$2.5k Mixed Event - Ankenman Wins!

A short-stacked Sergey Altbregin made it all the way back around to No Limit Hold'em before finally succumbing in the $2,500 Mixed Event at the 2009 World Series of Poker.

Rival Jerrod Ankenman seized control of the heads-up match with a number of big pots in the Omaha 8 session before biding his time until No Limit Hold'em to clinch the match and his first World Series of Poker bracelet.

In the climactic hand, Altbregin limped-in on the button and Ankenman checked his option.

The flop came 6 4 3 and Ankenman led out for 50,000. Altbregin moved all-in for 400,000 and Ankenman made the call, turning up 6 5 for top pair and the straight draw to counter Altbregin's J 4 for second pair.

The turn was the 7 and Ankenman hit his straight, meaning the 9 on the river was nothing but academic: Ankenman had clinched the match, the bracelet and $241,637 in prize money.

For second place, Altbregin earns $149,342.

Congratulations to both finalists!

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$2.5k Mixed Event - Heads-Up!

We're heads-up in the $2,500 Mixed Event at the 2009 World Series of Poker as Jarrod Ankenman and Sergey Altbregin go mano a mano for the bracelet.

At present, Altbregin holds a chip lead of 1.68 million to Ankenman's 1.41 million.

Here's how we got to this stage:

Tims Lugz'd

In a NLHE hand, Chris Klodnicki raised on the button and Jeff Tims moved all-in from the small blind for 75,000.

Klodnicki made the call, turning up A 6 to Tims' A 5.

The flop came K Q 7 and Klodnicki flopped a flush draw. The turn ended the suspense with the 4 and when the 9 fell on the river Tims was eliminated in fourth place, earning $67,848.

Altbregin Takes The Lead

Sergey Altbregin then took the lead in another NLHE debacle, doubling through Jerrod Ankenman when his kings held up against the erstwhile chipleader's A Q.

#img: chris-klodnikci_31990.jpg:left:Klodnicki nine door'd!#

The hand brought Altbregin up to 1.4 million while dropping Ankenman down to 900k.

Klodnicki Hoppered

In Pot Limit Omaha, Chris Klodnicki raised to 30k from the button and Jerrod Ankenman made the call in the small blind.

The flop came 9 4 3 and Ankenman checked to Klodnicki and then raised pot when his rival took a stab.

Klodnicki, looking pained, moved all-in over the the top for 375k total and Ankenman made the call, turning up A K K 2 for the overpair with flush and straight draws while Klodnicki held A 9 6 3 for two pair.

The turn was the T and Ankenman made his flush, and after the river was the 5 Klodnicki was out in third place, earning $97,897 for his time.

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$2.5k Mixed Event – Mixed Nuts

Another hour, another elimination.

Jon Turner fans look away!

Turner was eliminated during the last level in, of all games Limit Hold'em. Turner was so low on chips he didn't even have one big bet left to start the hand.

Jerrod Ankenman raised and Turner called all in. Sergey Altbregin called as did Crhis Klodnicki. The flop was 9 8 7 and everybody checked.

Klodnicki fired on the 8 turn and was called by Ankenman. They both checked the 6 river. Turner showed A J but it wasn't enough because Klodnicki had rivered two pair with his 7 6.

Meanwhile, Jerrod Ankenman remains perched on his chip leader roost with a stack over twice as tall as his nearest competitor.  Jeff Tims, Chris Klodnicki, and Sergey Altbregin have their work cut out for them.

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$2.5k Mixed Event - Three Players Fall!

Just one hour after the return from dinner and we're down three players in the $2,500 Mixed Game event at the 2009 World Series of Poker.

Here's how the last hour played ou in the Amazon Room:

Alioto All Gone!

Dario Alioto was the first player to hit the road, busting out in a Stud hand that saw him get all-in on Sixth Street while heads-up with Jonathan Turner.

Alioto had (7 7) 6 5 5 2 while Turner had (9 9) 6 9 J Q for trips. Alioto needed a seven or a five to stay alive, but he peeled a jack instead and was thus eliminated.

