$10k Deuce to Seven - Bakes Takes Cake!

WhooooKidd!! Bussa Buss!!!
WhooooKidd!! Bussa Buss!!!

The heads up match between David "Bakes" Baker and Eric Cloutier ended almost as quickly as it began. Baker shoved all in two times and took it down before the draw. Then it was Cloutier's turn to shove. He did and was called quickly by Baker.

Cloutier drew two while Baker took only one.

Cloutier showed his 6-4-2 and Baker his T-9-8-4. The dealer dealt out the cards.

Eric was the first to turn his over - a six to make a pair!

The remaining crowd rushed toward the stage to see what Baker would flip over. It was a paint! A black jack! Baker wins!

Baker let out a mighty roar as his cheering section ran up to congratulate him. After shaking hands, Cloutier quietly packed up his belongings while Baker reveled in bracelet glory.

It's the first bracelet for the Lansing, Michigan native. He will add $294,321 to his bankroll.

Cloutier will have to settle for 'just' $181,886.

And so ends event 19.

Make sure to come back tomorrow. We're doing it all over again as the 2010 WSOP continues to gain momentum.

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$10k Deuce to Seven - Heads Up, Bro

Founder of www.ascot-power.com. The best ascot-centric forum.
Founder of www.ascot-power.com. The best ascot-centric forum.

There were two casualties at the final table during the last hour. John Juanda and George Danzer were both eliminated in rapid fire succession.

Juanda Falls Short... Again

John Juanda was the first to go. After doubling up George Danzer, Juanda was left with just 150k. He moved all in and it folded to David Baker who made the call out of the big blind.

Baker Drew one while Juanda took two cards. Baker turned over his T-8-7-5-3.  Juanda spread out his 9-5-2 - still alive!

Alive, that is, until he turned over a king as his fourth card. Drawing dead, it didn't matter what his fifth card is. Juanda, his second final table in as many tournaments, will have to settle yet again for less than first.  His prize? $78,088.

Token  Durrrr Story

Tom "durrrr" Dwan was in attendance. He was having a chat with someone on the rail when the Germans took notice. He was not immune to their ribbing.

"Where is your bracelet Tom??? Where is your bracelet Tom??? We still love you!!! But, where is your bracelet Tom???" they sang loudly.

Dwan, looking a little bit embarrassed could do nothing but smile sheepishly in return.

Then a hand came along that silenced everybody - momentarily.

Danzer Pantsed

Ascot proponent and aficionado, George Danzer, who had just built his stack up to around 450k, moved all in and was called by Eric Cloutier who had just a few chips less.

George surprised many by drawing two cards while Cloutier drew one.

Cloutier looked at his draw card and turned over a T-7. Danzer was alive with his 9-5-3. He turned over a 4 eliciting a huge cheer from the fans. The next card - the K - wasn't so nice.

Crippled with just a little more than a big blind, Danzer was all in on the next hand. The facts are inconsequential. Let's just say Danzer was up on the rail drinking beer with his friends within seconds.

Shortly after, Danzer left with his posse and the Amazon Room turned eerily quiet.

It was heads up time. Eric Cloutier with 850k against David "Bakes" Baker who was sitting with 2.3 million.

Heads Up, Yo

"Good luck bro," Bakes said to Cloutier. Game on.



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$10k Deuce to Seven - Germany Takes A Hit

Didn't see it coming.
Didn't see it coming.

The German fans in the crowd are doing a lot to up the excitement level at the final table. They may also be helping the players loosen up a bit as well.

Cloutier Takes Control

Eric Cloutier was starting to get a little low on chips and he seized the opportunity to make something happen while he still had a stack large enough to inflict some damage.

Over a stretch of ten hands, Cloutier moved all in over a raise about 5 times taking it down each time. The result? A 350,000 boost to his stack. He's now back in it.

E-Z Bake'n

Seizing an opportunity of his own, David "Bakes" Baker moved all in preflop from the button. John Juanda folded and it was up to George Danzer in the big blind. He folded.

