Benny Spindler is Number One at EPT London

Benny Spindler wins £750,000 and the 2011 EPT London title.
Benny Spindler wins £750,000 and the 2011 EPT London title.

Given what we've seen of Benny Spindler's playing style we knew this heads-up match would be a fast-paced affair and it did not disappoint.

Spindler entered the match with a roughly 2 to 1 chip advantage and that really didn't change much leading up to the final hand, a massive preflop all-in confrontation.

Spindler raised his button to 225k and O'Dwyer fired right back with a three-bet to 725,000. Spindler, never one to turn tail in the face of aggression, four-bet to 1,725,000.

O'Dwyer gave it some thought before moving all-in, getting a very quick call from the German.

Spindler: A K

O'Dwyer: K J

The flop was a disaster for the American, falling A 8 7. A jack on the turn gave O'Dwyer a glimmer of hope but the river brought the 6 and made Spindler's victory official.

Benny Spindler wins EPT London and receives £750,000 while Steve O'Dwyer takes £465,000 for runner-up.

Click here for a full rundown of everyone who cashed in this event.

And with that final hand we're done in London. Check back soon for our winner story with quotes from the champ himself.

Things are just getting started on PokerListings.com's Euro tour because we're going straight from here to the World Series of Poker Europe in Cannes. Keep an eye on our WSOPE 2011 Live Coverage page for all the action straight from the French Riviera!

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EPT London: Spindler vs. O'Dwyer for the Title

Team PokerStars Pro Juan Manuel Pastor is out in fourth.
Team PokerStars Pro Juan Manuel Pastor is out in fourth.

And just like that we're heads-up. Sometimes in tournament poker you look away for a moment and when you look back, everything's changed.

In this case it's Andre Klebanov and Jose Manuel Pastor on the rail while Benny Spindler and Steve O'Dwyer go heads-up for the 2011 EPT London main event title.

Spindler enters the duel with an almost 2 to 1 chip lead over his American opponent and as we’ve seen before when Spindler gets his hands on chips he doesn’t waste time putting them to work.

These two are playing for a first place prize of £750,000. The runner-up will receive £465,000.

Read on for the heads-up chip counts and the details on the last two eliminations.

The players have gone on a break before getting down to business.

Chip Counts

Benny Spindler – 13,490,000

Steve O’Dwyer – 7,145,000

Klebanov KO’d in 3rd (£265,000)

Andre Klebanov has been eliminated by Steve O’Dwyer, paving the way for our heads-up finale.

Klebanov opened A Q and O’Dwyer moved in with A 5. Klebanov snapped him off but watched the board run out J 8 6 7 4, giving O’Dwyer a straight and sending Klebanov home in third.

Pastor Eliminated in 4th (£200,000)

To say Benny Spindler is running well today would be an understatement. He’s the dominant chip leader going into heads-up for this main event title and he got some of those chips when he eliminated Juan Manuel Pastor in fourth place.

Pastor opened and Spindler three-bet before Pastor moved in for roughly 2.2 million. Spindler snapped with pocket aces which, surprise surprise, were ahead of Pastor’s pocket nines.

The board changed nothing and Juan Manuel Pastor is out in fourth.

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EPT London: Final Table Down to Four

Kevin Iacofano makes his second EPT final table.
Kevin Iacofano makes his second EPT final table.

We're two players lighter since last checking in with the eliminations of Kevin Iacofano and Mattias Bergstrom.

Benny Spindler has not only maintained his chip lead, but has actually extended it even further, thanks in part to eliminating Iacofano. Spindler is within sight of the 10 million chip mark now.

Read on for the updated chip counts and breakdowns of those two bustications.

New Counts

Benny Spindler - 10,000,000

Steve O'Dwyer - 5,800,000

Andre Klebanov - 3,800,000

Juan Manuel Pastor - 2,200,000

Bergstrom Out in 5th (£155,000)

Steve O'Dwyer had just doubled up, flopping top pair on a 9-4-2 board and getting it in against Andre Klebanov's pocket fives, which gave him more than enough chips to eliminate Mattias Bergstrom shortly after.

