$2.5k Limit 2-7 Lowball - Abe Mosseri Wins!

The Winner!
The Winner!

Heads-up play didn’t last long, and Abe Mosseri is the champion! He’s already threatening to celebrate the win by playing some poker in Bobby’s Room at Bellagio tonight.

At least it’s a decent hour. Here’s how the last hand played out:

Tanaka Toasted (2nd Place)

Tanaka began heads-up play with a slight chip lead, but Mosseri’s Lowball expertise proved too much to overcome.

Tanaka played his final chips aggressively, starting with a three-bet to begin the final hand and pushing all of his remaining chips in after the second draw.

It turned out to be a bad spot for Tanaka, as Mosseri ended up with a 7-6-5-3-2, prompting Tanaka to muck as Mosseri is now the champion!

Tanaka takes home $102,313 for second place.

Mosseri Takes It! (1st Place)

The bracelet winning Mosseri wins the first prize of $165,521 after outlasting a field of 258 players.

That's all from the $2,500 Deuce to Seven Lowball Triple Draw event, keep it here at PL.com for updates on all things happening at the WSOP.

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$2.5k Limit 2-7 Lowball - Two Handed Triple Draw

Oh snap, this is Lowball?
Oh snap, this is Lowball?

We’re down to two players for the bracelet, and it’s been a rough last hour for John Juanda, who leaves the tournament in fourth place.

Julie Schneider has just been sent to the rail also, leaving Abe Mosseri and Masayoshi Tanaka to wage a heads-up war for the bracelet.

Here's a look at what's gone down:

Juanda Jinxed? (4th Place)

Juanda’s fortunes took a remarkable turn for the worst in the last hour, starting with a misread in a big hand against Tanaka.

Tanaka took one card on the final draw, while Juanda stayed pat with his hand. The move turned out to be a disaster for Juanda, who thought he held a seven-low.

Juanda had unfortunately misread his hand, however, and held a 7-6-5-4-3 straight, giving the pot to Tanaka and taking a big bite out of Juanda’s stack.

Things continued to get worse for Juanda, as Mosseri and Schneider each took turns taking chips off his stack in the next two hands.

Juanda’s night finally came to an end at the hands of Mosseri shortly later, and he finishes in fourth place for $44,941.

Julie Schneider
Julie Schneider.

Schneider Sent Home (3rd Place)

Schneider followed shortly after Juanda, her last 20k in chips unable to survive the final hand against both opponents.

It's been a great run for Tom Schneider's wife who collects $66,285 for third place.

Two to Go

Both are still in contention, with Tanaka currently holding the bigger stack.

Check out the chip counts courtesy of www.worldseriesofpoker.com, and keep it here at PL.com to see who takes the Lowball bracelet.

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$2.5k Limit 2-7 Lowball - Back from Dinner!

Honest Abe!
Honest Abe!
The dinner break is over and our final four are back from the dinner break. Stay tuned as we play down to a Lowballin' champion!
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$2.5k Limit 2-7 Lowball - Two Down!

Libson licked!
Libson licked!

We're down to four at the final table of the $2,500 Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw tournament here at the 2009 World Series of Poker as Brad Libson and Blair Rodman have both been eliminated.

Libson was eliminated in sixth place after getting all-in over the top of a raise from Julie Schneider, who made the call for just a few thousand chips more than her original raise.

Both players drew two cards twice before Schneider stood pat and Libson drew one final card.

Schneider turned up a J-9 low and Libson, holding 8-7-4-2, could only squeeze an ace, thus ending his tournament day and busting him out for a $23,484 haul.

Rodman Can't Rebound

Blair Rodman, meanwhile, had an up-and-down final table, finding himself continually frustrated at every turn by Abe Mosseri.

Blair Rodman

Rodman looked to be on the ropes as he found himself drawing against Mosseri, who stood pat on the first two draws and bet both rounds while Rodman drew one card per and check-called his rival's bets.

But Rodman would bet all-in in the third round and Mosseri would quickly lay down what he claimed was a 9-6-5-4-3, conceding the pot to Rodman and prolonging five-handed play.

It wouldn't last.

Rodman would again find himself up against Mosseri, giving up the majority of his stack against his rival after drawing a king and folding on the third draw while Mosseri stood pat all the way down, having check-raised in the first betting round and bet out the following two.

That hand left Rodman down to just a few big bets and he got it all-in against John Juanda a few hands later.

The hand saw Rodman call a Juanda check-raise on the first round after drawing one card while the Full Tilt Pro stood pat.

In the second draw, Rodman drew two cards and Juanda again stood pat before betting enough to put Rodman all-in.

Rodman made the call and in the third draw, drew one card and Juanda patted a third time. Rodman threw down a 6-5-4-3-2 for the straight and Juanda's 8-7 low was more than enough to send his rival to the rail, where he'll collect $31,818 for his efforts.

Juanda, who was down to scratch just an hour ago, has since built his stack back up to 375k and climbing.

Our four survivors are now on a sixty-minute dinner break.

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$2.5k Limit 2-7 Lowball - Triple Six Mafia!

Sinking fast!
Sinking fast!

Action remains six-handed here at the final table of the $2.5k Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw tournament at the 2009 World Series and despite the fact that the blinds are now reaching prohibitive levels, nobody seems concerned enough to make any big moves.

John Juanda is on less than five big bets with the short-stack, but third-place Julie Schneider is only on about ten big bets herself. Most of the table is pretty short and we should see some fireworks, but everyone's hanging on pretty tight.

The last hour of play has seen Juanda's stack dwindle to the absolute dregs.