"Bakes is awesome, in his stupid dreams... Bakes is awesome in his stupid dreams!" shouted the Germans inducing a laugh from everyone within earshot, including Bakes.

A few minutes later, it would be Bakes having a laugh.

Booth Lincoln'd

Doug Booth open shoved for a little less than 400,000 from the button. David Baker flat called from the small blind and it was up to John Juanda in the big who tanked it.

"You are all in right?" Juanda asked Booth who replied with a nod.

"And you're all in too?" he asked Bakes who gave the same reply.

"Hmmmmm... Wow," Juanda said as he leaned back in his chair.

Juanda reluctantly folded his hand and was shocked to see both of the players draw a card.

"I folded a pat ten," Juanda said.

Baker turned over 8-5-3-2 while Booth tabled his 9-7-6-3.

"I'll show first," Baker said as the dealer burned and gave him the 9 to make him a 9-8.

Booth looked down and squeezed his card like he was expecting juice to come out of it. Unfortunately for him, he didn't like what he saw and just threw his hand in the muck.

"Wow, you would have beat me. That would have been so brutal," Juanda said as he exhaled a sigh of relief.

Booth will get $55,483 for his three days of deuciness.

Panzer Tanked

The players headed off to break and we bet George Danzer is wishing he had left one hand early. Instead he stuck around and made it 65k to go from under the gun. It folded to John Juanda who shoved all in for a tad over half a million from the big blind.

Juanda took a card but Danzer stood pat and showed his T-9.  Juanda drew and 8, which went along quite nicely with the 7-5-4-3 he held.

With that hand Juanda rocketed to the chip lead with over a million while Danzer and his fans are going to have to regroup.

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$10k Deuce to Seven - Miller Time!

Yo, is that an ascot?
Yo, is that an ascot?

They're back from dinner looking a little plumper and more pleasant. As play resumed, one couldn't help but notice that the stands have a few new faces.

About 20 fans decked out in German Soccer (that's football for your foreigners) uniforms and double fisting German flags have shown up to cheer on their friend George Danzer.

Danzer took down a small pot as his crew watched on and they erupted into a 2 minute song and dance routine.

All of the chanting must have made them thirsty. They called for cocktails.

"Get them whatever they want," Danzer told the floor man.

The cocktail waiter was called over and one of the guys in the crowd who appears to be the 'ringleader' took charge.

"Vee vould like tventy biehrs please," he asked (that's 'we would like 20 beers please').

The cocktail waiter laughed it off and stood there not knowing what to do.

"Ummm, sir, it is not a joke. Vee vould like tventy biehrs courtesy of George 'Ze Panzer' Danzer!" he repeated.

The waiter walked over to the floor man.

"These guys are asking for twenty beers?" he asked.

"Give them what they want," the floor man said. Kudos to you kind sir.

To the crowd's delight, five minutes later the waiter showed up with twenty beers. He passed them out and began to walk away.

"Excuse me sir," the ringleader said. "We vill have twenty more beers please."

It looks like things are about to get interesting!

As far as the actual poker is concerned, we have seen lots of pre-draw raises taking down hands uncontested. In a game with as little information as No Limit Single Draw 2-7 Lowball, the cards are going to have to do their part before the chips start to fly.

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$10k Deuce to Seven - Dinner Time

Last ginger standing.
Last ginger standing.

The five men left standing just headed off to dinner.

Man Down!

Eric Kesselman, the last hope for redheads worldwide, was the first to be voted off the final table.

Doug Booth, who has been quietly plugging along, opened it for a standard 48k. It folded to Kesselman who moved all in for a little more than 200k.

Booth made the call and turned over his 8-6-4-3-2. Kesselman turned over 8-6-5-X-X. He had one card coming but it didn't matter what it was, he was drawing stone cold dead.

Erik Rolled

Eight time WSOP Bracelet winner, Erik Seidel was quick to follow. He was busted out in sixth place after getting outdrawn on by David "Bakes" Baker.

