the ropes in this heads up match, and more than once he's battled back to make it competitive.

The latest pot saw Keikoan raise preflop to 240k and Idema call. The flop showed 7 6 4, Idema led out and Keikoan called.

The turn brought a 6 and Idema once again led, drawing a call from Keikoan. The river brought a 9 and Keikoan was down to one or two more bets, looking as though the end may be near. That wasn't the case as Keikoan showed a J 8 for an eight high flush.

Keikoan seems to be catching all the right cards at all the right times. At one point he was all in with two-eight off and managed to double up. The next pot he got it in with queen high against ace high and hit trips for the win.

Seemingly nothing Idema does is good enough to beat Keikoan. But there are no chops in the WSOP, so we will be here until a winner is crowned. Stay tuned.

Chip Count

Dan Idema  3,250,000
Matt Keikoan  1,850,000

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$10k Limit Hold-Em - Back to Even

No quit in Keikoan.
No quit in Keikoan.

Action continues well into the wee hours of the morning here at the Amazon Room. Matt Keikoan and Dan Idema are locked in a heads up battle, with chips being traded back and forth with neither being able to go on a heater long enough to knock the other out.

Keikoan appeared to be on the ropes as he just had his tournament life on the line and all his chips in the middle, but his top pair of aces was good enough to scoop the pot and we play on.

Here's how the big hand played out:

Almost Over

The pot was two bet to 200k preflop by Keikona and called by Idema. The flop came A 3 9. Idema led out for 200k, Keikoan reraised and Idema called. The turn brought a J, Keikoan led out and it looked like the tournament might be drawing to a close when Idema announced reraise for the rest of Keikoan's chips.

Keikoan called and flipped over A 2. Idema on the other hand turned over nothing but air with a K 6, making the river card inconsequential.

Back to Even

Matt Keikoan simply won't go away. He looked to be on the verge of elimination moments ago and doubled up. Still, he was left with a 3:1 deficit to overcome. No problem for Keikona, who just doubled again.

Keikoan bet on every street holding pocket kings and Idema called him all the way down. The board showed J 10 2 10 K, which was good for the kings full and a huge win for Keikoan. Chips are almost dead even now and the bracelet remains up for grabs.

Chip Count

Daniel Idema  3,130,000
Matt Keikoan  2,000,000

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$10k Limit Holdem - Keikoan Battling Back Heads Up

Keikoan's quest for number two closer to fruition.
Keikoan's quest for number two closer to fruition.

Matt Keikoan is hanging tough in his heads up battle versus Dan Idema. Both limit specialists are trading pots back and forth, though Keikoan is the one who has gained ground.

Keikoan had about 1.4 million to start the heads up match and has improved to take over the lead. A couple of the bigger pots played are detailed below.

Top Pair is Good

After a preflop raise and call, the flop showed A J 8. Idema was first to act and checked, Keikoan bet and Idema raised. The turn brought a 5 and Idema led out with 120k, which Keikoan called. The river brought a 2 and Idema once again led out for 120k, which Keikoan once again called.

Idema showed the winning A 4 and scooped a pot worth more than 500k.

Two Pair is Good

After another preflop raise and call the flop showed K 6 5. Idema led out for 120k, and Keikoan called. The turn showed a 6, Idema bet and Keikoan called.

The river showed a 10, Idema bet and Keikoan just smooth called with top pair of kings, scooping a pot worth nearly 500k.

Press On

Both players were scheduled for a 10 minute break, but each agreed to play on. Thus, the battle continues for the $10k LHE Championship. Keep it locked here as we bring you updates until the bitter end.

Chip Count

Matt Keikoan  2,600,000
Daniel Idema  2,530,000

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$10k Limit Holdem - Pumpkin Sent Packing

Keikoan with his 2008 WSOP bracelet.
Keikoan with his 2008 WSOP bracelet.

We've seen two eliminations in the last thirty minutes and just like that we're down to heads up action.

