$1.5k Stud – Ashby Claims Victory

A Chufty victory!
A Chufty victory!

Richard Ashby has defeated Christine Pietsch to win Event 21 $1.5k Seven-Card Stud.

The heads-up match began with Pietsch holding a marginal chip lead over Ashby but the Brit battled back with several key hands.

One of the most pivotal hands saw Ashby hit trip deuces against Pietsch's two-pair kings and jacks. By winning that hand Ashby took the chip lead and never looked back.

Perhaps it was his experience playing heads-up online but Ashby's victory was never really in doubt after that point.

Pietsch finally made her move when this went down:

Ashby: (Q)(Q)3 7 9 7(J)

Pietsch (K)(T)J 8 T A(2)

Pietsch got the last of her chips in on fifth street and found her pair of tens dominated by two-pair queens and sevens. She didn't hit the board on sixth or seventh street.

And with that hand a masterful performance by Ashby was complete.

Keep in mind there were several times this evening where Ashby was the short stack and looked primed to collapse. That didn't happen as the Full Tilt pro showed amazing resilience to win this tournament.

Pietsch picks up $86,756 for placing second in the very first WSOP tournament she's ever entered. Meanwhile Ashby earns $140,467 for coming in first and scoring his first bracelet.

Thanks for tuning into our coverage and be sure to switch over to our Day 1 coverage of the $10k Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo to see how all the big-name pros are fairing.

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$1.5k Stud – Too Fast for Ya’ll

Foiled again.
Foiled again.

The pace here at the final table has suddenly been upgraded to lightning fast.

Eliminations are almost coming faster than we can write them up. Not bad considering this is Seven-Card Stud we're talking about.

In other news we're officially heads-up for the bracelet.

Check below to see how we got there:

Heimiller Hit (Fourth)

It's becoming a dangerous trend for Dan Heimiller to make a final table but not be able to close the deal.

Indeed his run in this event has come to event after he got the last of his chips in the middle against Richard Ashby while holding a pair of fours.

Ashby ended up making a straight with his last draw card, which was more than enough to evict Heimiller.

Heimiller adds yet another final table cash, this time $40,544, but will have to wait another day for that elusive second WSOP bracelet.

Pietsch vs. Shebell

Christine Pietsch just raked a massive pot from Darren Shebell in what could end up being one of the most important hands of this tournament.

The boards were:

Pietch: (X)(X)9 T 8 J

Shebell: (X)(X)Q K 3 9

Both Shebell and Pietsch played the hand aggressively trading bets and raises on almost every street.

Finally after seventh street was dealt, Pietsch threw in one final bet and Shebell would go no further.

He mucked 9 7 2 face up for the busted flush draw.

"I catch a heart she's toast," said a venomous Shebell after the hand.

Pietsch is up to over one million chips after the hand.

Darren Shebell
Darren Shebell

Shebells, She Bangs! (Third)

One-time chip leader Darren Shebell has been relegated to the rail after playing a particularly sick hand against Englishman Richard Ashby.

Shebell and Ashby traded bets furiously as Shebell held a pair of sixes by fifth street when the last of the chips went into the middle. Ashby had him beat with two-pair kings and eights, however.

Sixth street brought another six for Shebell which put him in the lead but seventh street was even kinder to Ashby when it brought another eight giving him a full house.

Shebell finishes in third place for $55,955.


We are now heads-up for the bracelet. We could very well have our first female bracelet winner of the series tonight. The chip counts are:

Christine Pietsch - 1.02 million
Richard Ashby - 845,000


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$1.5k Stud – Ahmed Attacked!

Go Colts!
Go Colts!

We have another casualty in the all out war that is the $1.5k Seven-Card Stud event.

Owais Ahmed is the latest player to take the walk of shame to the payout cage in the Halls of the Rio.

Ahmed entered the final table as one of the shorter stacks and never really got his game going on the final day of $1.5k Seven-Card Stud.

Meanwhile Darren Shebell, Dan Heimiller and Richard Ashby continue to try and catch femme fatal Christine Pietsch who still has the chip lead.

Here's the latest:

Pietsch Punts Ahmed (Fifth)

It's the end of the road for Owais Ahmed.

Ahmed got involved in a three-way pot with Christine Pietsch and Darren Shebell that would ultimately lead to his undoing.

He got the last of his chips in the middle on sixth street on a draw and both Pietsch and Shebell came along for the ride.

Ahmed was on a draw and ended up missing his draw while Pietsch made a straight. Shebell mucked his cards as Ahmed left the tournament area. He will pick up $29,809 for coming fifth place.

Triple the Ashby

Richard Ashby's position at this final table was precarious for the last 30 minutes but he finally managed the all-important triple up.

The triple up came against Dan Heimiller, who made two-pair fives and jacks, and Darren Shebell, who held treys in the hole.

Ashby surprised both Heimiller and Shebell when he showed a straight.

"I thought I had you beat with my pair of fives," said Heimiller.

Ashby went on to win several hands after the triple up to get all the way up to 200,000.

The Englishman still has a shot in this event.

