$2.5k Oscshleob - Ivey takes bracelet No. 7

Phil Ivey has finally prevailed, putting away Ming Lee after Lee survived four all-ins with a very small stack.

The win gives Ivey his seventh WSOP bracelet and his second of the 2009 WSOP. It also settles who knows how many side bets.

Ming Makes His Exit (Second Place)

Lee started the heads-up match as the short stack with 1,035,000 chips against Ivey’s 1,785,000, but he came out firing, and after the first 10 heads up hands Lee had taken the chip lead with 1.6 million against Ivey’s 1.2 million.

Ivey started to pull away after that however, but Ming held on for four all ins before finally running out of luck in a Stud hand.

Lee was all in after third street and ended up with J 6 7 Q J 5 K, losing to Ivey’s trip queens after Ivey’s hand came Q Q 3 5 8 7 Q.

Ming takes home $136,292 for the runner-up finish.

Ivey wins! (First Place)

Ivey made his trademark fast exit immediately after the win, giving his powder blue Full Tilt Poker hat away to a fan on his way out of the Amazon room.

The win gives Ivey his seventh WSOP bracelet, and as always there’s lots of lingering speculation about the various implications Ivey’s win might have on the numerous side bets on Ivey winning bracelets in the 2009 WSOP.

Ivey takes $220,538 with the win and left with his entourage after the win.

"I guess I'm ready to go party," Ivey said.

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Bracelet No. 7 Within Reach for Ivey

The blinds are up to 20/40k and a bracelet for Phil Ivey  is becoming closer to reality. Carlos Mortensen is done after taking a huge hit against Ivey in a Stud 8 hand.

Ivey is over the 1.5 million mark in chips, while Ming Lee continues to hang on.

Lee has taken a couple of big beats in the last hour, but he’s still cracking a smile every now and then, while Ivey appears intensely focused as always.

Here are some highlights from the last hour:

Chip Counts Courtesy of www.worldseriesofpoker.com

Phil Ivey
Ming Lee

Mortensen eliminated (Third Place)

Mortensen finally broke after the huge loss against Ivey, and Lee finished off the former Main Event champ in an Omaha hand shortly thereafter. Mortensen takes home $89,342 for third.

 Up and Down

Ivey has maintained his status as chip leader for most of the past two hours, but both Mortensen and Lee came close to taking over after a big two-way pot between Ivey and Lee went Lee’s way in Stud right after the break.

Phil mucked when he saw Lee’s queen-high straight hand of J 4 6 T 8 9 Q, and at that point all three players around the 900k mark in chips.

The six-time bracelet winning Ivey has battled back in the remainder of the hour, taking a commanding chip lead after hitting trip nines against Mortensen’s set of deuces in an Omaha Hi-Lo pot.

The hand put Ivey at more than 1.5 million chips and decimated Mortensen’s stack, taking Carlos down to below the 800,000 mark.

No 7. On the Way?

Ivey has taken an even bigger chip lead with Lee still hanging on short-stacked. Ivey is close to taking his second bracelet of the 2009 WSOP.

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$2.5k Oscshleob - A Three-Way Race

The rows of spectators are starting to gather around the final table, as we’re down to three. It’s Ming Lee trying to topple a pair of poker legends in Phil Ivey and Carlos Mortensen.

Dutch Boyd became the latest victim, settling for a fourth-place finish after getting knocked out by Mortensen. The players are back from a 20-minute break and the tournament is back in play.

Chip Counts at www.worldseriesofpoker.com.

Phil Ivey
Carlos Mortensen
Ming Lee

Dutch Bites the Dust (Fourth Place)

Boyd could be gearing up for a return to top form after surviving to the final table, but his next bracelet will have to come another day.

Boyd was eliminated at the hands of Mortensen in a Stud hand after Boyd pushed in all on his remaining chips on third street.

When the hand was settled, Mortensen held T 7 T A T A 8, crushing Boyd with his tens full of aces against Boyd’s J 6 J 7 6 8 Q for two pair.

Boyd takes home $61,919 for the fourth-place finish.

All-Star Final Three
The crowd are lining up in anticipation of a possible heads-up match between Ivey and former Main Event champion Mortensen, but Lee is still hanging in with the short stack.

Ivy built his stack to more than 1 million chips for awhile, but the three players are now running about even, with all just below the million mark.

If Ivey wins, it will be his second bracelet win of the 2009 WSOP, while Mortensen’s last bracelet win came in 2003. Mortensen has two career bracelets, while Ivey is seeking his seventh.

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$2.5k Oscshleob - The Final Four

It’s down to four players for the bracelet, as Jon Turner has just seen his tournament come to an end. Turner finishes in fourth place after getting knocked out by Dutch Boyd.

