$5k Pot Limit Omaha-8 - De Wolfe Wins De Bracelet!

It's been an incredibly fast-paced final today and in the space of a single level we went from three-handed to a winner.

Here's the details from the exciting denouement of the tournament.

Shock! Horror! Clements Out!(3rd)

It seemed everyone to a man had Scott Clements pegged as the winner of this event. He had experience, two omaha bracelets and chips and it seemed highly unlikely he would be toppled.

But then this happened.

Clements raised pot preflop and was called by Roland de Wolfe, who had chipped away at his lead in the previous hands.

THe flop fell 9 7 2. Clements bet the pot, de Wolfe re-raised pot and Clements put the rest of his chips in.

When de Wolfe made the obligatory call, the pair were playing out a 2.5 million pot!

Clements showed he had a good hand in A A 6 4 for 2nd nut low draw plus an overpair, but Roland had also smacked the flop with A 3 9 8 for the nut low draw and nut flush draw.

The 5 on the turn meant Roland was almost freerolling on his flush draw and when the river came the K to give him the flush, he had busted the most dangerous man at the table and set himself up as the chip leader going into heads-up!

Clements picks up $101,063 for his third place but will no doubt be disappointed not to have collected his third Omaha-8 bracelet here today, given the dominating position he was in.

#img: scott-clements_31610.jpg:left: His name was on the trophy, or so we thought. #

De Wolfe Crowned Champion!

Heads-up with Brett Richey, the pair saw a flop of T 8 4 and the fireworks went off.

Richie led out for 140k and de Wolfe check-raised all-in. Richey called!

A Q 8 4 for de Wolfe.

Q J T 9 for Richey.

Although de Wolfe's bottom two pair was nominally in front, he was a relatively big dog to Richey's top pair and wrap draw.

There were myriad outs to topple the Englishman's hand but when the turn and river bricked, Richey had missed them all and was busted in second, collecting $152,618.

All of which meant we had our second English bracelet winner of the series, Roland de Wolfe collecting his first bracelet, $246,616 in cash and in winning this becoming only the second man to win the triple crown of WPT, EPT and WSOP wins after Gavin Griffin.

Congratulations Roland!

Join us shortly for winner pics and a re-cap of how that crazy final played out.

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$5k Pot Limit Omaha-8 - Three-handed for the Bracelet!

Yes we are down to just three players now and it still looks as though this is Scott Clements' tournament.

The last hour saw the players take a forty-minute dinner break but they have just recommenced playing a few moments ago.

Here's what occurred prior to dinner.

The (Camp)Bell Tolls for Robert (4th)

Robert Campbell was the man whose elimination precipitated the start of three-handed play.

He went out to Roland de Wolfe when he fired flop and turn of a 7 5 3 4 board with A A K 8 only to find himself virtually dead when the Englishman made the call wtih A 9 7 6 for a superior low and a made straight.

The river blanked and there was a smattering of applause as Campbell departed in 4t, collecting $72,121 for his performance.

Brett Not-so-Richie

A big pot just prior to dinner saw the pendulum swing further in favor of Scott Clements as he made a pot-size 330k bet on the river of an A 5 5 Q 8  board having fired the flop and checked the turn.

He was called quickly by Richie, but when Clements showed down 7 5 4 2 for trips and the 2nd nut low, Richie could only muck his cards and accept Clements was in full ownership of his soul.

The Count

Here's the standings as the three players remaining duke it out for the bracelet.

Scott Clements
Roland de Wolfe
Brett Richey
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$5k Pot Limit Omaha-8 - Bustout City!

Stunning is the only word to describe the jaw-dropping action we have witnessed over the last hour's play.

No less than four players have been given their marching orders as a seemingly unstoppable Scott Clements lays the smack down, now holding half the chips in play.

Here's the details of those breathtaking knockouts.

Armando Ruiz the 8th! (8th)

Armando Ruiz II had flirted with elimination already and on this occasion he was finally sent on his way.

Brett Richey was the man to do the damage, setting Ruiz all-in pre-flop with A A 9 7 versus Ruiz's drawing A 2 3 Q.

Aces is a favorite in this spot and when the board failed to deliver any low cards of note, Ruiz day was done as he busts in 8th, collecfting $32,105.

Campbell's Souped Up (Racener - 7th)

Barely a moment passed before we had another elimination.

On a board of T 4 2 9 Robert Campbell called John Racener's all-in bet holding A 2 3 7 for a pair, the nut low and nut flush draw.

Racener was in the lead with the same nut low draw, the club nut flush draw and a pair of nines, but when the river fell the 3 Campbell had his flush and Racener was bustified in 7th, collecting $36,200

#img: andy-black_31611.jpg:left: I've had me nuts cracked! #

Black Out! (6th)

Andy Black runs bad, it's official!

He was very unfortunate to exit here, getting his chips in with virtually the Omaha/8 nuts - A A 3 4.

He picked up action from Campbell, who also had aces, albeit an inferior hand in A A 4 5.

However, despite Black having double-suited aces, it was Campbell's single flush draw that spiked as three spades reeled off with no low to send the charismatic Irishman on his way.

