Scott Davies wins 2014 WSOP APAC Main Event


All the indicators were that the heads-up battle was going to be a long one.

The stacks were deep, the players were very talented and they both desperately wanted the title.

Of course the history of Jack Salter’s epic eight-hour heads-up battle at the EPT Grand Final was also in the back of everyone’s minds.

The only way that a mid-morning finish was going to be avoided was if there was a cooler.

A hand that neither player could escape from.

On hand #85 of the final table, the 47th of heads-up play, that cooler was dealt.

The hand started with a raise from Jack Salter on the button to 105,000. Scott Davies would three-bet from the big blind to 300,000 and Salter called to see the flop of 6 T T fall.

Champion, Scott Davies

Davies led out with a bet of 175,000 and Salter called before the 8 arrived on the turn. Davies bet again for 330,000 before Salter announced a raise to 930,000.

Davies then re-raised to 1.8 million to give Salter a decision. After a few minutes in the tank he announced all in and Davies snapped it off!

Davies: 6 6
Salter: Q T

Salter had flopped trip tens but Davies had that beat with a full house!

“I’ll use my one time,” sighed Salter but even that was no help as the 3 completed the board.

With that Salter has to resign himself to another runner-up result in a major championship as Scott Davies is crowned the 2014 WSOP APAC Main Event champion!

Final Results

1st: Scott Davies - $850,136
2nd: Jack Salter - $516,960
3rd: Henry Wang - $343,805
4th: Kyle Montgomery - $231,287
5th: Frank Kassela - $164,089
6th: Ang Italiano - $118,769

“This is all I’ve ever wanted,” Davies shouted after his victory. “Hopefully it’s the first of many.”

    More Aces & Quickly Down to Two

    Henry Wang - 3rd Place

    It’s only taken 38 hands of play this afternoon but incredibly we find ourselves heads up for the 2014 World Series of Poker Asia Pacific Main Event crown.

    Falling in third place was the last hope for the Asia-Pacific region as Taiwan’s Henry Wang was the one to go.

    With a stack of around 800,000, or twenty big blinds, Wang would three-bet shove with K 9 following a button open from Scott Davies.

    Unfortunately for Wang, his timing was astray as Davies snapped it off with A A once again!

    That's three pairs of pocket aces we have seen in under 40 hands!

    Wang was calling for spades but he did catch some help on the 2 Q K flop. The 4 fell on the turn and Wang was one card away from elimination.

    “Nine of diamonds, dealer!” pleaded Wang, but it wasn’t to be as the 2 bricked the river to send him home with AU$343,805 in prize money.

    That leaves American Scott Davies to take on the UK’s Jack Salter for the bracelet and they are currently over 120 big blinds deep.

    Last time Salter was heads up for a major title at the EPT Grand Final, it took over eight hours of heads-up play to determine a winner.

    Let’s hope we don’t see a repeat of that here!

    Davies Uses "One Time" To Bust Kyle 

    Kyle Montgomery - 4th Place

    “I’m using my one time!” Scott Davies shouted as he got out of his seat.

    Davies held J J and had Kyle Montgomery all in with A K.

    “I’ve never used my one time, this is it!” Davies said as he paced around the table and watched the dealer spread out a 4 7 9 flop.

    Davies continued to pace around, holding his hands on his head.

    The at-risk player Montgomery, on the other hand, sat stoically as the dealer flipped over a 2 on the turn and a 5 on the river, sealing his fate.

    The “one time” call had worked for Davies!

    Montgomery pockets $231,287 for the effort.

    Davies is now the chip leader.

    But he has officially used his “one time”.

    Back-to-Back Aces Send Kassela Home

    Frank Kasella - 5th Place

    It’s tough to win a tournament when you run into pocket aces in consecutive hands.

    Frank Kassela is experienced enough to know that.

    But that doesn’t mean it hurts any less.

    Immediately after he was left relatively short stacked in the monster pot with Scott Davies as outlined below and Kassela would once again run into aces.

    This time it was Jack Salter with the rockets.

    The hand began with Salter opening the button to 65,000. Kassela three-bet to 100,000 out of the small blind and when it was back on Salter, he four-bet to 240,000. Kassela then five-bet to 525,000.

    Salter flat-called and the dealer spread out a 7 6 5 flop.

    Kassela quickly moved all in for just under 700,000 here and Salter called.

    It was Salter’s A A against Kasella’s A Q.

    The 7 turn and the T river brought Kassela no help and so he was sent home in 5th place, collecting $164,089.

    This result brings Kassela’s lifetime earnings towards $3 million and was his third WSOP final table of the year.

    It’s now Salter and Davies fighting for the chip lead with four players remaining.

    Good Time For Aces

    Five players left in one of the biggest tournaments in the world is a great time to wake up with pocket aces.

    It’s especially a good time when an opponent has Big Slick and decides to get aggressive.

    It started with Scott Davies raising to 60,000 from the cut off. Henry Wang called from the button and then Frank Kassela three-bet to 160,000 from the big blind.

    Back on Davies and he four-bet to 365,000. Wang quickly folded, while Kasella five-bet to 800,000.

    Davies thought for a long time before moving all in for 1.8 million.  

    Kasella quickly called and tabled his A K.

    Davies, meanwhile, was the player with the A A.

    The board ran out J 7 2 4 Q and Davies was the new chip leader while Kasella was left with a little over a million!

    Ang Italiano First Out, Turns $130 into Six-Figures

    Ang Italiano - 6th Place

    Then there were five!

    The player with the loudest and most passionate rail – local hero Ang Italiano - has just been eliminated in 6th place.

    Italiano came into the final six with the shortest stack and it was just the 14th hand of the day that would see her hit the rail.

    It started with Frank Kassela opening it up to 90,000 from under the gun. Italiano took her time to flat-call in the small blind and Jack Salter folded the big blind.

    On the Q 4 2 flop, Italiano instantly moved all in for around 300,000. Kassela called just as quickly and tabled Q T for top pair. Italiano had A T for not a whole lot.

    The K was a great card for Italiano though. She went from having just outs to a pair of aces, to having the nut flush and straight draw.

    The K river wasn’t what Italiano needed and it was all over.

    Following the elimination, Italiano was greeted with an adoring rail.

    Italiano pockets $118,769 for her finish, which is amazing considering Italiano made her way into the tournament by playing $130 worth of satellites.  

    Final Day of the Main Event Begins 


    The ESPN crew has prepared the set, the players are in their seats and WSOP Tournament Director Jack Effel has given the call to shuffle up and deal!

    There is quite a crowd in the production studio today at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia. They were enthusiastic too, hooting and hollering as the first hand of the day was being dealt.

    Blinds are at 15,000/30,000 to start the day, levels last 90 minutes and we will be playing until there is a winner – a player who will take home a very large $850,136. 

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