It won’t be an easy road to the bracelet for anyone at the final table, as only Boyd, Phil Ivey, Carlos Mortensen and Ming Lee remain.
Here’s how the last hour went down:

Chip Counts Courtesy of www.worldseriesofpoker.com

Phil Ivey
Carlos Mortensen
Ming Lee
Dutch Boyd

Jon Turner is toast (Fifth Place)

After barely surviving an all in with Mortensen by scooping the low in a Stud pot, Turner was eliminated shortly later in Omaha.
Turner pushed in all of his chips after the turn with the board reading 8 2#8Q. Turner showed A 2 9 K, with Boyd holding A 4 4 K.

The river came 6 and Turner was sent to the rail. He finishes in fifth place and takes home $45,237.

Four For the Bracelet

As we stand right now, Ivey and Mortensen hold the two biggest stacks at the table, with Boyd hanging on with the short stack.

Lee climbed to nearly a million chips at one point in the last hour, but now he’s back down around 600,000. Stay tuned.

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$2.5k Oscshleob - Five Alive

Carlos Mortensen was able to regain his spot as king of the hill during the last level. Ivey slipped down but not by much. Two players were lost before the dinner break.

Ivey is now a better than one in five shot to win a second bracelet. No doubt there are several players on the premises that are sweating another Ivey victory.

While everyone else is probably playing for 'just' the $220,538 in first prize money, we all know that Ivey stands to win exponentially more.

Koral Drowned

Tom Koral will not be winning his first bracelet in this event. He was ejected in 7th place.

Carlos Mortensen raised and Ming Lee reraised. Koral cold called and Mortensen flatted. The flop was A 6 6. Mortensen checked, Lee bet, and Koral raised.

Koral reraised and both players called. From then on things settled down. Mortensen check called when the K came and both checked when the T fell on the river. Koral earned $27,993 for his effort.

Eric Bucked

Eric Buchman was down to nearly no chips when he made his last stand during a stud hand. Dutch Boyd and Ming Lee were in the hand as well.

Buchman's jack high board wasn't looking good against either Lee's ace high board or Boyd's queen board.

In the end Boyd had a monster, rolled up queens. Buchman mucked and headed off to collect his $34,747.

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$2.5k Oscshleob - Lucky Number Seven

Anybody who has bracelet bets with Phil Ivey will be interested to know that Carlos Mortensen is chip dumping to him. Probably not on purpose, but Mortensen is getting absolutely owned.

Due to the beat downs that Ivey has been administering, he is now the new chip leader. Mortensen is looking like he might go on tilt at any moment, while somehow Tom Koral manages to hang one. 

Value Town

Carlos Mortensen raised preflop and was reraised by Phil Ivey. The flop came down 6 8 8. Mortensen fired and Ivey called. Mortensen check called on the T turn and did the same on the J river. Ivey turned over A 2 J Q for top pair top kicker.

Ivey v. Mortensen #2

Just minutes later Ivey and Mortensen were at it again. On a board of 7 7 T 9 6, Ivey bet on the river and was called by Carlos. Ivey turned over T 8 9 3 for a straight. Mortensen mouthed a word that would likely get him a penalty if he said it out loud and turned over his K K J Q.

Ivey v. Mortensen #3

The Ivey prison style assualt on Mortensen continued when Mortensen called down all the way on a jack high board only to muck when Ivey flipped over A A A 5.

Peter Gelencser

Dutch Boyd eliminated Peter Gelenscer when the two got all in on a 9 2 4 board. Gelenscer turned up A 5 6 6 for the nut flush draw and a backdoor low while Boyd showed Q Q J 6 for a pair of queens and a worse flush draw. Despite picking up a low draw on the turn, Gelenscer failed to connect with the river and was off to collect his $23,600.

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$2.5k Oscshleob - Final Table Time

Once down to nine players the two tables were consolidated and transferred over to the secondary final table, the red headed step child of final tables.

For the final table to be official, they would need to drop one player - and that didn't take long at all. Steve Wong got involved in a behemoth of a pot that left some people scratching their heads.

Wong Gone

Steve Wong completed on third street and both Dutch Boyd and Carlos Mortensen came along. From here on out the action was utterly insane with bets and raises coming from all directions. Here are the boards:

Boyd: 9 Q 4 K
Mortensen: 6 8 3 T
Wong: 5 Q Q 5

After capping sixth street, Wong had about three more bets left and those went in on seventh. Mortensen must have been thrilled because he knew he was scooping the low no matter what.

It was to show time and Mortensen turned over his obvious low and Boyd turned over J 9 to go with the three diamonds he had up.

