EPT London: Final Table Set!

EPT London Final Table
The final table will play down to a champion here in London tomorrow.

We're down to the final eight players at the 2011 EPT London main event and Martins Adeniya is the chip leader!

We covered all the action leading up to the nine-handed final table in the last update, save the final elimination, so scroll down the page if you're interested in that.

Adria Balaguer hit the rail in ninth, thanks to a massive cooler. It was an T-7-7 flop with Balaguer holding A-7 and Martins Adeniya holding pocket tens.

The money went in and after Balaguer failed to go perfect-perfect he was forced to get up and go, £45,000 richer.

And so with that bustication we call it quits for the night. Check out the end of day chip counts below and join us tomorrow as we play down to a champion!

Martins Adeniya


Mattias Bergstrom


Benny Spindler


Andre Klebanov


Kevin Iafocano


Juan Manuel Pastor


Stephen O'Dwyer


Miroslav Benes


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EPT London: Dinner Time for Final Nine

Benny Spindler
Benny Spindler is a one man wrecking crew at EPT London.

We've reached the final nine players and, because the TV crew insists on it, the players have gone on a 45-minute break.

Benny Spindler is currently sitting in the number one spot, followed closely by Martins Adeniya.

Read on for the full final table chip counts and highlights from the last two levels.

Seat 1: Miroslav Benes, 1,220,000
Seat 2: Adria Balaguer, 1,810,000
Seat 3: Andre Klebanov, 2,745,000
Seat 4: Stephen O'Dwyer, 1,385,000
Seat 5: Juan Manuel Pastor, 2,155,000
Seat 6: Benny Spindler, 3,380,000
Seat 7: Kevin Iafocano, 1,425,000
Seat 8: Martins Adeniya, 3,290,000
Seat 9: Mattias Bergstrom, 3,325,000

Down and Out in London

Jeremey Kottler was the final player eliminated while we still had two tables, and it was a classic race that ended up with the American on the rail with tenth-place money.

He shoved pocket sevens and got called by Benny Spindler with K-Q. A queen hit the turn and Kottler was gone, £45,000 richer.

2010 Irish Open champion James Mitchell busted 11th place, thanks to three-bet shoving pocket treys and getting snapped off by Kevin Iacafano’s pocket queens. Mitchell takes £35,000 for his 11th place finish.

In another Benny Spindler-special, Hugo Loureiro has been knocked out in 12th place. Loureiro was severely shortstacked and shipped A 5. Spindler’s 8 9 was good enough to take a shot and by the time all the cards were out Spindler’s hand was best.

Spindler turned an open-ender and rivered the straight to bust Loureiro.

Benny Spindler’s rampage was just getting started when he busted Benjamin Jenkins in 13th. It was on the last hand before break when Jenkins shoved J-Q and ran into pocket jacks from Spindler.

The jacks held and Jenkins was out for £27,000.

Russia’s Anatoly Gurtovoy went out shortly before courtesy of a bad beat laid on him by Adria Balageur. Aces for Gurtovoy couldn’t stand up against pocket queens and the Russian was out in 14th for £27,000.

Sometimes things just don’t go your way. No one’s feeling that sentiment more than Pascal Hartmann who apparently has had aces cracked three times today.

The final time resulted in his elimination and it was at the hands of soon-to-be-busted Anatoly Gurtovoy.

Hartmann received £22,000 for finishing 15th.

Ioannis Beris went out in 16th after getting crippled with pocket eights against Pascal Hartmann’s A-Q all-in preflop. We’re not sure on his final hand but he was running on fumes after shipping most of his stack to Hartmann.

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EPT London: Down to 18 in Main Event

Trophy and feature table
The final table awaits.

One level is down on Day 5 here in London and so far six players have found themselves relieved of their chips.

Swedish pro Mattias Bergstrom is still in the lead and has managed to add more than 1 million to his stack. American Steve O’Dwyer has also seen things go his way so far and is now sitting in second position with over 2.1 million.

With 18 players left everyone still in this thing is guaranteed at least £19,000, but if they can outlast two more players that number jumps to £22,000.

86 players have already been paid in this event so click through here to see a full rundown of the results so far.