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$1.5k Stud – Who Wants a Bracelet?

Would you like a bracelet?
Would you like a bracelet?

The players have returned from their dinner break and it's time to find a winner in Event 21 $1.5k Seven-Card Stud.

As a reminder you can check the tab on the right for hourly chip count updates. In case you're too lazy for that, the chip counts are below:

Christine Pietsch - 610,000
Darren Shebell - 471,000
Dan Heimiller - 416,000
Richard Ashby - 170,000
Owais Ahmed - 129,000

Level 23

Ante: 5,000 Low Card: 5,000 Completion: 20,000 Limits: 20,000/40,000

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$1.5k Stud – The Fall of Mizzi


We've made it through yet another level of play and the rail now has one very well-known online poker pro on it.

Sorel Mizzi, who took the chip lead into this final table, will have to wait another day to secure his first WSOP bracelet.

Day 3 was not kind to Mizzi and he lost his chip lead within 30 minutes of the final table starting.

On bright side Mizzi is still relatively new to the game of Seven-Card Stud and he'll have years to perfect his strategy.

Check below for all the action in the last hour, including Mizzi's bust out:

She's a Pietsch

Christine Pietsch isn't backing down from anyone in this event and she just made a broadway straight to rake a massive pot from Darren Shebell.

Shebell, who made a final table in a H.O.R.S.E. side event at the 2010 LAPC, is suddenly the chip leader with just over 600,000.

Shebell Tunes Up Mizzi (Sixth)

Sorel Mizzi put the last of his chips in the middle on fifth street in a hand against Darren Shebell and Richard Ashby.

The boards looked like this:

Mizzi: (X)(X)8 4 2

Ashby: (X)(X)9 A 3

Shebell: (X)(X)T 2 5

Shebell called and Ashby thought about his decision before throwing his cards in the muck. Shebell showed 2 2 in the hole for a set of deuces which had Mizzi's A-Q for ace-high crushed.

Mizzi actually improved to a pair of eights by the time all the cards had been dealt but that wasn't enough to save the Titan Poker pro.

The Canadian will receive $22,235 for coming in sixth place.


Players are now on a sixty minute dinner break. When they return, we will play down to a winner.

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$1.5k Stud – Shebell Takes Over

Just who IS this guy?
Just who IS this guy?

Relatively unknown poker player Darren Shebell has charged to the front of the chip counts here at the $1.5k Seven-Card Stud final table.

According to our records, Shebell only has one other known cash and it was coming in 44th in this year's $1.5k Limit Hold'em event.

Right now Shebell's only competition comes in the form of Christine Pietsch who has built a massive stack of her own. Pietsch is still looking to become the first female winner of the 2010 WSOP.

Here's a look at the latest action from the floor:

Mischief in the Amazon Room

Sorel Mizzi returned to the table after taking a short break only to have the tournament director hand him his suit jacket, which had been thrown in the trash.

"Did you mean to throw this out?" she asked.

It turns out Roland De Wolfe had jokingly thrown Mizzi's jacket in the trash.

"If you see (De Wolfe) again could you please call security?" quipped Mizzi.

"But it belongs in the trash!" yelled De Wolfe as he ran by.

Pat Pezzin
Pat Pezzin

Pezzin Picked Off (Seventh)

Toronto-native and PokerStars Pro Pat Pezzin has been eliminated from the final table of Event 21 $1.5k Seven-Card Stud.

Pezzin lost a huge pot against Dan Heimiller and Richard Ashby where Ashby made two-pair to scoop. After the hand Pezzin was down to just 20,000 chips. A few hands later he was in for the last of his chips.

It was fellow Canadian Sorel Mizzi that eventually busted Pezzin. Mizzi made trip jacks, which was more than enough to send Pezzin and his pair of sixes packing.

Pezzin takes home $16,826 for finishing in seventh place.

The Shebell Suspicion

Darren Shebell has come out of nowhere to take the overwhelming chip lead but he's now taking aim at the railbirds.

In the last level Shebell complained several times that some of the fans could see his hand and he wanted to be moved to another seat.

The tournament director informed him that he should just protect his cards in his current seat.

Level 22

Ante: 3,000 Low Card: 5,000 Completion: 15,000 Limits: 15,000/30,000


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$1.5k Stud – Mizzi Fights Back

Mizzi's back!
Mizzi's back!

After facing a series of tough early beats, Sorel Mizzi looked like he might be one of the early eliminations.

Instead the Titan Poker pro is slowly working his way back up to the top.

The biggest obstacle? Dan Heimiller, who is currently the chip leader, and winning pots left and right.

Here's how it all went down over the last hour:

Mizzi Takes Aim at Ahmed

Sorel Mizzi is making moves here at the final table.

In a recent hand Mizzi and Owais Ahmed traded bets with the board reading:

Mizzi: (X)(X)7 T 9 K

Ahmed: (X)(X)A 7 2 9

Ahmed bet the earlier streets but when Mizzi took over on sixth and seventh street, it was Ahmed that laid it down.

After the hand Mizzi was up to 250,000.