The two remaining players have taken a 20 minute break before resuming and battling for a bracelet. Matt Keikoan and Dan Idema are the last men standing, with Idema in search of WSOP bracelet number one and Keikoan looking for number two.

The two eliminated players-Kyle Ray and Jameson "Pumpkin" Painter-took their massive rail followings with them and the bleachers are left somewhat barren.

Air ball

Jameson "Pumpkin" Painter is the 4th place finisher after running head on into the set of Matt Keikoan. Action folded around to Keikoan in the small blind, who called. Painter raised it, and Keikoan called.

The flop came A 10 3, which promptly set off a betting string with each player raising and reraising until Painter was all in for his remaining 141k. Jameson flipped over A 7 but was dominated by the 3 3 set of Keikoan.

"Well, the good news is that I would have gone broke on this hand even if I had one million in chips," Painter said, acknowledging that he would have played the hand the same regardless of his stack.

Ray Takes Third

Kyle Ray wasn't far behind Painter, as he found himself losing a big pot against Keikoan and then all in moments later.

Ray started the raising from the button with Q 8 and Keikoan kept on raising with A J. Too short to fold, Ray got it all in hoping for a queen on the flop.

No such luck for Ray as the board blanked out and he was sent home as tonight's third place finisher. He will take home nearly $191k.

From the Felt

In one of the more symbolic moments of the WSOP, having seen the bad news that he was up against a set with two cards to come, Painter turned and attempted to toss his empty water bottle into a trash can that sat 10 feet away.

He missed by a good eight feet, which is not unlike his read from the final hand.

Heads Up Chips

Daniel Idema  3,740,000
Matt Keikoan  1,395,000

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$10k Limit Holdem - Play Tightens Four-Way

Keikoan entrenched in battle.
Keikoan entrenched in battle.

The final table started out playing tight, then action opened up as the 4th, 5th and 6th place finishers all went out in close proximity. Now, we're back to playing tight again with a lot of blind stealing going on.

Brock Parker was the 5th place finisher, having run his K 3 into the A Q of Jameson Painter. Parker got a nice little payday of $105k for his final table visit.

Staying Alive

Kyle Ray appeared to be on the ropes getting all his chips in bad against Matt Keikoan, but that's why they call it gambling.

Ray opened with a three bet, Keikoan reraised, Ray reraised and next thing we knew Ray was all in for his remaining 205k in chips. Ray showed K Q while Keikoan showed A J. Ray got the help he needed on a board of Q 10 9 3 6 and there are still four remaining.

Turning Point

Dan Idema just took a big pot down and took a comfortable chip lead in the process. Idema raised to start the action, Matt Keikoan three bet and Jameson Painter followed up with a reraise. Idema and Keikoan both called.

Painter bet out on a flop of K 7 2. Idema raised, Keikoan folded and Painter called. The action went to two more streets before finally going to a showdown

Idema showed K 7 for two pair and now has more than 2 million in chips.

From the Felt

Tonight's final table has been noticeably absent of any table banter. Since Michael Mizrachi and Zvi Hoysman went out, there has very little conversation at all. Players will occasionally stand up and go discuss strategy with their respective rail birds, but it's pretty tense when the cards are on the felt.

It's making for a quiet, but focused finale to this LHE event. Much more subdued than any final table we've witnessed this year. Of course, that might have something to do with the WSOP's policy not to serve rail birds cocktails-something that just went into effect today after tournament officials decided crowds were getting too rowdy.

Chip Count

Daniel Idema  2,125,000
Matt Keikoan  1,330,000
Jameson Painter  1,020,000
Kyle Ray     710,000


Level 25: 25k/50k

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$10k Limit Holdem - Five Left as Title Nears

Matt Keikoan is a force at today's final table.
Matt Keikoan is a force at today's final table.

Seven players returned from dinner, but one should have stayed at the buffet a little bit longer and another couldn't get lucky enough to stick around.