Seidel open shoved for about 150k and was called by Baker. Seidel stood pat but Baker drew one after showing his 9-5-4-2. Seidel was in the lead with his T-8 but Baker could catch any 3, 6, 7, 8 to win. Baker received his final card and flipped over the 4.

Just like that, Seidel's chips had vanished and he was off to the payout line to collect his $41,270.

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$10k Deuce to Seven - Welcome To The Final Table

Don't be givin' us the pinkie!
Don't be givin' us the pinkie!

Daniel Negreanu was just sent to the rail in eighth place. That means we're now down to the official final table of seven players.

George Danzer is going in as the chip chump. He's got the low stack but at 245,000, he's just a double up away from second place.

David Baker, who is coming into the final table with the chip lead is sitting on nearly 750,000.

Eric Cloutier and John Juanda are both hovering around half a million while the other Eric (Kesselman) and Doug Booth are keeping each other company on 332k.

Kid Bounced

Negreanu got the last of his chips in against David Baker. Negreanu raised, Baker reraised, and Negreanu called all in. Negreanu drew one and turned over 7-4-3-2 while David Baker stood pat.

Earlier in the tournament, an official came over and asked Negreanu if he wanted a refund for the $2,500 Six Max Limit Hold-em tournament.

"Never. No way, I'll never withdraw from a tournament," he said with a shocked look on his face. It's clear that allowing players to withdraw from tournaments is not a Negreanu endorsed policy.

Limit Hold-em used to be Negreanu's bread and butter game and it's one of his best bracelet opportunities so he jetted out of the Amazon room and headed off for an evening of min-betting.

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$10k Deuce to Seven - Action

Danzer decimated.
Danzer decimated.

The final table started off with a bang.

They had barely been seated for ten minutes when a huge pot went down between David "Bakes" Baker  and George Danzer.

Shakin', Bakin'

Danzer made it 27k to go before the draw and Baker called out of the small blind. They each drew one card and liked what they saw.

Baker bet 51,000 and Danzer pushed out a raise to 200k total. Baker moved all in and Danzer, feeling good about his 7-6-5 made the call.

Unfortunately, 7-6-5 wasn't good enough and Bakes turned over 7-6-4. Too bad, so sad.

The pot, worth nearly 700k, catapulted Bakes to the top of the leader board.

Baker didn't slow down instead opting to keep the pedal to the metal.

Juanda... Man

A little later he opened it to 36,000 and was reraised by John Juanda to 96,000. Bakes made the call and drew one while J.J. stood pat.

Bakes looked down at his card and then quietly announced that he was all in - not what Juanda wanted to hear apparently.

"Why didn't I just move all in before the draw," Juanda wondered out loud.

"You cannot be bluffing here, right?" he continued.

Juanda talked quietly for himself for the next two or three minutes before mustering up the gusto to make the call.

When he did, Bakes could do nothing but tap his hand on the table. He had caught a king while Juanda had stood pat with T-8.

"Nice call," said Eric Kesselman from across the table.

The pot cost Bakes nearly 300,000. Easy come, easy go.

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$10k Deuce to Seven - Final Table Time

Lock Bloch'd
Lock Bloch'd

They started off a little slow but it didn't take long for the players to get warmed up. After a flurry of action and two eliminations, the eight remaining are in the process of moving over to the main stage. The final table will start with eight players.

John Gone

John Monnette had let himself fall under 100k and it was time for him to make something happen and did so when he doubled up when his Q-J held up against Kesselman's pair of fours.

Unfortunately for Monnette it was just a brief stay of execution. He went out in tenth place after standing pat with a T-9 only to have David Baker draw one and make an 8-6.

The Chopping Bloch

It was déjà vu when Andy Bloch, who had also gotten desperately short, moved all in and was called by David Baker.

Bloch stood pat with his J-9 but David Baker drew one. Baker was showing 9-6-5-4 and drew one. He picked it up and flipped over the K. Bloch was back to nearly 300k but, just like Monnette, it would be a short lived respite.

