$2.5k Hold’em 6-Max – Harrah for Haydon!

Haydon takes it!
Haydon takes it!

It was a long final table by six-handed standards but William Haydon has finally secured victory in Event 26.

It took just a few hands of heads-up play for Jeff Papola to move all-in with A 6 and Haydon called with A J.

The flop came K Q 4 and Papola was in dire need of a six. Instead the turn card was the 9 and Papola would need a miracle river card to survive.

The river came... T!

Haydon is our champion and will receive an epic $630,031 payout. Meanwhile Jeff Papola will receive $391,068 for coming in second place.

Thanks tuning into our coverage of the $2.5k 6-Max Hold'em event.

It started with 1,245 runners and saw players like Daniel Negreanu, Sorel Mizzi and David Benefield get eliminated in the later stages only to have Haydon come out of nowhere and run over the final table.

Keep checking PokerListings for comprehensive coverage of the 2010 WSOP.

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$2.5k Hold’em 6-Max – Baldwin Busts (Third)

Baldwin bashed!
Baldwin bashed!

One more player has been sent to the rail and we are officially heads-up for all the marbles in Event 26 $2.5k Hold'em.

Joe Baldwin, who's had a very impressive run in this tournament, snap-called an all-in shove by William Haydon.

It seemed to be the right decision Baldwin showed K K to Haydon's A 7.

The poker gods had other ideas as the flop came A Q 3 giving Haydon a pair of aces and the lead.

Baldwin was stunned and left looking for a king or runner-runner straight. It didn't happen as the board finished with the 8 and then the 9.

Baldwin finishes in third place and will receive $391,068 for his efforts.

We are officially heads-up between Will Haydon and Jeff Papola. Here are the chip counts as we begin:

Haydon - 7.3 million
Jeff Papola - 1.9 million

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$2.5k Hold’em 6-Max – Solomon, Scharf Bust

The death pit!
The death pit!

Action is heating up at the final table of the $2.5k 6-Max event.

We just had two bustouts occur within 15 minutes and the WSOP bracelet must seem tantalizingly close to the three remaining players.

Despite an international final tables it's all Americans now as William Haydon attempts to turn his chip lead into WSOP gold.

Check out how we got to three-handed play by reading our updates below:

Scharf Shanked (Fourth)

Full Tilt pro Eddy Scharf put on a valiant display at this final table but he's finally been relegated to the rail.

In his last hand Scharf open-shoved from UTG and Jeff Papola opted to re-shove from the button. The blinds folded and the players displayed their hands on the table:

Scharf: Q J

Papola: A A!

Scharf was utterly dominated by Papola's pocket rockets but that didn't stop a very pro-Scharf crowd from shouting for hearts on the board.

Instead it ran out J 8 4 9 5 and that shattered Scharf's chance at progressing further in this event.

He finishes in fourth place for $163,649.

Solomon Swims Away (Fifth)

South African Jarred Solomon was certainly the most liked player at the final table but even that couldn't save him from elimination.

Solomon open-shoved for his entire 1 million chip stack from the button and action folded to Joe Baldwin in the big blind.

Baldwin thought for a few minutes and then he said he felt a call coming on.

He eventually did call and showed A Q. It was the right choice as Solomon was far behind with K T.

The board came A J 6 4 2 and Solomon fell out of contention in fifth place. He will receive $110,903 for his efforts in this tournament. That works out to $843,939 in South African Rand, which sounds pretty good to us.

We last saw Solomon having a feast of In-N-Out Burger with his South African friends. Welcome to America, buddy!

Level 27

Blinds: 30,000/60,000 Ante: 5,000

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$2.5k Hold’em 6-Max – Five for Fighting

Not Austrian
Not Austrian

Supposedly 6-Max is an action game but this has been one of the slower final tables we've covered.

It's nothing like Seven-Card Hi-Lo or Omaha-8 but there has been only one elimination in the first three hours of play.

In other news we've seen Jeff Papola burn away his chip lead and Will Haydon establish himself as the man to beat.

Here are the latest updates from the floor:

Scharf Doubles Through Haydon

Will Haydon opened for 150,000 chips from the button and Eddy Scharf shoved from the big blind for an extra 435,000.

Haydon called and the board ran out K 8 3 J Q and Scharf safely avoided elimination and stacked his way up to nearly one million chips.