The Full Tilt pro takes $25,860 for his eighth place finish.

Flack Jacketed

Layne Flack was next to go, getting all-in on fourth street in a Stud hand with Eric Crain.

By Seventh Street, the hands were as follows:

Flack: (8 7) 8 K 5 7 Q

Crain: (T 9) 9 3 4 4 Q 

#img: layne-flack_31997.jpg:left:Mixed blessing!#

Though both players made two pair on Sixth Street, Crain's nines-up trumped Flack's eights-up and "Back to Back" was out in seventh, taking $30,674 for his time.

Crain Crumbles

Crain was next to go, doubling up Sergey Altbregin with A-K against his rival's pocket aces to see his stack dwindle to only 160k in a No Limit Hold'em altercation.

On the very next hand, Crain three-bet all-in over the top of a raise from Jerrod Ankenman, who made the call with pocket eights to Crain's K Q.

The flop came A T 8 to give Ankenman the set and Crain the gutshot draw, but after the turn and river came K 9, the eights held and Crain was out in sixth place for a $38,075 payday.

Ankenman is the prohibitive chip leader with over 1.5 million, while Jon Turner is the short-stack with 210,000.

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$2.5k Mixed Event - Back From Dinner

The dinner break is over and the final table of the $2,500 Mixed Game event is underway here at the 2009 World Series of Poker.

From here on out it's no sleep til the bracelet!

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$2.5k Mixed Event – Final Table Set!

It took a few hours of play but the final table for the $2.5k Mixed Event has finally been set. Adam Friedman and Jimmy Fricke were the unlucky players to fall short and we’re now eight-handed.

Jerrod Ankenman is still the man to beat with well over one million chips.

Here’s a look at what else has happened in the last hour of play

Oh No for Gobbo!

Jimmy Fricke went very deep in this event in his quest for a WSOP bracelet but he won’t be making it to the technical final table of eight players.

In his final hand Fricke got the last of his chips in on fifth street in a round of Razz against Jerrod Ankenman with the boards running out like this:

Fricke: (A-5)6-7-K-J(5)

Ankenman: (8-4)3-4-J-A(7)

Ankenman hit an eight-seven low and that was enough to take it down. Fricke will receive $18,099 for coming in ninth.

#img: word_31995.jpg:left: End of the road.#

Friedman Fried

During a round of 2-7 Triple Draw Jon Turner bet from the cutoff and Adam Friedman called on the button. Layne Flack opted to re-raise from the small blind and both Turner and Friedman called.

Flack drew one card, Turner drew three and Friedman took two. Flack bet and Turner called. Friedman raised and Flack re-raised. Turner decided to get out of the way at this point and Friedman re-re-raised all-in. Flack called.

Friedman stood pat for both of the following rounds and Flack drew one. Friedman showed 9-6-4-3-2 while Flack hit 7-6-5-3-2.

Friedman is out in 10th and will receive $18,099 for his efforts.

What the Flack?

Layne Flack is usually one of the most vocal players at any poker table but he’s been notably quiet throughout the day. Perhaps he had a late night or maybe he’s got thousands of dollars in bracelet bets on the line. Either way Flack is dead-serious today.

Chip Counts

Players have just gone on their 60 minute dinner break but here are the latest chip counts courtesy of www.worldseriesofpoker.com:

Jerrod Ankenman 1,529,000
Jon "Pearljammer" Turner
Sergey Altbregin
Eric Crain
Jeff Tims
Chris Klodnicki
Dario Alioto
Layne Flack
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$2.5k Mixed Event – The Top 10

We’re down to 10 players in Event 42 which means the final table is just a scant two eliminations away. Jerrod Ankenman is killing it while Layne Flack and Jon “Pearljammer” Turner and Jimmy Fricke still very much in the running.

Here are the latest updates for the last hour:

Radel Radiated

Andrew Radel has been eliminated in a round of PLO. In the hand Layne Flack bet 16,000 from mid-position and Radel called from late position. Chip-leader Jerrod Ankenman was on the button and decided to bet 55,000 more.

