Live The Dream returns to Everest Poker

Gotta Get that Paper, Dog
Keep dreaming.

Everest Poker is once again giving its players the opportunity of a lifetime.

Live The Dream allows ten real poker players the chance to become sponsored professionals for a year and travel the world playing the biggest events with a $100,000 sponsorship deal to back them up.

Everest Poker does not sponsor big name players, but instead invests in its own players allowing them to develop and become professionals on the world stage in their own right.

Last year Steven van Zadelhoff, Voitto Rintala and Kim Wooka took advantage of the Live the Dream promotion and became established members of the world poker circuit. As a result they were all promoted to full members of Team Everest.

Rintala and van Zadelhoff have since recorded over $100,000 each in tournament winnings.

Live the Dream kicks off on Sept. 21 with the top 200 players on the site over the span of the promotion earning a trip to the live final at the Palais Auersberg in Vienna in January where the final 10 will be unveiled.

This year players can qualify for the final in a few different ways: Via tournament and Sit 'N' Go leaderboards, cash game leaderboards and direct entry.

At the final players will be measured on a total of 100 points: 55 points for poker skills, 25 points to be given out by the Everest Poker player community and the last 20 will be allocated by the Everest jury based on live interviews in Vienna.

The 10 Live The Dream winners chosen will then represent Everest Poker at the most lucrative tournaments in the world including the WSOP Main Event. The package includes more than $30,000 in travelling expenses.

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