Keep reading for the highlights from the last level and the full EPT London Level 23 chip counts.

The Eliminati

Six players have been eliminated so far, all receiving the same £19,000 payout.

19. Basile Yaiche - France - £19,000
20. Fowzi Baroukh - United Kingdom - £19,000
21. Aadam Daya - Canada - £19,000
22. Justas Semaska - Lithuania - £19,000
23. Per Hildebrand - Sweden - £19,000
24. Sebastian Blom - Sweden - £19,000

Repeat for Barbosa?

Joao Barbosa is the only former EPT winner still alive in this event, and thanks to an early double today his hopes of becoming the first player to win two EPT main events.

Barbosa opened and was three-bet by Pascal Hartmann. Barbosa shipped it in with A-K and was snapped off by Hartmann’s pocket aces.

A king on the flop and another on the river was enough to give Barbosa the checkmark and another shot at the repeat.

Bling Blang Blom

Sebastian Blom was the first player eliminated as play got underway this afternoon, getting what few chips he had into the middle early in the first level.

There was a raise from Hugo Loureiro and a call from Ioannis Beris before Blom shoved from the big blind. Both players called and Loureiro check-shoved the K K 3 flop. Beris snap-called.

Blom: T 3

Beris: K J

Loureiro: 7 7

Beris’ trip kings held up to scoop the lot and send Blom on his way in 24th place.

Full Field Chip Counts

Mattias Bergstrom


Stephen O'Dwyer


Martins Adeniya


Benny Spindler


Jeremy Kottler


Andre Klebanov


Kevin Iacofano


Ben Jenkins


Juan Manuel Pastor


Pascal Hartmann


James Mitchell


Miroslav Benes


Anatoly Gurtovoy


Ioannis Beris


Andries Swart


Joao Barbosa


Hugo Loureiro


Adria Balaguer


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EPT London: The Penultimate Day Begins

Pascal Hartmann
Pascal Hartmann is third in chips heading into Day 5.

The cards are in the air once again at the 2011 PokerStars.com EPT London main event as the final 24 players fight for a spot at tomorrow's final table.

As action gets underway it's Swedish pro Mattias Bergstrom out in front, but only by the narrowest of margins. Click here for the full chip counts or check them out at the bottom of this update.

Each of the final 24 is guaranteed £19,000 for making it this far, and since we'll be calling a halt to play when we reach eight players, the most anyone is going to walk away with today is £45,000 for ninth and tenth places.

The final table is where the money really gets serious, starting at £64,000 and ramping all the way up to the £750,000 first-place prize.

Notables still in this with a shot include 2009 PCA third-place finisher Benny Spindler, up and coming French online player Basile Yaiche, 2010 Irish Open champion James Mitchell and EPT Warsaw winner Joao Barbosa.

We'll be keeping you up to date with snapshot summaries of the tournament every few hours so stick with us as we play down to the final table.

Official EPT London Day 5 Chip Counts

Mattias Bergstrom


Adria Balaguer


Pascal Hartmann


Jeremy Kottler


Benny Spindler


Andre Klebanov


Kevin Iacofano


Basile Yaiche


Juan Manuel Pastor


Anatoly Gurtovoy


James Mitchell


Stephen O'Dwyer


Martins Adeniya


Ben Jenkins


Joao Barbosa


Hugo Loureiro


Justas Semaska


Per Hildebrand


Miroslav Benes


Aadam Daya


Ioannis Beris


Andries Swart


Fowzi Baroukh


Sebastian Blom


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Event Name EPT London
Date 30 September 2011
Final Day 6 October 2011
Buy In £5,000
Entrants 691
Prize Pool £3,351,350
First Prize £750,000
Benny Spindler

Benny Spindler

EPT London

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Benny Spindler £750,000
2. Steve O'Dwyer £465,000
3. Andre Klebanov £265,000
4. Juan Manuel Pastor £200,000
5. Mattias Bergstrom £155,000
6. Kevin Iacofano £120,000
7. Martins Adeniya £86,350
8. Miroslav Benes £64,000
9. Adria Balaguer £45,000
10. Jeremy Kottler £45,000