Flack folded but Radel made the call. The flop came 9 7 4 and that was enough for Radel to shove all-in.

Ankenman called and showed A A 6 5 while Radel flipped over 8 7 5 4. The board finished with 3 and then the J to eliminate Radel.

Radel will receive $14,546 for coming in 11th. 

Tran Wham!

Despite being one of the more active players in today’s event Trai Dang has been eliminated during a round of Pot-Limit Omaha.

In the hand four players saw a flop of J 9 3 and it checked to Eric Crain who made a bet of 15,000. Everyone but Dang got out of the way.

The turn came 5 and Dang bet the pot, which was enough to nearly put him all-in. Crain re-raised Dang for his last few thousand chips and Dang called. The players revealed their cards:

Dang: 8 3 3 2

Crain: K Q J 2

Dang had flopped a set but he was likely feeling very nervous about Crain’s flush draw. It turned out that he had reason to be worried as the river came A to complete the flush.

Tran will receive $14,546 for coming in 12th.

Boukai Busted

Former Mixed Martial Arts specialist Rami Boukai has been having an incredible WSOP but he will go no farther in this event.

Boukai was busted during a round of Stud Hi-Lo when he got all his chips in with A-3-4. Trai Dang called with Q-Q-9 and eventually improved to two-pair. Boukai couldn’t beat that high and missed his low as well.

Boukai added $11,485 to his poker resume by coming in 13th in this event.

Chip Counts

Here are the latest top 10 chip counts courtesy of www.worldseriesofpoker.com:

Jerrod Ankenman 795,000
Layne Flack
Eric Crain
Jon "Pearljammer" Turner
Jeff Tims
Sergey Altbregin
Jimmy Fricke
Dario Alioto
Chris Klodnicki
Adam Friedman


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$2.5k Mixed Event – The End Begins!

Welcome to PokerListings’ coverage of the final day of Event 42 $2.5k Mixed Event. After brief delay to start the cards are once again in the air and players are trying to jockey their way to a spot at the final table.

After two days of play and 412 original entrants we have whittled the field down to 14 players to start the final day.

We have several interesting storylines in play with Jon “Pearljammer” Turner, Layne Flack and Dario Alioto all looking to win a bracelet.

Here’s a look at the action from the first hour of play:

Gobboboy is on a Boat!

Jimmy “Gobboboy” Fricke has been one of the busiest players in the early stages of the last day of this event. In a recent hand of Limit Hold’em Fricke flopped a set of queens with Q Q and then turned the boat.

Fricke got most of his chips in on the river and His opponent, Trai Dang, couldn’t let his A A and made the call.

Fricke was up to approximately 250,000 chips after the hand.

Blair Busts

Blair Rodman put in an impressive performance in this event but won’t be seeing the final table. After being crippled in a previous hand Rodman got all his chips in pre-flop during a round of Omaha-8 against Adam Friedman and Andrew Radel.

The board came J 7 4 A Q and Radel showed A 5 3 2 for the low while Friedman scooped the hi with J 5 4 3.

GG, Mr. Rodman.

Chip Counts

Here are the latest top 10 chip counts courtesy of www.worldseriesofpoker.com:

Jarred Ankenman 562,000
Jon "Pearljammer" Turner
Jimmy Fricke
Layne Flack
Jeff Tims
Dario Alioto
Adam Friedman
Eric Crain
Chris Klodnicki
Sergey Altbregin
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Event Name Event 42 - $2,500 Mixed Event
Venue Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Date 21 June 2009
Final Day 23 June 2009
Buy In $2,500
Entrants 412
Prize Pool $947,600
First Prize $241,637

Jerrod Ankenman

Event 42 - $2,500 Mixed Event

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Jerrod Ankenman $241,637
2. Sergey Altbregin $149,342
3. Christopher Klodnicki $97,897
4. Jeffery Tims $67,848
5. Jonathan Turner $49,569
6. Eric Crain $38,075
7. Layne Flack $30,674
8. Dario Alioto $25,860
9. James Fricke $18,099
10. Adam Friedman $18,099