Will Haydon Rakes Massive Pot

We just saw some intense action preflop.

Jarred Solomon opened for 130,000 and William Haydon raised to 275,000.

Joe Baldwin was in the small blind and he threw in 600,000 chips. Solomon thought for a minute but then released his hand.

Haydon responded by shoving all-in for 2.02 million.

Baldwin went into the tank and looked like he was in pain. Eventually he made a big laydown, folding J J face up.

After the hand Haydon was up to nearly three million.

Go Austria?

For some reason Eddy Scharf, who is German, is being cheered on by an almost all-Austrian group of fans.

When Scharf rakes a pot the Austrian rail explodes.

"Yeeeah Eddy! Go Austria!" they shout.

"Are you Austrian?" asked Will Haydon.

"No I have no idea what they are going on about," replied Scharf. "Austria is like Germany's poor neighbor."

Ohhh, he went there.


Be sure to check the chip count tab for updated counts but here's the latest from the floor:

Will Haydon - 2.7 million
Joe Baldwin - 1.8 million
Jarred Solomon - 1.8 million
Jeff Papola - 1.7 million
Eddy Scharf - 1.2 million

Level 26

Blinds: 25,000/50,000 Ante: 5,000

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$2.5k Hold’em 6-Max – Cowley Busts (Sixth)

Steve stuck!
Steve stuck!

Jeff Papola is off to a hot start at the final table.

The 2008 Aruba Classic third place finisher seems to be getting called when he has the nuts and the rest of his bets are prompting folds.

On the other hand Steve Cowley had a very short experience at the final table and is already out on the rail.

Here's a look at the first full hour of the final table:

Cowley Down Under

Steve Cowley is the first casualty of the final table.

In his final hand he opened for 105,000 and Jeffrey Papola called from the big blind.

The flop came J 6 3 and Papola checked but Cowley fired again, this time for 140,000.

Papola called and the turn brought the T. Papola and Cowley bet 215,000. Papola moved all-in and Cowley called.

The players flipped over their hands:

Cowley: A J

Papola: J T

Cowley had top-pair, top-kicker but Papola had him smashed with two-pair. Cowley was left praying for an ace on the river but instead it was the 8.

Cowley is out in sixth place and will receive $77,228.

Railbird Festival

The rail is particularly full here at the final table of the tournament.

South African Jarred Solomon has the biggest group of fans who seem to be shouting, "Sully! Come on sully!"

We're not sure about the significance there but it was getting so loud the Tournament Director had to tell them to take it down a notch or he would kick them out of the Rio.

Meanwhile Eddie Scharf has more than a couple German fans in attendance.

They are keeping themselves busy by shouting, "Eddy! Eddddy!"

It might be a long night but we have a feeling there are going to be plenty of fans here into the wee hours of the morning.


Here's a look at the stacks:

Jeff Papola - 2.8 million
Joe Baldwin - 2.1 million
Eddy Scharf - 1.4 million
William Haydon - 1.3 million
Jarred Solomon - 1.1 million

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$2.5k Hold’em 6-Max – More Action!

For Germany!
For Germany!

The six remaining players have returned from their break and it's now time to see who's going to win this WSOP bracelet thing.

Game on!

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$2.5k Hold’em 6-Max – Final Table Set!


It took until 7:45 p.m. but we finally have our official final table of six.

Over the last hour we had two eliminations and unfortunately Justin "BoostedJ" Smith will not be making an appearance at the final table.

Here's a look at how it all went down:

Etayo Eliminated

Javier Etayo had a great Spanish cheering crowd on the rail today that included Leo Margets but he's finally busted, just short of the final table.

Etayo got all-in with A K against Jarred Solomon's Q Q for one hell of a coin flip.

The board came 9 4 2 T T and the queens held up.

Etayo picks up $55,236 for coming in seventh place.

Boost Depleted

Full Tilt poker pro Justin "BoostedJ" Smith had a fantastic shot at winning his first WSOP bracelet in this event but that dream has been crushed.

Smith got all-in with J T against Joe Baldwin's A K.

The board ran out J 9 6 8... K!

Despite flopping a pair of jacks and turning a straight draw, Smith was eliminated by Baldwin's pair of kings.

It's a devastating turn of events for Smith but on the bright side he will receive $55,236 for coming in eighth place.


