$1.5k NLHE Shootout – Jeff "Wildcat" Carris Wins!

In a surprising turn of events we have our WSOP bracelet winner! It took less than one hour to get all three eliminations to declare a winner in this tournament.

The winner is none other than “Wildcat” Jeff Carris. Carris used serious poker skills and some amazing support from the rail to ship the $313,673 for first and a shiny new WSOP bracelet.

Here’s a look at the action leading up to Carris’ big win:

No Moore Chips (Fourth)

A short-stacked Chris Moore decided to shove for his last 350,000 chips UTG and chip leader Jeff Carris decided to make the call. Moore showed down K J and would have to find a way to beat Carris’ A 9.

The board ran out a thrilling A K 7 giving both players a pair but Carris the better one. The turn came J and the river finished with the 4 to eliminate Moore for good.

Moore will receive $82,322 for coming in fourth.

#img: word_31541.jpg:left: The crowd goes wild!#

Margolis Mangled (Third)

Andrew Margolis, who spent some of the day as one of the big-stacks, was eliminated when he made an all-in move with K 8.

Jeff Carris, who seemed to be on a mission to bust every player at the table, called him down with A Q.

The board came 8 3 2 A T to give Margolis his walking papers. The Chicago resident will receive $124,158 for coming in third.

Heads-up Chip Count:

At the time Jeff Carris and Jason Somerville reached heads-up play this is what the stacks looked like:

Jeff Carris: 3.4 million

Somerville: 1.1 million

#img: word_31538.jpg: right:Go Wildcat!#

Jeff Carris Triumphs Over Jason Somerville!

It didn’t take much heads-up player to determine a winner in this event. After just 20 minutes of play Jason Somerville open-shoved from the small blind and Jeff “Wildcat” Carris insta-called. The players revealed their hands:

Somerville: Q 6

Carris: K 5

By this time Carris’ cheering squad, who were all donning orange “Wildcat” shifts, could barely contain their excitement. Screams of “Your wrist looks empty without a bracelet!” rang out through the Amazon Room.

The flop came A 8 7 and nothing changed for either player. With every member in the crowd on the tip of their toes the turn came 3 putting Carris within one card of winning his first bracelet.

The river came… J! The crowd gave as loud a cheer as we’ve heard in our time covering the WSOP and Carris immediately high-fived every single one of them.

Somerville will receive $194,004 for coming in second while Carris gets the grand prize of $313,673 not to mention that pretty gold bracelet.

Thanks for following our coverage of Event 22.

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$1.5k NLHE Shootout – The Final Four

We’ve lost another player at the $1.5k Shootout event as the bracelet draws ever closer. The rail is particularly rambunctious with Jason Somerville, Jeff Carris and Chris Moore fans going crazy when their heroes scoop a pot.

Here’s a look at the latest updates from the event:

Cutler Cut

Joseph Cutler saw his fortunes change quickly at this final table. In his final hand Cutler bet 50,000 and Margolis re-raised to 142,000. Everyone else got out of the way and Cutler shoved for his last 528,000. Margolis called and flipped over A Q. Cutler was in trouble with K Q and would need some help from the board.

The board ran out 8 4 3 A 3 and sealed Cutler’s fate. Cutler will receive $56,440 for coming in fifth.

Somerville Doubles Through Margolis

Somerville just won his most important hand of the tournament so far. In the hand Andrew Margolis opened for 80,000 chips and Somerville shoved all-in for 430,000 from the small blind. Margolis pondered his decision for a couple minutes but then called. Both players flipped over their cards:

Margolis: T T

Somerville: K J

The tension was palpable in the room as the flop came A J 9. The Somerville fans went crazy and then started shouting, “Hold, hold, hold.” Somerville’s hand didn’t hold on the turn, however, it actually improved with the K.

That gave Margolis some straight outs as well but Somerville dodged them all as the river came 9. The crowd goes crazy.

After the hand Margolis was crippled down to 300,000 chips and Somerville is suddenly a player with 1.2 million chips.

Chip Update

Here are the latest chip counts courtesy of www.worldseriesofpoker.com:

Jeff Carris 2,460,000
Jason Somerville
Chris Moore
Andrew Margolis
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$1.5k NLHE Shootout – Then There Were Five

We’ve lost another gunslinger in the $1.5k No-Limit Hold’em Shootout and now only five remain. The tension is starting to mount as the WSOP bracelet gets closer and closer for the surviving players.

Here’s a look at the action in the last hour back from dinner:

Wong Wasted (Sixth)

Andrew Margolis raised to 55,000 UTG and Brandon Wong opted to shove all-in for his last 289,000 chips.

Action folded to Margolis and after thinking for several minutes he decided to make the call.

Here’s how all stacked up:

Margolis: A J

Wong: A Q

The short-stacked player was definitely in the best shape but this is poker and everything can happen. The flop came J 7 6 and Wong’s heart sank. There was no help coming for the all-in player as the board finished 3 and then 7.

Wong will have to be content with the $39,968 for sixth place and try to forget about what could have been.