The Full Tilt Poker pro called a raise from Schneider from the big blind and was joined by Masayoshi Tanaka, who drew two cards while Schneider and Juanda each drew one.

Schneider bet out and both players called, with Tanaka drawing two and Juanda drawing one while Schneider stood pat.

Again, Schneider bet out and this time Tanaka folded. Juanda made the call and took one card while Schneider stood pat again.

Abraham Mosseri
How many Number Twos can one man produce?

Both players checked and Schneider turned up the 8-7-6-3-2 low, which was good enough to take down the pot.

Juanda is now on 90k.

Mosseri Dropping Deuces

Meanwhile, Abe Mosseri is continuing a run at Tanaka's spot on the top of the leaderboard.

Mosseri drew two Number Twos (7-6-5-3-2) in quick succession, taking a pot from Blair Rodman in the first instance by drawing the second nuts in the first drawing round and getting Rodman to come along through the next two rounds while getting one bet in for each round.

Then a few hands later, Mosseri and Rodman tangled again with a raise and a re-raise before the draw leading to Mosseri's drawing two cards to Rodman's one.

Rodman bet and was called and then stood pat as Mosseri again drew two cards and again called a bet from Rodman.

Mosseri drew only one and then fired and Rodman made the call, turning up that same 7-6-5-3-2 and taking down another nice pot.

Mosseri is on 720,000 and has just taken the chip lead.

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$2.5k Limit 2-7 Lowball - Lord Have Mercy!

Lordy me!
Lordy me!

We're down to six players in the $2,500 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw Limit etc etc tournament as Kris Lord has been eliminated in seventh place.

Lord lost a substantial pot to Abe Mosseri when he couldn't beat Mosseri's jack-low after three rounds of drawing and then found himself crippled by Blair Rodman in a hand that saw Rodman draw 2-1-1 on the way to an 8-7 while Lord drew the same and couldn't find a better hand.

The final hurrah for our Lord and savior came against Mosseri, who drew two and then patted while putting Lord all-in on the third draw.

Lord drew one card on every round but couldn't beat Mosseri's 8-7-6-3-2 and was thus eliminated.

Mosseri would continue to roll, winning a decent-sized pot against Blair Rodman that unfolded as follows:

Mosseri raised from the cutoff and Rodman made the call in the big blind.

Both players drew two card and Rodman bet and was called. On the next round, Rodman took one card while Mosseri drew another two. Rodman bet again and Mosseri made the call.

On the third draw, Rodman drew one and Mosseri stood pat. Both players checked and Rodman turned up a J-8, prompting nothing but a muck from Rodman.

Action continues six handed.

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$2.5k Limit 2-7 Lowball - Triple Play!

Juanda 'nother bracelet?
Juanda 'nother bracelet?

Welcome to the third and final day of the $2,500 Triple Draw 2-7 Lowball (Limit) event at the 2009 World Series of Poker.

Nine players survived the first two days of play and returned to the Rio this afternoon to fight it out for a $165,521 first prize.

Abe Mosseri entered the day as chipleader, with Nam Le and John Juanda the headliners, but after an hour of play the situation has changed somewhat over the first hour of play.

Le was the first to go, entering the day as the short stack and busting out in 9th place after losing a pot to Brad Lisbon's 8-7 low and then getting his money in drawing with a 5-4-3-2 against Hertzel Zalewski's pat 10-9 low.

Le drew a king and was out of contention, taking $13,423 for his efforts.

Zalewski would hit the road in eighth place, busting after losing a big pot with an 8-6 to Lisbon's 8-6-5-3-2 and then getting all-in on the next hand against Lisbon, who patted on all three draws while Zalewski drew two each time.

Lisbon produced a nine-low and Zalewski had to muck. He'll earn $17,933.

The field is now playing at a seven-handed "final" table with one player sitting out each hand as we attempt to reduce the field to the six-handed final table. Brad Lisbon has assumed the chip lead with 441k to his name.

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Event Name Event 55 - $2,500 2-7 Triple Draw (Limit)
Venue Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Date 29 June 2009
Final Day 1 July 2009
Buy In $2,500
Entrants 258
Prize Pool $593,400
First Prize $165,521
Level Ante Blinds
Level 1 0 50/75
Level 2 0 50/100
Level 3 0 75/150
Level 4 0 100/200
Level 5 0 200/300
Level 6 0 200/400
Level 7 0 300/500
Level 8 0 300/600
Level 9 0 400/800
Level 10 0 500/1000
Level 11 0 600/1200
Level 12 0 800/1600
Level 13 0 1000/2000
Level 14 0 1300/2500
Level 15 0 1500/3000
Level 16 0 2000/4000
Level 17 0 3000/5000
Level 18 0 3000/6000
Level 19 0 4000/8000
Level 20 0 5000/10000
Level 21 0 6000/12000
Level 22 0 8000/15000
Level 23 0 10000/20000
Level 24 0 13000/25000
Level 25 0 15000/30000
Level 26 0 20000/40000
Level 27 0 25000/50000
Level 28 0 30000/60000
Level 29 0 40000/80000
Level 30 0 50000/100000
Level 31 0 60000/120000
Level 32 0 80000/150000

Abe Mosseri

Event 55 - $2,500 2-7 Triple Draw (Limit)

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Abe Mosseri $165,521
2. Masayoshi Tanaka $102,313
3. Julie Schneider $66,285
4. John Juanda $44,941
5. Blair Rodman $31,818
6. Brad Libson $23,484
7. Kris Lord $17,933
8. Hertzel Zalewski $17,933
9. Nam Le $13,423
10. Jacobo Fernandez $13,423