Now just five players remain in the fight for a WSOP bracelet and a top prize worth more than $425k. Zvi Groysman was just eliminated in 6th place. Simon Morris exited just before that and we've got the details below.

Morris Out in Seventh

Simon Morris was faced with a short stack after the break and was going to have to find a good spot to double up. Unfortunately for him, he picked a horrible spot.

Morris raised to 60k and was promptly reraised all in by Matt Keikoan. Morris thought for a moment before pushing all of his 91k into the middle. Morris showed K 8 while Keikoan showed AcKc. The board came 10 7 4 10 6 and Morris was sent packing in 7th place.

Morris, who is an Australian, was the last international competitor left in the field as the remaining competitors all hail from the U.S. or Canada. Morris earned almost $63k for his finish.

Brocking Point

Brock Parker was cruising along without too many confrontations before running into the buzzsaw known as Matt Keikoan. In a hand that gave Keikoan the chip lead, Parker raised from the small blind and saw Keikoan defend his blind with a call.

The flop showed A 8 4, Parker led out, Keikoan reraised and Parker called. The turn paired the board with an 8. Parker again led out and Keikoan just smooth called.

The river card was a Q, Parker checked instead of leading out, Keikoan bet and Parker called. Keikoan showed a big blind special of 8 4 for the full house and Parker was left reeling.

The very next hand Parker got his 10 10 all in against the K Q  of Keikoan preflop. This time the outcome favored Parker and he was able to double up and stick around.

The two players have a nice little rivalry developing with Keikoan holding the chip lead and a position advantage-sitting to the immediate left of Morris.

Pumpkin Patch Growing

Jameson "Pumpkin" Painter is known for wearing orange at poker tournaments. His rail birds have followed suit today, making them easy to pick out of the gallery. There appears to be a contest developing between Painter and Keikoan for the player with the largest following. Thus far we give the slight edge to Pumpkin.

Chip Count

Daniel Idema  1,650,000
Matt Keikoan  1,525,000
Jameson Painter    955,000
Kyle Ray    520,000
Brock Parker    285,000

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$10k Limit Holdem - Grinder's Cowboys No Good

Grinder couldn't get his kings to hold as his day is cut short.
Grinder couldn't get his kings to hold as his day is cut short.

Players have just gone on a 75 minute dinner break. Seven will return to compete for a bracelet as Michael Mizrachi's quest for a second bracelet just came to an end.

Don't feel too bad for Mizrachi, he rolled out of the Amazon Room with an entourage that included his gorgeous wife and Shannon Elizabeth-we're not sure how he pulled that one off.

Grinded Out

Mizrachi lost a good portion of his 250k stack when he called down a flop bet holding king-queen with a board that showed ace-ten-blank. He ended up folding at the river and showing the busted draw, much to the chagrin of his growing crowd of rail birds.

On the next hand Mizrachi woke up with K K and looked poised to double up, but his opponent Simon Morris held the perfect king-busting hand: 8 9.

The elder Robert Mizrachi sensed the impending doom, letting out a deep sigh from the rail when the flop showed J 10 3. The Grinder's fate was sealed when the turn showed a 7 to give Morris the winning straight.

Mizrachi will take home $49k for his 8th place finish.

Triple Up

Things were looking pretty grim for Zvi Groysman as a couple of lost pots had him down to his final 39k in chips. He managed to double up once, then got an all important triple up moments later.

The action started with Groysman reraising all in preflop for 91k. He was called down by Mizrachi and Jameson Painter. The board, which was checked all the way down, showed A A J J 2 and the Canadian Groysman has new life.

Dinner Chips

Jameson Painter  1,150,000
Kyle Ray  1,135,000
Daniel Idema     990,000
Matt Keikoan     635,000
Zvi Groysman     425,000
Brock Parker     390,000
Simon Morris     220,000

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$10k Limit Holdem - Chiu Takes Ninth

The $40,000 Man.
The $40,000 Man.

