WSOP $1k- Too Good To Pass Up

Queens Hold
Queens Hold

Level 11 started, and not long afterwards hand for hand was declared. Within ten minutes of hand for hand play the tournament director announced, "Congratulations players, you are in the money!"

There was cheering, there was dancing, there were sighs of relief.  For those players who have been hanging on to their short stacks, this was a victory in itself.

Raise, Check, Fold

Preflop the player in middle position opened, and Tony Dunst raised 4,100 on top.  After a lot of contemplating, middle position made the call. 

The flop came T J 9.  Both players checked.  The 5 came on the turn, and middle position made it 9,000 to call.  Dunst didn't take long to fold his hand.

Queens Hold

Now that players are in the money, play has loosened up a bit.  Short stacks are shipping it with any two cards.  Since they are in the money, they really have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Arnaud Mattern called an all in with pocket queens.  His opponent held K 7.  The board ran very dry for the all in player, and Mattern extended his chip lead over his table.  He is now sitting at over 80,000.

Too Good To Pass Up

There are about 290 players left in this event, and only a handful of big name pros are still left in this field.  However, we noticed that the $2,500 Six Handed No-Limit Hold'em event has some very stacked tables.

We would love to continue to give you coverage of the $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em event, but if we had the choice to cover the $1,000 or cover Phil Ivey, we choose to cover Ivey.  We will still be updating this event on our news page, so if you are interested in what is going on check updates here

Players Left
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WSOP $1k- The Field Drops Quickly

"Check Out My Fancy Shoes"
"Check Out My Fancy Shoes"

The field is dropping fast.  The day started with 512 players, and after only two hours there are 383 players.  With only 41 players until the money, it will be a bad beat for anyone who goes out on the bubble. 

Do You Own Any Tennis Shoes?

Tony Dunst is known for wearing suits and dress shoes.  Perhaps, this smart way of dressing is a way to attract the women, or maybe it is just a way to charm his opponents into folding. 

So, we wondered, does Tony Dunst own a pair of tennis shoes?  We asked him, and he said, "Yes, one pair." 

"Are they still in the box?" we asked.

"No, they are very dirty," he responded.

That must mean that he doesn't go to Foot Locker very often. 

Get Off Your Phone!

Tension is getting thick in the air, as players start to smell the bubble approaching.  Every hand is critical and can make the difference between a player making the money and not making the money.

On Table #273, middle position limped in, and the button also limped in.  The big blind raised to 3,000 on top.  Middle position made the call, and the button folded. 

Just as the flop was being dealt, middle position pulled out his phone to look at it.

"Whoa," said the big blind, "you can't be on your mobile device during a hand."

"I was just looking at a missed call," said middle position.

"Well, I don't mean to be disrespectful, but your buddy is standing behind me and I don't know if you are texting him or not.  I don't know, maybe he can see my cards," the big blind responded.

The flop came out nine-seven-nine and the big blind fired out a bet which middle position folded to.

"Sorry guy, I won't be on my phone anymore."

Change Of Plans

Players were scheduled to go on a 20 minute break at the end of this level, but the tournament director has announced that they will only take a 10 minute break.  They will then come back to play two more levels before the dinner break. 

Players Left
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WSOP $1k- Time For Day 2

"Watch Out, I Can Play With The Best Of 'Em"
"Watch Out, I Can Play With The Best Of 'Em"

Players have unbagged their chips and cards are in the air.  The field started with 3,289 players, and 512 players have returned in their quest to make the money.  Play will start in the middle of level 9 with 300/600 blinds and a 75 ante. 

Revenge Of The Short Stacks

We are 170 players from the money, and the short stacks are doing their best to double up or go home. 

On just about every table, short stacks are shipping it.  Some are just looking for good spots while others are moving with legitimate hands. 

On Blue Table #270, a player from middle position limped in, and it folded around to the blinds.  The small blind moved all in for 10,350, the big blind made the call for about half of her stack, and the limper folded.

Take That Boy!

Liv Boeree is a pretty tough competitor, and she has shown she can be a strong competitor even against the boys. 

Boeree raised to 1,350 in the hijack.  The button meant to make a call, but he threw out 1,850 by mistake.  The dealer notified the button that he would have to make the minimum raise since he threw out more than half of a raise.  The button threw out 250 more making it 2,100 total.

Boeree wasn't going to let that throw her off of her game.  She immediately started grabbing yellow 1,000 chips and ended up throwing 6,000 more in.

The button made a bit of a smirk and mucked his hand.  Boeree turned up eight-deuce off suit.  A few guys on the rail seemed very impressed with her play, as were we. 


The small blind turned over A K, and was in good shape against the big blind's A Q

It was a brutal flop for the big blind when it came A Q J.  Although he was now behind, the small blind could still take it down with a ten.  As fate would have it, the T came on the turn.  The river wouldn't allow a resuck, as it came a 4 on the river.

Sometimes the poker Gods do allow the best hand to hold.

Players Left
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Event Name Event 24 - $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em
Venue Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Date 12 June 2010
Final Day 15 June 2010
Buy In $1,000
Level Ante Blinds
Level 1 0 25/25
Level 2 0 25/50
Level 3 0 50/100
Level 4 0 75/150
Level 5 0 100/200
Level 6 25 100/200
Level 7 25 150/300
Level 8 50 200/400
Level 9 75 300/600
Level 10 100 400/800
Level 11 100 500/1000
Level 12 100 600/1200
Level 13 200 800/1600
Level 14 300 1000/2000
Level 15 400 1500/3000
Level 16 500 2000/4000
Level 17 500 3000/6000
Level 18 1000 4000/8000
Level 19 1000 5000/10000
Level 20 1000 6000/12000
Level 21 2000 8000/16000
Level 22 3000 10000/20000
Level 23 3000 12000/24000
Level 24 4000 15000/30000
Level 25 5000 20000/40000
Level 26 5000 25000/50000
Level 27 5000 30000/60000
Level 28 10000 40000/80000
Level 29 10000 50000/100000
Level 30 15000 60000/120000
Level 31 20000 80000/160000
Level 32 30000 100000/200000
Level 33 30000 120000/240000
Level 34 40000 150000/300000


Event 24 - $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Jeffrey $503,389
2. J.D. $310,248
3. Kiet $223,665
4. Denis $162,568
5. David $119,410
6. Blake $88,654
7. John $66,513
8. Greg $50,410
9. Michael $38,629
10. Alexis $29,897