Black collects $42,992 for his 6th place finish.

Great Scott! (Kravchenko - 5th)

As if that wasn't enough action, there was yet another elimination to report.

Scott Clements was the man who delivered the killer blow, bouncing Kravchenko out of contention when his A 5 9 7 bested the Russian's 8 7 5 4.

Strangely, there was no low, both players making just a pair of fives but when the smoke cleared Clements' kicker was better and Kravchenko had scowled his last, exiting in 5th place for $53,881.

Game on, who can stop Clements?

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$5k Pot Limit Omaha-8 - Lellouche Crumbles!

The players had a 20 minute break during the last level, but that didn't stop some classic O/8 action playing out.

There have been a number of all-ins in recent times and after a long period of the short-stack coming off best, we finally had our first elimination.

Here's the story from the felt.

Kravchenko Shows No Clements-y

Alex Kravchenko popped it up to 42k from the cut-off and chip leader Scott Clements made the call from the big blind.

The board fell Q 8 5 and Kravchenko liked the flop enough to get his stack into the middle, Clements making the call.

Clements had a reasonable hand in T 4 3 2 for a ten-high flush draw and the third nut low draw, but when Kravchenko flipped over A A 5 3, he was in dire shape, given the Russian had an overpair, the nut flush draw and a better low draw.

Realistically Clements had two outs just for a chop but when the K came on the turn to give Kravchenko the nuts, the 9 blank on the river completed the hand and Clements' stack was dealt a blow.

#img: alexander-kravchenko_31613.jpg:left: Double white Russian! #

Clements experienced further misfortune moments later, when he got it in with a pair, gut-shot and nut low draw versus Robert Campbell's top two and managed to blank turn and river, doubling through yet another opponent!

Ant is Decked!(Lellouche - 9th)

Clements was unperturbed having seen his stack depleted in the above two hands, and was soon on the attack again, raising it up to 42k.

Antony Lellouche came along for the ride and the pair went heads-up to a T 8 6 flop.

Lellouche was holging A 2 Q T for top pair and the nut low draw and bet out 100k, liking his hand but Clements was going nowhere as he held an even better A 2 9 7 for the same nut low draw and the flopped straight!

He re-potted it and the Frenchman made the call for his tournament life.

Lellouche needed a low card to at least get 1/4 of the pot, but the turn instead was the T, a good card for Lellouche given he now had full house outs to scoop the pot.

The river however was the J - a blank card - and that meant Lellouche is our first exiter, out in 9th for $29,965.7

Meanwhile Clements overcomes a rocky period and extends his lead yet further.

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$5k Pot Limit Omaha-8 - Final Table!

We're back to cover what should be an interesting final table in this $5k PLO-8 tournament.

With the combined talents (and mouths) of Roland de Wolfe, Andy Black, Alexander Kravchenko and not least Mr Omaha himself Scott Clements, there should be fireworks aplenty as the day progresses.

Clements' pedigree in the Omaha split games is highly impressive, with two bracelets and a number of other WSOP final tables, including a second place in this year's $10k event.

For this reason, and the fact he is the man with the mightiest stack, he has to go into this final as the red-hot favorite, despite the talented line-up he faces off against.

During the first hour, we haven't seen too much action as the players circle each other waiting to pounce, but here's the hands of note.

De Wolfe Strikes

With multiple players in the pot, Roland de Wolfe took a cautious line with his second nut low and two pair A 3 9 Q on a 9 7 5 8 Q board, just check-calling the river bet of 30k from Armando Ruiz II.

It turned out he was in great shape as Ruiz had been making a move with the same 2nd nut low and a pair of threes, meaning he gets quartered and de Wolfe's stack grows a little larger.

#img: armando-ruiz-ii_31617.jpg:left: Ruiz is a big guy, but a short-stack. #

Ruiz x II

Short and needing a boon, Armando must have liked looking down at A 2 9 8 and when Scott Clements raised it up to 35k, he moved all-in in a bid to double through.

Clements making the call with Q J 4 2 and the cards were on their backs.

Looking for the dealer to give him a break, Ruiz was pretty happy to see a straight-making board of J T 2 7 7 roll off, doubling him back to 135k and putting his name back on the chip-count map.

The Lay of the Land

Speaking of which, here are the counts following that action, Scott Clements still enjoying a healthy, if ever-so-slightly smaller, chip lead.

Scott Clements
Antony Lellouche
Roland de Wolfe
Brett Richey 
Alex Kravchenko
John Racener
Andrew Black
Armando Ruiz II
Robert Campbell
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Event Name Event 27 - $5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo
Venue Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Date 12 June 2009
Final Day 14 June 2009
Buy In $5,000
Entrants 198
Prize Pool $990,000
First Prize $246,616

Roland De Wolfe

Event 27 - $5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Roland De Wolfe $246,616
2. Brett Richey $152,618
3. Scott Clements $101,063
4. Robert Campbell $72,121
5. Alexander Kravchenko $53,881
6. Andy Black $42,993
7. John Racener $36,200
8. Armando Ruiz $32,105
9. Anthony Lellouche $29,965
10. Stewart Yancik $21,962