WSOP $1k - Gee Whiz, We Have A WInner!

Gee Takes It Down!
Gee Takes It Down!

This game has gone from 0 to 60 in a matter of minutes!  In less than four minutes into level 30, we had our degree all in moment.

This Is It

Steven Gee raised to 300,000 on the button and Matt Vance put the pressure on him by moving all in for his remaining 1,575,000.  It was a bad time for Vance to test the waters.  Gee made the call.

Vance: J Q

Gee: A K

The flop was encouraging for Gee as it came 2 A 5.  Vance would need a lot of help on the turn and river if he was going to survive.  The turn came the 7 which left him drawing dead.  The 8 on the river didn't matter.

Matthew Vance is our 2nd place finisher and will take home $292,232 as a consolation prize.

And The Winner Is...

After almost two hours of straight heads up play, Stephen Gee takes home the bracelet.  Gee started the final table in the middle of the pack.  He sat back for most of the middle rounds and watched as players finished each other off one by one. 

Once it got to four handed play, Gee really opened up and started taking down pots and accumulating chips.  Going head to head with Matt Vance, Gee held the chip lead.

Heads up, Gee choose a style of play that was heavily influenced towards cash game play. Gee said that his heads up strategy against Vance was to play more post flop poker.  "I didn't want to gamble with him," said Gee. This allowed Gee to keep Vance from doubling up easily. 

In the end, Gee was able to take Vance down with a suited ace-king to book his first World Series of Poker win.  Congratulations to Stephen Gee on taking home $472,479 and a WSOP bracelet!

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WSOP $1k- Alligator Blood

Vance Isn't Giving His Chips Away Easily
Vance Isn't Giving His Chips Away Easily

Blinds are at 50,000/100,000 with a 10,000 ante.  With the blinds getting pretty high, any min-raise seems to get the job done.  Both players are determined not to give any chips away.  As a result, there hasn't been a lot of action to report this hour.

Big Stack Needs To Attack

Steven Gee has Matthew Vance at almost 3.5-1.  However, he isn't pushing the action very much.  Most hands have been limped and checked down until the river, and the best hand will win. 

Instead of Gee putting the pressure on Vance, he has been allowing him to see flops for free.  Perhaps, Gee feels he can play Vance post flop more accurately.  Gee must have some sort of strategy worked out to keep Vance from doubling up.

He's Got Alligator Blood

Some of the spectators have been amazed at Vance's ability to retain his chip stack.  He was knocked down to 1,500,000, and has now made his way back to over 2,000,000. 

"He's got alligator blood," one of Vance's spectators mimicked.  (If we have to tell you where that quote came from, you need to run to the closest blockbuster and pick up the best poker movie ever made.) 

Almost The One

We thought we were about to see an epic all in moment when Gee raised to 200,000.  Vance calmly reraised 400,000 on top.  Gee looked troubled and finally let his hand go. 

Level 30 is about to start, and we are still waiting to see a double or bust. 

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WSOP $1k- Another Man Down

Gee Takes The Chip Lead
Gee Takes The Chip Lead

Stephen Gee had battled his way back from the short stack, and David Baker was left treading upstream.  The blinds are now 40,000/80,000 with a 10,000 ante. 

Baker Loses Steam

Baker only had 1,200,000 in chips left, and he pushed all in from the small blind.  Stephen Gee made the call, and Matt Vance moved aside.

Gee held A Q, and was in good shape against Baker's A 8.  The board came 4 9 4 T 5.  The board offered no help to Baker, so he became our 3rd place finisher.

Heads Up Play

Heads up play is now between Matt Vance and Stephen Gee.  Both of these players have made quite an impression on this final table.  Gee held his own with the short stack and found good spots to accumulate chips.  Vance, on the other hand, has shown calculated aggression to overcome his opponents.

Ouch, That Hurts!