Dan Heimiller has been taking pictures on his cell phone of the entire final table over the last hour.

This isn't anywhere close to Heimiller's first final table so it's a bit unusual he's looking to document it so closely but the rest of the rest of the players don't seem to mind.

Dan Heimiller
Dan Heimiller

Spotlight on Dan Heimiller

Dan Heimiller is not another young online pro.

He comes from a different generation of poker player and was cashing in poker tournaments before many online players were even born.

Heimiller was born in California and raised in Michigan and has had a unique assortment of jobs including being a taxi driver in Las Vegas and an industrial engineer.

He's been playing poker for over 25 years and in that time he's put together one of the most impressive records in live tournament poker with over $2.5 million in tournament earnings.

Heimiller's achievements include 38 WSOP cashes, one WSOP bracelet and five WPT cashes.

His only bracelet win came in 2002, so Heimiller is due for another.

He's already made one final table at this year's WSOP and had a ninth place finish in the $10k Seven-Card Stud Championship.

Level 20

Ante: 2,000 Low Card: 3,000 Completion: 10,000 Limits: 10,000/20,000

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$1.5k Stud – Battle Stations!

A bad turn for the Pearljammer.
A bad turn for the Pearljammer.

Seven-Card Stud isn't known to be the most action-filled game in the world but this final table is proving otherwise.

We've already had one elimination and the chips are flying freely in the Amazon Room today. Our former chip leader as been dethroned and another player suddenly looks unbeatable.

Here's a look at the most notable stories from the last level.

PearlJammer Jammed! (Eighth)

It didn't take very long to find our first elimination.

Jon "PearlJammer" Turner is one of the best online tournament players but all the skill in the world today couldn't keep him from the rail.

Turner got the last of his chips in the middle with a pair of queens showing and despite making trip queens, Turner was beaten by Owais Ahmed's king-high club flush.

Turner bombs out in eighth place for a modest cash of $12,916. Turner now has four WSOP final tables on his resume but has yet to earn a WSOP gold bracelet.

Heimiller Zeroes in on Mizzi

It just might be Heimiller time tonight.

Dan Heimiller just won two huge pots against Sorel Mizzi to take over the chip lead.

In the first hand Heimiller made a broadway straight to rake a large pot from Mizzi and in the second Heimiller made the all-important two-pair to devastate Mizzi's stack.

After those two hands Mizzi was beaten down to nearly 200,000 while Heimiller stacked up to 350,000.

Sorel Mizzi
Sorel Mizzi

Spotlight on Sorel Mizzi

It's safe to say Sorel Mizzi is the most well-known player at the final table of the $1.5k.

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Mizzi rose to fame playing under the online aliases of Imper1um and Zangbezan24.

Mizzi became one of the best tournament grinders in the world and even added an FTOPS title in the third edition of the popular online series.

Controversy arose in December 2007 when news broke that Mizzi had taken over the Full Tilt account of his friend Chris Vaughn while in the middle of a tournament.

Mizzi apologized for his actions but was banned from Full Tilt.

That didn't keep online rooms from being interested in Mizzi as he signed a large deal with Betfair Poker and is currently sponsored by Titan Poker.

Despite being known for his online player Mizzi has accumulated over 3.1 million in live tournament winnings with big scores at the Aussie Millions and Irish Poker Open.

Perhaps the only achievement that has eluded Mizzi over his poker career is a major title. He will get a chance to rectify that today.

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$1.5k Stud – Sick Final Table, Bro!

Imper1um March?
Imper1um March?

Welcome to PokerListings' coverage of the final table of Event 21 $1.5k Seven-Card Stud.

We're picking this tournament up with just eight players remaining but what a final table it is.

Online dominator Sorel Mizzi has the chip lead and he's looking for his first WSOP bracelet but he'll have to get past savvy pros Richard Ashby, Pat Pezzen, Dan Heimiller and Jon Turner.

The field is rounded out by Christine Pietsch (who could be our first female winner of the year), Darren Shebell and Owais Ahmed.

The tournament director just announced the shuffle up and deal which means we are once again live at the Rio in Las Vegas.

Here are the final table chip counts to get you started:

Sorel Mizzi - 435,000
Darren Shebell - 320,000
Richard Ashby - 276,000
Dan Heimiller - 241,000
Pat Pezzin - 211,000
Christine Pietsch - 193,000
Jon Turner - 83,000
Owais Ahmed - 78,000

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Event Name Event 21 - $1,500 Seven-Card Stud
Venue Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Date 10 June 2010
Final Day 12 June 2010
Buy In $1,500
Entrants 408
Prize Pool $550,800
First Prize $140,467

Richard Ashby

Event 21 - $1,500 Seven-Card Stud

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Richard Ashby $140,467
2. Christine Pietsch $86,756
3. Darren Shebell $55,955
4. Dan Heimiller $40,544
5. Owais Ahmed $29,809
6. Sorel Mizzi $22,235
7. Pat Pezzin $16,826
8. Jon Turner $12,916
9. Alex Kravchenko $10,057
10. Raymond Walter $10,057