Jeff Carris just made the biggest blunder we’ve seen yet at the final table. In the hand Carris opened for 61,000 and got called by Andrew Margolis before Joseph Cutler 3-bet to 285,000. Carris immediately raised all-in and after Margolis folded he thought he heard a call from Cutler.

Carris immediately flipped over pocket aces but to his surprise Cutler hadn’t called and then laid down his hand.

“I was going to call until that,” said Cutler.

The stunned Carris not only missed out on a huge opportunity but also received a one-hand penalty for exposing his cards.

Chip Update

Here are the latest chip counts courtesy of www.worldseriesofpoker.com:

Jeff Carris 1,350,000
Andrew Margolis
Jason Somerville
Christopher Moore
Joseph Cutler


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$1.5k NLHE Shootout – Back from Break

The six remaining players at the final table have returned from their dinner break and it’s time to get serious about finding a winner.

First place will be walking away with $313,000 but every player remaining is guaranteed at least $39,000 in their bank account.

Here are the latest chip counts after the dinner break:

Jeffrey Carris1,066,000
Andrew Margolis
Jason Somerville
Joseph Cutler
Brandon Wong
Christopher Moore


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$1.5k NLHE Shootout - It's A Drive By

The Shootout headed off to strap on their feed bags. They have an hour to forage but Eugene Katchalov can take as long as he wants. Katchalov was busted just a few minutes before the break.

Michael McNeil was eliminated in eigth place when he flopped top pair but ran into Andrew Margolis' set.

Eugene Kaught

Katchalov moved all in for 57,000 and was called by Jeff Carris. Katchalov turned over pocket queens and Carris turned over K 9.

The dealer rolled over a flop of T J 2. The turn was the 7. Katchalov needed to dodge just a handful of cards but when the Q river gave Carris a winning king high straight.

After three long days of play Katchalov will have to settle for just $29,195.

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$1.5k NLHE Shootout - Tieman Knotted!

Josh Tieman has been eliminated in eighth place as the World Series of Breaking (WSOB) continues.

Seriously, it seems like these players take a break every thirty minutes. Given that the breaks are twenty minutes long, it means, well, they're not playing very much poker.

But they've played enough to lose two players and the latest, as we said, was Josh Tieman.

Tieman raised to 31,000 from early position and saw Jason Somerville re-raise enough to put him all-in.

The Roper gave the matter some thought before calling off his stack, turning up A-K and finding himself racing against Somerville's black tens.

The board came 8-8-7-6-4, giving Somerville the pot and busting Tieman in eighth place for a $17,045 score.

Andrew Margolis remains the chipleader, having built his stack to a towering 871k height after the big pot with Somerville we discussed last update.

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$1.5k NLHE Shootout - Shannon Shored!

After two hours of play and a move to the secondary feature table we're down a player here at the final table of the $1,500 No Limit Hold'em Shootout.

Mike Shannon was eliminated after losing a number of smaller pots and seeing his stack reduced to just 120k.

Shannon open-shoved the last chunk preflop and saw Jeffrey Carris make the call with pocket kings, leaving Shannon behind with K Q.

The board ran J 8 7 6 J and the kings held, giving Carris the pot and busting Shannon in tenth place for $13,609.

Big Pot for Margolis

Elsewhere, Andrew Margolis has taken a big pot from Jason Somerville.

Margolis raised on the button and saw Somerville three-bet out of the big blind. Margolis made the call and the flop came 7 6 4.

Somerville led out for 80k and Margolis tanked for a minute before making the call. The turn was the K and Somerville fired again, this time making it 130,000 to go.

Margolis again flatted and the river was the T.

This time, Somerville took some time before opting to check and Margolis took the initiative, firing 275,000 and inducing a fold from his rival.

Margolis raked the biggest pot of the day and climbs up the chip leaderboard in the process.

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$1.5k NLHE Shootout - Shoot 'em out!

Welcome to the final table of the $1,500 No Limit Hold'em Shootout event.

This tournament is in essence a series of three winner-take-all single table SNGs, with the winner of each table advancing to the next round.

One thousand players entered the tournament and the top 100 were paid for their time. Today, the field is down to a ten-handed final table, with each player starting with 450,000 in chips.

Among those at the final table are WPT Five Diamond Champ Eugene Katchalov, Wynn Poker Classic champ Chris Moore and Jason Somerville, whose name sounds familiar.

Stay tuned for live updates from this thrilling final table!

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Event Name Event 22 - $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout
Venue Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Date 10 June 2009
Final Day 12 June 2009
Buy In $1,500
Entrants 1000
Prize Pool $1,365,000
First Prize $313,913

Jeffrey Carris

Event 22 - $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Jeffrey Carris $313,673
2. Jason Somerville $194,004
3. Andrew Margolis $124,158
4. Christopher Moore $82,322
5. Joseph Cutler $56,440
6. Brandon Wong $39,968
7. Eugene Katchalov $29,195
8. Michael McNeil $21,981
9. Joshua Tieman $17,045
10. Ralph Shannon $13,609