Slow going here at the final table as players have gone into nit-mode, attempting to move into the big-money slots.

There are eight players remaining now. The Grinder is hanging around as the small stack by winning small pots. Jameson Painter has surrendered the chip lead Daniel Idema.

Down Goes Chiu

As expected, David Chiu was eliminated in 9th place. Chiu only had about five big blinds remaining when action started at the final table so he was never expected to be a real factor.

On his last hand, Chiu moved in for most of his stack holding pocket sixes. Unfortunately for Chiu, Matt Keikoan woke up with pocket kings. Keikoan improved when he hit trip kings on the flop and Chiu was sent packing.

Ninth place was good for 39k and Chiu walks away disappointed but not upset having quadrupled his 10k buy in.

Grinding Down

For a second there Michael Mizrachi appeared to be on a mini heater having chopped a full house with Keikoan and stealing several blinds. His streak came to an end when Grinder saw Keikoan all the way down to the river before finally folding.

Keikoan three bet Mizrachi preflop, Mizrachi called and the board came 8 7 7. Keikoan once again bet, drawing a call from Mizrachi and the turn brought a 9. After the 6 fell on the river Mizrachi decided he couldn't compete with Keikoan and folded leaving him wounded with about 200k in chips.

Amazon Room Pumpkin Patch

Las Vegas poker pro Jameson Painter is better known to some of his friends as "The Pumpkin." Painter's cheering section has come out in full force today, decked out in orange with pumpkin signs and plastic jack-o'-lanterns to boot.

Meanwhile Michael Mizrachi's wife just ordered her husband a coffee from the rail, telling the cocktail waitress that he needs it to wake up. Maybe a little caffeine will kick start The Grinder's comeback.

Chip Count

Daniel Idema  1,280,000
Jameson Painter  1,080,000
Kyle Ray  1,045,000
Matt Keikoan     600,000
Zvi Groysman     485,000
Brock Parker     460,000
Simon Morris     285,000
Michael Mizrachi     265,000

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$10k Limit Holdem - Mizrachi Headlines Final Table

Mizrachi solidifying his status as WSOP POY favorite.
Mizrachi solidifying his status as WSOP POY favorite.

The final table of the $10k LHE event is about to shuffle up and deal here on day number three.

Twelve players returned this afternoon and nine now remain. Anh Van Nguyen, Dave Baker and Darren Woods were the unlucky three to come ever-so-close to a WSOP final table. Each earned $32k for their efforts.

Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi is participating in his third final table of the WSOP, with a Player's Championship bracelet already in his trophy case. He'll have some work to do as he currently sits in 8th position.

David Chiu is another familiar face to outlast the field, though he is extremely short stacked at 75k and figures to be the first elimination barring a couple of timely double ups. Jameson Painter is the chip leader with 1.2 million. Australia's Simon Morris is in 7th and is the only non-North American remaining.

We'll follow this one all night as The Grinder seeks bracelet number two and a 2010 WSOP Limit Hold'em Champion is crowned.

Final Table Chip Count

Jameson Painter  1,209,000
Kyle Ray     903,000
Daniel Idema     829,000
Brock Parker     619,000
Matt Keikoan     505,000
Zvi Groysman     500,000
Michael Mizrachi     243,000
Simon Morris     233,000
David Chiu       75,000

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Event Name Event 29 - $10k Limit Hold'em Championship
Venue Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Date 15 June 2010
Final Day 17 June 2010
Buy In $10,000
Entrants 171
Prize Pool $1,607,400
First Prize $425,969

Matt Keikoan

Event 29 - $10k Limit Hold'em Championship

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Matt Keikoan $425,969
2. Daniel Idema $263,244
3. Kyle Ray $190,702
4. Jameson Painter $140,760
5. Brock Parker $105,783
6. Zvi Groysman $80,884
7. Simon Morris $62,898
8. Michael Mizrachi $49,733
9. David Chiu $39,760
10. Anh Van Nguyen $32,614