Gee raised to 200,000 on the button, and Vance made the call.  The flop came J A K.  Vance checked, and Gee made it 150,000 to go.  Vance made the call.

The turn came a 7 and Vance check called a 500,000 bet from Gee.   The river came an A.  Again, Vance check called a 1,100,000 bet from Gee.

Gee turned over A K for a full house, and Vance folded his hand.  Gee now holds the chip lead.

No Dinner Break

The two players have decided that they will forego the dinner break and just take a 20 minute break instead.  Players will return at the end of the hour to continue heads up play. 

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WSOP $1k- Chipping Away

Vance Is The Chip Leader
Vance Is The Chip Leader

The last hour of play has been very aggressive.  Players are actively trying to push each other off their hands and are making each other play dearly to see flops. 

Good Play Gone Bad

Matt Vance limped in from the small blind, but Nicholas Heather wasn't willing to play nice.  He shoved for 1,165,000 in an attempt to get Vance to lay down.  Vance eventually made the call and Heather was in danger of being eliminated.

Vance: A 7

Heather: 2 2

Vance caught up on the flop when the A 6 8 flopped.  The turn brought the K which gave Heather a flush draw.  However, the 5 was no help and he became our 4th place finisher.  He will take home a healthy $149,702.

Three Way Chip Lead

Matthew Vance is playing a very impressive game at this final table, and he is the chip leader going into three-way play.  He has been keeping a dominant lead over the table by keeping the pressure on his opponents. 

Baker Donks Down

Steven Gee was the short stack going into three-handed play.  However, he was able to use the short stack to his advantage.  He started chipping away at David Baker.  Gee then won four hands in a row, taking a chunk from Baker's stack.

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WSOP $1k- "I Smell Money"

Jeff Gross Eliminated By Queens
Jeff Gross Eliminated By Queens

There isn't a whole lot to report this hour.  Players went on break, and then they returned to play five handed.  They are playing at level 27 which has 30,000/60,000 blinds and a 5,000 ante.  There aren't many hands being played out because players are taking their time making decisions.  After all, there is a lot of money and a bracelet on the line.

Aggression Pays Off

Matt Vance has been consistently aggressive when he's been in position.  He likes to put the pressure on the blinds and when he is in the small blind he usually tries to raise the big blind out of the pot.

It folded around to him in the small blind, so he put out a raise to 160,000.  It didn't take long for Jeff Gross to announce he was all in.  Vance immediately called and turned over pocket queens.  Gross tabled A J.

The board was no help to Gross and came out 2 5 6 5 J.  He is our 5th place finisher taking home $109,621. 

"I Smell Money"

The remaining four players are guaranteed $149,702 big ones.  This isn't too bad for three days of work. 

Updated Chip Counts

Here is what the final four match up looks like.

Matthew Vance  3,900,000
David Baker  2,600,000
Nicholas Heather  1,501,000
Steven Gee  975,000


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Thu, Jun 10th, 2:06 am

Thomas' Jacks No Good
Thomas' Jacks No Good

Players are due to go on another 20 minute break after this level.  They will then play another two levels before going on dinner break.  This means the dinner break should be around 8:30.

Dominating With The Short Stack

Jeffrey Gross has been hanging on with the short stack.  It folded around to Matthew Vance in the small blind, and he raised it to 525,000.  This was almost enough to put Gross all in.  After some deliberation, Gross made the call.

With Gross making the call, he only had 130,000 left.  His friends started laughing at him saying, "Maybe he will fold when you go all in."

The flop came K Q 8.  Gross excitedly yelled, "Yeah, baby!"  Unsure of what to think, Vance checked.  Gross pushed his remaining chips over the line, and Vance made the call.

Vance: A 4

Gross: K 8

Gross flopped two pair, and when the board ran dry he was able to double up. 

Over Kill

Daniel Thomas raised to 140,000 on the button.  Matt Vance moved all in from the small blind, and Thomas made the call.