Players are now on their 60 minute dinner break and action will resume at 8:45 p.m.


Here are the chip counts as we head into the final table:

Joe Baldwin - 2.8 million
Jarred Solomon - 2.3 million
Steve Cowley - 1.7 million
Eddy Scharf - 1.7 million
Jeffrey Papola - 1 million
William Haydon - 799,000

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$2.5k Hold’em 6-Max – Welcome to the Rail


That's more like it! Three players were relegated to the rail in the last hour of play and the chips are starting to fly.

With eight players left we are two eliminations from the official final table of six players. With all the bustouts the stacks have evened out so it could be awhile before another player busts.

Here's a look at the latest action from the floor:

Adeniya Attacked

British player Martins Adeniya, who was being railed by Praz Bansi and James Akenhead, had a serious shot at becoming the fourth English player to win a bracelet this summer but it wasn't to be.

Adeniya bet 63,000 and Javier Etayo raised to 177,000. Adeniya shoved and Etayo made the call. Both players revealed their hands:

Adeniya: Q Q

Etayo: T T

The Brit looked primed to crush Etayo and it remained that way after a 7 6 2 flop. Unfortunately for Adeniya the turn was a painful T.

The river was a meaningless 9 and Adeniya is finished in ninth place to earn $40,547.

Tyler Witteman
Tom Witteman

That Was Witty

German poker pro Eddy Scharf opened for 55,000 and Tyler Witteman moved in for the last of his chips, which was 65,000 more.

Scharf called with A J while Witteman could only muster T 8. On the bright side he was live.

The flop changed that when it came A Q 2 to give Scharf top pair. The board finished with the K and then the 5.

Witteman is out in 10th place and will receive $40,547 for his efforts.

Taurean Tipped

Taurean Davis has been eliminated after getting all-in with A-T against Joe Baldwin's A-J.

The flop came Q T 6 and Davis had spiked a lucky ten to take the lead in the hand. The turn came 9, which gave Baldwin a few more outs to bust Davis.

That's just what happened when the river fell K to make broadway for Davis.


Here's how it all stacks up as we head towards the final table:

Kavoer Etaup - 1.8 million
William Haydon - 1.4 million
Joe Baldwin - 1.4 million
Eddy Scharf - 1.2 million
Jarred Solomon - 930,000
Justin Smith - 700,000
Jeffrey Papola - 650,000
Steve Cowley - 650,000

Level 24

Blinds: 15,000/30,000 Ante: 4,000

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$2.5k Hold’em 6-Max – Slow Zone

Run better
Run better

Action has finally slowed at the final two tables of the $2.5k No-Limit Hold'em 6-Max event.

It's definitely a change of pace considering Day 2 was dominated by a swarm of bustouts and huge stacks being flung around.

We've only had one elimination in the last hour and our final remaining big-name pro Justin "BoostedJ" Smith is hanging in there.

Here's the latest action from the floor:

A.I. Stumped

Alexander Ivarsson, who we like to think of as the poker playing version of Allen Iverson, has been eliminated.

Thanks to losing a big pot to Justin "BoostedJ" Smith, Ivarsson found himself with a small stack and finally got his chips in the middle with A Q against Joe Baldwin's 8 8.

Ivarsson had to like the flop when it came Q T 9 giving him top pair, top-kicker. The turn wasn't as nice as it showed up 8. The river was a meaningless 6 and Ivarsson is gone.

Boosting Up

Justin "BoostedJ" Smith got in to some trouble part-way through this level but made a nice recovery.

Alexander Ivarsson opened for 40,000 and Smith straight up shoved for the last of his 375,000 stack.

Ivarsson shrugged and called as he tabled 6 6. Smith showed A J and it was racing time.

The board came A K 3 8 3 and that secured Smith the pot.

After the hand Smith rocked up to 650,000 while Ivarsson fell all the way down to just under 400,000.

Top 10 Leaderboard

Here are the top 10 chip leaders as we near the final table:

William Haydon - 1.8 million
Joe Baldwin - 1.1 million
Javier Etayo - 1.1 million
Jarred Solomon - 930,000
Justin Smith - 700,000
Martins Adeniya - 667,000
Steve Cowley - 650,000
Jeffrey Papola - 595,000
Taurean Davis - 520,000
Tyler Witteman - 515,000

Level 23

Blinds: 12,000/24,000 Ante: 3,000

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$2.5k Hold’em 6-Max – The Two Tables

Caje-laid out!
Caje-laid out!

