Live Blog: Phil Ivey Finishes Fifth Final Table in 8th

20 June 2012, Created By: Alexander Villegas
Live Blog: Phil Ivey Finishes Fifth Final Table in 8th

Well, Phil Ivey's out.

Ivey will finish his fifth final table of the year in 8th. 

It wasn't pretty either. Ivey suffered what poker players refer to as a "bad beat." Ivey was on the cutoff with 5,000/10,000 blinds and a 1,000 ante and he raised to 20,000. Samuel Golbuff was on the button and moved all-in.

Action was folded back around to Ivey, who quickly called.

Samuel Golbuff
"You're not making many friends," a railbird screamed to Samuel Golbuff after he crippled Ivey

Ivey showed 8 8 and Golduff showed 6 2. Things were looking good for Ivey until the dealer fanned out a 5 2 3 flop. The audience in the mothership let out a gasp, but Ivey didn't flinch.

A K came on the turn and Ivey stayed the same.

The dealer burned the last card and then flipped over a 4. The audience mumbled and spoke over each other as Ivey just let out a, "How much is it?"

The floor counted it out and announced the all-in was worth 159,000. Ivey counted it out from his stack, pushed it to his left and was left with 11,000.

With less than a big blind, Ivey only had one move. After folding the next three hands, Ivey went all-in from UTG.

He got calls from the button, the small blind and the big blind.

"Good luck," Golbuff said to Ivey. Ivey laughed and brought our official Ivey smile count up to three.

The board ran 8 A 6 9 7 and all three non-all-in players checked all the way down. When it was time to show hands, one player turned over 4 2, Ivey turned over A 3 and another player mucked. 

Erik Cajelais was still in the hand and turned over 7 6, his two pair won the pot and eliminated Ivey.

When Ivey turned over his A 3, he stood up and briskly exited the tournament area. He exited behind the mothership, found a side door in the Amazon Room and went into the cement hallways. 

Phil Ivey
Phil Ivey at his fifth final table this year

He was fiddling with his phone and took a right at the end of the hallway. He kept walking and fiddling and took a left at the end of that hallway. There, a few dealers and waiters were taking a break. By the time we reached that room, Ivey was gone. 


There was no trace of the 8-time bracelet winner. The $21,699 he just won remains unclaimed. 

Ivey misses out on his 9th bracelet yet again. There's no sign of Ivey in another tournament yet, but we know it won't take long. 

Ivey's natural desire to win, combined with 7-figure bracelet bets guarantees that we'll see him again. Soon.

But for now, he's gone, vanished, taking a break. 

We'll see if he makes final table #6 when he reappears.

The man's magical. 

Bonus Photo Gallery

Check out a few quick pics from the final table.

The Final TableThe Final TablePhil Ivey

A Slow Start

The mothership was surrounded. It was just past 2pm PST and every chair inside the feature final stage was taken. About fifty people were crowded around the outside of it, listening to the announcements.

"And in seat seven," the announcer said. "Phil Ivey." 

They crowd went nuts. People love Phil Ivey.

We've gone through one level of no limit and are halfway through a round of limit and the crowd has started to dissipate. The crowd standing outside the feature table has shrunk to about a dozen hardcore fans.

The stage itself is now peppered with empty seats, so if you want to come watch the action in person, there's space.

Phil Ivey
A smiling Ivey

Ivey has been a bit tame so far. He entered the table 7th in chips but now, with eight players left, Ivey is the shortstack with about 240,000. 

The fallen player was Michael Foti. Foti was eliminated when his Q J ran into Erik Cajlais's K Q. Both players hit a queen on the river, but Cajelias's kicker would kick Foti out of the tournament. 

Foti's 9th place finish earned him $16,692.

Phil Ivey -- as well as every other player at the table -- is now guaranteed $21,699.

Ivey has only played a few pots so far. Most of them haven't made it to the flop and his stack hasn't fluctuated too much. 

Ivey has been smiling a lot though, our Ivey smile count is currently at 2. 

Play is about to switch back to No Limit with 5,000/10,000 blinds with a 1,000 ante. Ivey is short and the time to make moves seems right. 

Stay tuned. 

Ivey Makes His Fifth Final Table in 12 Days

Phil Ivey is busy making history at the 2012 World Series of Poker and once again is bringing you the blow-by-blow.

Ivey is seventh in chips with nine players left in the $2,500 Mixed Hold'em event and it's his fifth final table in less than two weeks.

But this is familiar territory for Ivey. Back in 2002 he made five final tables in one summer. The only difference was that in 2002 he won three bracelets.

Ivey is going for career bracelet number nine, and with a reported seven figures riding on bracelet bets Ivey has to be feeling the pressure of another potential close call.

Check back here all day as we bring you full coverage and photos of Phil Ivey at his latest WSOP final table.

Here are the final table chip counts:

  • 1 Joep van den Bijgaart - 605,000
  • 2 Samuel Golbuff - 526,000
  • 3 Michael Gathy - 418,000
  • 4 Erik Cajelais - 368,000
  • 5 Chris Tryba - 347,000
  • 6 Salman Behbehani - 253,000
  • 7 Phil Ivey - 169,000
  • 8 Brent Wheeler - 158,000
  • 9 Michael Foti - 105,000
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