Vance showed A Q, and Thomas held pocket jacks.  Vance had Thomas covered slightly.

The flop came K A 5 to give Vance top pair.  Thomas could still come out on top if a jack hit.  However, the board came running aces to give Vance quad aces. 

Thomas finished in 6th place for $81,203. 


Players are now on a 20 minute break and will return at the top of the hour. 

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WSOP $1k- A Little Back and Forth

Han Takes 7th Place
Han Takes 7th Place

After the break, blinds were at 20,000/40,000 with a 5,000 ante.  Every pot is significant, and stealing blinds is essential.  

A Bit Stale

After the break, there was a strong sense of caution in the air.  The blinds and antes were getting passed back and forth a lot with a raise or all in announced. 

Even one of the spectators acknowledged, "It has been boring since the break.  I haven't even seen a flop yet." 

Spice It Up

Kenny Han had been looking for a spot to double up in.  He had pushed his remaining 390,000 into the pot and was able to take down the blinds and antes. 

A few hands later, David Baker raised from the small blind to 95,000.  Han shoved his short stack.  Baker tanked for a long while before he made the call.

Han showed pocket eights, and Baker had two overs with K T

The board came out K J 6 Q A.  Han would be our 7th place finisher and takes home $60,833 for his efforts. 

Updated Chip Counts

Here are the updated chip counts for the final six.

Nicholas Heather  2,650,000
Matthew Vance  2,465,000
David Baker  2,260,000
Steven Gee  1,045,000
Daniel Thomas  700,000
Jeffrey Gross  680,000

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WSOP $1k- Time To Run Good

Gavatin is the first to be eliminated from the final table.
Gavatin is the first to be eliminated from the final table.

Players started stacking their chips and getting ready for final table play.  Jeffrey Gross was the short stack coming into the final table with 281,000 in chips.  David Baker is the chip leader with 2,553,000 in chips. 

Who's David Baker?

The tournament director went down the list of players and started announcing their accomplishments and background.  When the tournament director got to David Baker, he started announcing all of his poker cashes and accomplishments.  Baker started laughing and said they were announcing the wrong David Baker. 

The spectators had a few laughs as the announcer continued to botch the bios of the remaining players.

Short Stack Double Up

Jeff Gross found a spot to move in with his short stack.  Matt Vance made the call.  Gross showed A J against the A T of Vance.

The board ran dry for Vance, and Gross was able to double up. 

One Down

Mats Gavatin became the short stack at the table and went all in for his remaining 358,000.  Nicholas Heather made the call.

Heather: J J

Gavatin: A 9

The board came 3 K J which pretty much sealed the deal for Heather.  The turn and river were of no consequence and Gavatin was handed a 9th place finish. 

Jared Hamby
Hamby finishes in 8th place

Winning The Hard Way

Jared Hamby was the crowd favorite going into this final table.  He plays poker for a living, and has made it his mission to grab a WSOP bracelet this year. 

Baker had been pretty active on the final table, and he raised from middle position to 65,000.  Hamby pushed over the top for 431,000.  It folded back around to Baker who made a quick call.

Hamby held pocket nines, and Baker had A K.

The board came 2 3 7 4.  The turn card gave Baker four more outs, and he could with any ace, king, or five.  As luck would have it, the 5 came on the river to knock Hamby out in 8th place. 

Break Time

Players are now on a 20 minute break and will return back at the end of the hour. 

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Event Name Event 13 - $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em
Venue Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Date 5 June 2010
Final Day 8 June 2010
Buy In $1,000
Entrants 3042
Prize Pool $2,737,800
First Prize $472,479

Stephen Gee

Event 13 - $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Stephen Gee $472,479
2. $292,232
3. David Baker $206,813
4. $149,702
5. Jeffrey Gross $109,621
6. Daniel Thomas $81,203
7. $60,833
8. Jared Hamby $46,077
9. Mats Gavatin $35,290
10. Daniel Duong $27,323