Wong looked disgusted and mucked! A gasp came from the rail as Wong gathered his belongings and walked away from the table. How Wong didn't have a full house there, we'll never know!

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$2.5k Oscshleob - Shlepping Through

A trio of Oscshleobing schlubs bit the dust during the last level. The ten players left are taking 20 right now.

Mark Scott exited in thirteenth place. Frank Debus, another guy we're sure the world is dying to hear about, went out in twelfth.

Blair Rodman hit the road taking eleventh place money with him. Carlos Mortensen's rolled up threes turned full house smoked Rodman's pair of kings. The hand boosted Mortensen into the chip lead.

Koral Hangs On

Tom Koral has been down to nearly no chips several times today but is still somehow in the tournament.

"I know you all want me to leave, but I'm not going to just yet," Koral told his table as he doubled up yet again.

Boyd Checks His Nuts

Details are sketchy at best, but Dutch Boyd was handed a penalty for just calling with the nuts. It's a rule put in place to prevent collusion.

#img: word_31553.jpg:left: Penalty boxed!#

Boyd has been known to do some 'colorful' things in the past so this doesn't even register on the radar for crazy things that Boyd has done. It was likely just a small oversight.

Other than that, Boyd is playing well. His stack had started to slip a bit when he played a hand against Eric Buchman on the last hand before the break.

Buchman called Boyd down the whole way and was showing A 7 3 J.

We never got to see Buchman's down cards because once Boyd showed his kings full of deuces, Buchman mucked his hand.

Ivey Report

Finally, the Ivey report.

Phil Ivey let himself slide down to less than 100,000 chips. It looked like whatever Barry Greenstein whispered in his ear earlier might have had some effect on the way he was playing. But Ivey fans, don't despair.

Phil went on a mini rush that more than doubled his chip stack to over 200,000 before the break.

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$2.5k Oscshleob - Chop It Son!

Yeah you thought we were going to forget, but how dare you think that we would let the $2,500 Oscshleob (Omaha Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo Eight or Better) go unnoticed?

We're picking up the action today on day three. Two tables remain and what a nice pair they are! Carlos Mortensen, Jon Turner, Phil Ivey, and Tom Koral are just a few of the players coming back.

Chad Brown came in and made an appearance but was dropped from the line up soon after the cards hit the felt. He could have just skipped it and gotten a few more hours of sleep or exercise or whatever it he does with his time.

Jon "Never Cashes in Prelim Events" Turner started the day as chip leader with Carlos Mortensen right on his tail.

Despite several well known players at the last two tables there is no doubt that Phil Ivey is the one everyone is keeping their eye on.

Ivey started the day with 161,000, comfortably in the middle of the pack. He's got his eye on another bracelet and who knows how many millions of dollars that will net him.

Chad Hanged

Chad Brown enjoyed about ten minutes of Oschleob insanity before blowing all his chips. Brown got involved in a three way pot with Ming Lee and Carlos Mortensen in a Stud-8 hand. There were too many cards to count but long story short, Lee made an eight high straight and a six low which was good for the whole thing.

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Event Name Event 25 - $2,500 Omaha/Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo
Venue Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Date 11 June 2009
Final Day 13 June 2009
Buy In $2,500
Entrants 376
Prize Pool $864,800
First Prize $220,538
Level Ante Blinds
Level 1 25 50/75
Level 2 25 50/100
Level 3 25 75/150
Level 4 50 100/200
Level 5 75 150/300
Level 6 100 200/400
Level 7 100 300/500
Level 8 100 300/600
Level 9 200 400/800
Level 10 200 500/1000
Level 11 300 600/1200
Level 12 300 500/1500
Level 13 500 1000/2000
Level 14 500 1300/2500
Level 15 700 1500/3000
Level 16 1000 2000/4000
Level 17 1000 2500/5000
Level 18 1500 3000/6000
Level 19 2000 4000/8000
Level 20 2000 5000/10000
Level 21 3000 6000/12000
Level 22 3000 8000/15000
Level 23 5000 10000/20000
Level 24 5000 13000/25000
Level 25 7000 15000/30000
Level 26 10000 20000/40000
Level 27 10000 25000/50000
Level 28 15000 30000/60000
Level 29 20000 40000/80000
Level 30 20000 50000/100000

Phil Ivey

Event 25 - $2,500 Omaha/Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Phil Ivey $220,538
2. Ming Lee $136,292
3. Carlos Mortensen $89,342
4. Russ "Dutch" Boyd $61,919
5. Jonathan Turner $45,237
6. Eric Buchman $34,747
7. Tom Koral $27,993
8. Peter Gelencser $23,600
9. Steve Wong $16,517
10. Matthew Kelly $16,517