It took less than 30 minutes to find our final two tables on the last day of $2.5k No-Limit Hold'em 6-Max.

One of the biggest names remaining took the long walk to the payout booth while yet another Brit is starting to crush.

Here are the latest updates from the last hour:

Cajelais Crushed

Erik Cajelais is the first player to hit the rail on Day 3.

The ripped Full Tilt Poker pro was eliminated when he got all-in with pocket nines against William Haydon's pocket jacks.

The board ran out K 4 2 J T and the turned set of jacks was more than enough to eliminate the Canadian poker pro.

Cajelais picks up $23,537 for busting in 15th place but he'll have to wait another day for his first WSOP bracelet.

The British Empire?

British player Martins Adeniya is off to a smoking start on the final day of this event.

He just won a huge pot off American Taurean Davis.

We joined the action on a 8 6 2 flop and Davis bet out. The turn came 3 and both players checked. The river was the 2 and Martins bet 125k.

Davis thought for a minute but then called.

"You got it," said Adeniya. "Oh, wait..."

Adeniya flipped up his 5 4 in the hole and realized he had a straight. It didn't seem like an intentional slow roll and Davis took it in stride.

"Sorry," offered Adeniya.

After the hand Adinya had nearly 1.4 million chips which is near the chip lead.

Hit-squad members James Akenhead and Praz Bansi have been seen cheering on Adeniya. If he wins it will be the fourth British bracelet of the year.


Here's how the top 10 chip counts are looking after the first level of play:

William Haydon - 1.5 million
Martins Adeniya - 1.3 million
Steve Cowley - 1.2 million
Joe Baldwin - 1.2 million
Alexander Ivarsson - 975,000
Javier Etayo - 700,000
Justin Smith - 645,000
Jarred Solomon - 530,000
Tyler Witteman - 387,000
Eddy Scharf - 385,000

Level 22

Blinds: 10,000/20,000 Ante: 3,000

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$2.5k Hold’em 6-Max – The Final Day Begins

Boost it!
Boost it!

Welcome to Day 3 of the $2.5k Hold'em 6-Max tournament where Justin "BoostedJ" Smith will attempt to win his first WSOP bracelet while Canadian Erik Cajelais will try to win his second.

Smith and Cajelais are the last in a long list of pros that went deep in this event including Daniel Negreanu, Annette Obrestad, David Benefield and Sorel Mizzi who were all eliminated yesterday.

A total of 15 players finished the evening so we will start with three tables instead of one final table.

Considering it's 6-Max the action should be fast and it shouldn't be a problem to set the actual final table of six.

Cajelais and Smith will have to get by chip leader Steve Cowley if they want a shot at a shiny new WSOP bracelet.

We just heard the tournament director announce the shuffle up and deal so we are once again live from the Rio.

You can find complete chip counts in the tab on the right but we've also pasted them below for your viewing pleasure:

Steve Cowley - 1.2 million
Alexander Ivarsson - 1.05 million
Martins Adeniya - 823,000
Jeffrey Papola - 767,000
William Haydon - 776,000
Joe Baldwin - 707,000
Taurean Davis - 692,000
Justin Smith - 641,000
Jarred Solomon - 542,000
Javier Etayo - 505,000
Clement Thumy - 500,000
Erik Cajelais - 345,000
Andrey Daniyuk - 335,000
Scott Augustine - 330,000
Tyler Witteman - 326,000
Patrick Ricci - 289,000
Eduard Scharf - 211,000

Level 21

Blinds: 8,000/16,000 Ante: 2,000

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Event Name Event 26 - $2,500 Six-Handed No-Limit Hold'em
Venue Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Date 14 June 2010
Final Day 16 June 2010
Buy In $2,500
Entrants 1245
Prize Pool $2,863,500
First Prize $630,031


Event 26 - $2,500 Six-Handed No-Limit Hold'em

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. William $630,031
2. Jeffrey $391,068
3. Joe $248,265
4. Eduard $163,649
5. Jarred $110,903
6. Steve $77,228
7. Javier $55,236
8. Justin $55,236
9. Martins $40,547
10. Tyler $40,547