The hand began with an opening raise from Benny Spindler and a three-bet shove from Bergstrom. O'Dwyer picked up pocket tens and made the call.

Spindler got out of the way and we saw O'Dwyer's tens were well ahead of Bergstrom's T-J suited.

The tens stood up and the young Swedish pro is out in fifth.

Iacofano Eliminated in 6th (£120,000)

Kevin Iacofano was crippled in a big preflop all-in confrontation with Mattias Bergstrom, setting the stage for his elimination.

Bergstrom was all-in but ahead with A-Q against Iacofano's A-6 and it held up to put Iacofano on life support.

Shortly after, it was Iacofano all-in with Q-T against Benny Spindler's 7-8 suited. Spindler flopped a straight and Iacofano was unable to go runner-runner.

This was Iacofano's second final-table appearance on the EPT.

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EPT London: Adeniya Out (7th), Spindler Dominating

Martins Adeniya out in 7th place.
Martins Adeniya out in 7th place.

The playdown from 24 to the final table yesterday might as well have been called the Benny Spindler Show. The young German was crushing.

And it looks like that show was renewed because he's absolutely dominating today's final table.

The latest casualty in Spindler's ongoing assault was London local Martin Adeniya, out in 7th place for £86,350.

Spindler had just taken down a massive pot, catching Swedish pro Mattias Bergstrom making a big move. Bergstrom check-raised a K-9-8 flop with two spades and Spindler proceeded to call him down on the the 3 turn and the A river.

Spindler had A-9 while Bergstrom was on complete air with 4-5.

Spindler, now armed with even more ammo, continued to apply pressure preflop until a few hands later Martins Adeniya picked up a hand and made a stand.

Mattias Bergstrom opened and Spindler called on the button. Adeniya was in the big blind and put in a third bet. Bergstrom folded but Spindler moved all-in, getting a relatively quick call from Adeniya.

Adeniya: A K

Spindler: Two black tens

The board improved neither hand and Martins Adeniya was bust. Spindler, meanwhile, took control of almost half the chips in play.

Here are the updated chip counts after that elimination.

Seat 2: Andre Klebanov - 3,775,000
Seat 3: Stephen O'Dwyer -  2,080,000
Seat 4: Juan Manuel Pastor - 2,130,000
Seat 5: Benny Spindler - 9,615,000
Seat 6: Kevin Iacofano - 1,830,000
Seat 8: Mattias Bergstrom - 1,305,000

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EPT London: Cards in the Air, Benes out in 8th

Action continues today until we crown a champion.
Action continues today until we crown a champion.

It was a little behind schedule but the cards are now in the air at the 2011 PokerStars.com EPT London final table and we're already one player lighter.

Miroslav Benes coasted into the final table on fumes and despite making a valiant effort to get himself back in this tournament, he is now bust. His final hand began with a raise from Benny Spindler and continued with Benes moving all-in for 560,000.

Spindler called with K-Q and was flipping against pocket eights. A king on the flop put Spindler out in front and by the time the turn and river were dealt the pair of kings was best.

Miroslav Benes is out in 8th and takes £64,000.

Martins Adeniya


Benny Spindler

Mattias Bergstrom


Andre Klebanov


Kevin Iafocano


Juan Manuel Pastor


Stephen O'Dwyer


Seven players remain with the next one out receiving £86,350.

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Event Name EPT London
Date 30 September 2011
Final Day 6 October 2011
Buy In £5,000
Entrants 691
Prize Pool £3,351,350
First Prize £750,000
Benny Spindler

Benny Spindler

EPT London

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Benny Spindler £750,000
2. Steve O'Dwyer £465,000
3. Andre Klebanov £265,000
4. Juan Manuel Pastor £200,000
5. Mattias Bergstrom £155,000
6. Kevin Iacofano £120,000
7. Martins Adeniya £86,350
8. Miroslav Benes £64,000
9. Adria Balaguer £45,000
10. Jeremy Kottler £45,000