Moments later Bloch was at it again when he shoved all in after Eric Kesselman raised it up before the draw.

Kesselman only needed about a quarter of a second to make the call. Kesselman stood pat while Bloch drew one.

"Good luck," Kesselman said as he turned over the lock hand: 2-3-4-5-7. Bloch responded by turning over the four cards 2-3-4-5, leaving the fifth card down.

"We're going to one table," Cloutier said.

"Hang on he can tie," someone else said.

Bloch needed to catch one of the three remaining sevens. Instead he turned over the 6 to make a straight.

"Don't say good luck when you have the nuts," Bloch said to Kesselman.

From The Rail

"Daniel you play the best when you're short stacked and on the bubble!"

- Female fan to Daniel Negreanu.

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$10k Deuce to Seven - Game on

Cold start.
Cold start.

The Deuce is back on. It seems like the players are off to a cautious start. Small bets and raises are the order of the hour. We didn't see any big pots yet but it's early.

Slow Start for Seidel

Erik Seidel start was a little rockier than he had hoped. First he paid off John Juanda only to be showed a rough nine, which he couldn't beat. Then he played a hand where he raised George Danzer before the draw. They each took one card.

"Pair," Seidel said.

Danzer smiled and nodded back enthusiastically signalling that he held a pair as well.

"Fives," said Seidel as he turned over his hand.

"Fours!" replied Danzer showing the better hand.

Negreanu Solves Women's Only Tournament Conundrum

Tournament head honcho Jack Effel came down to have a little pow-wow with Daniel Negreanu. Effel wasn't sure why play ended so late last night and he wanted to let the players know that they're still working out the kinks.

While he had Effel's attention, Negreanu wanted to let him know of his plan to eliminate any controversy surrounding the ladies event. The problem is that every year there are some guys that complain when the ladies event comes around.

'Its not fair to exclude men' is the most common complaint that can be heard in the hallways.

 Well, Negreanu is sick of it. He thinks that ladies should have their event and men shouldn't be allowed to join (they currently are, and some do).

"Its fun for the women and it brings more attention the WSOP," Negreanu contended.

He's not all talk though, Negreanu has a plan for fixing it once and for all.

"We need to have a men's only event. It will be a $100 BILLION buy in. It will start at 500/1,000 and starting stacks will be 1,000. Nobody will play but the men will have their own event," he said.

It's an interesting idea but Effel looks like he might need a little more convincing.


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$10k Deuce to Seven - Welcome to day three!

Lets get this party started.
Lets get this party started.

Day 3 of the $10k 2-7 No Limit Single Draw Lowball event is starting a little late today due to the 'twelve hour rule' which states that play cannot resume within a dozen hours of end of play the night before. Play was delayed until 4pm.

David "Bakes" Baker is coming in with the chip lead with 526,000. Right behind him is German PokerStars Pro George Danzer is in second.

Erik Seidel, Johns Monnette and Juanda, Daniel Negreanu, Andy Bloch are also here. It's going to be a star studded jam packed day/night of deuce to seven drawy goodness.

The winner stands to take home $294,321 along with the jewelry.

They're in there taking their seats as we speak ready to play until only man is left standing. The action starts right now.

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Event Name Event 19 - $10k 2-7 Draw Championship (No-Limit)
Venue Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Date 9 June 2010
Final Day 11 June 2010
Buy In $10,000
Entrants 101
Prize Pool $949,400
First Prize $294,321

David Baker

Event 19 - $10k 2-7 Draw Championship (No-Limit)

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. David Baker $294,321
2. Eric Cloutier $181,886
3. George Danzer $115,295
4. John Juanda $78,088
5. Doug Booth $55,482
6. Erik Seidel $41,270
7. Eric Kesselman $32,080
8. Daniel Negreanu $26,004
9. Andy Bloch $22,387
10. John Monnette $22,387