Live Blog: Ivey Goes for 9th WSOP Bracelet

8 June 2012, Created By: Matthew Showell
Live Blog: Ivey Goes for 9th WSOP Bracelet

Phil Ivey is at his third final table of the 2012 WSOP and we're shipping full coverage of it in our live updates of Event 24, $5,000 Omaha Hi-Lo Eight or Better.

Click here to follow Ivey's latest run at his 9th WSOP bracelet.

***Update*** Sunday June 10: Phil Ivey finished second, losing to now two-time bracelet winner Andy Frankenberger, in Event 17, the $10k Pot-Limit Hold'em Championship, .

Click here to read step-by-step coverave of Phil Ivey's latest bracelet run.

Friday, June 8: Phil Ivey Eliminated 7th in $5k Stud Hi-Lo ($34,595)

The unthinkable has happened. Phil Ivey has been eliminated.

Phil Ivey
Phil Ivey finishes seventh for over $35,000.

Even when Ivey was down to less than one big bet we still had high hopes. After all, he’s Phil Ivey.

But it wasn’t to be. Despite doubling up just a few hands ago Ivey was in need of a serious infusion of chips. He went after those chips in a hand against Todd Brunson but couldn’t put the cards together to earn himself even half the pot.

Ivey’s final hand began with Adam Friedman bringing it in with the 2 and Ivey completing with the A. Brunson and John Monnette also came along, with the 3 and Q, respectively.

Brunson bet on fourth street and only Ivey called. Ivey check-raised all-in on fifth street and Brunson called.

Ivey was ahead for the high side with a pair of sevens but Brunson had a wheel draw and an ace which he could pair.

Brunson nailed his straight on seventh street to scoop the pot and send Phil Ivey home in seventh place.

Ivey narrowly misses his ninth bracelet, but records his 23rd WSOP final table.

And with that we are done live blogging Ivey’s quest for his ninth bracelet. Hopefully he will make another final table so we can pick this up again.

Ivey Rallies with Emergency Double

Phil Ivey is staging a comeback. He was down to less than one big bet but now, after chopping an all-in and then doubling up, he’s back up to 68k (almost three big bets!)

The first hand saw Ivey all-in on third street with (A J)2 against (9 8)3. By seventh street Ivey had paired his ace, good enough for the high, while Brunson had made an eight-low to take the other half.

Just a few hands later Ivey was all-in on fourth street with trip nines against Ziyard’s trip sixes. Neither player could pull out a qualifying low and Ivey pulled the 68,000 back to his corner of the table.

Bonus Ivey Photo Gallery

Phil Ivey 1Phil Ivey 2Phil Ivey 3

Ivey in Critical Condition

Phil Ivey is on life support at this final table. The eight-time bracelet winner is down to his last few bets and already found himself all-in once, chopping to stay alive.

Phil Ivey
Ivey is running on fumes.

He lost a moderately-sized pot to Adam Friedman before shipping the majority of his stack to Zinman Ziyard.

The hand started with Sven Artzen bringing it in with the 2 and Ivey completing with the 5. Ziyard raised with the A and only Ivey called.

Ivey check-called one bet on fourth street, got a free card on fifth and check-called again on sixth.

Ziyard: (X-X) A 7 6 J
Ivey: (X-X) 5 5 2 K

Both players checked seventh street and Ziyard showed A Q 5 and Ivey threw his cards to the muck.

Ivey was down to just 35,000 after that hand.

Not long after, Ivey was all-in against Nikolai Yakovenko. The hand started with Todd Brunson bringing it in and Yakovenko raising. Ivey called all-in and Brunson folded.

Ivey showed A J against Yakovenko’s A 2.

By the time all the cards were dealt Ivey had made a pair of eights to take the high while Yakovenko’s six-low was good for the other half.

Ivey is still very much in danger.

Ivey Makes Final Table

We’re down to the final eight players in this event and Phil Ivey is sixth in chips with 230,000.

John Monnette
Monnette and Ivey clash.

Here are the final table counts as eight-handed play gets going:

  • Adam Friedman – 707,000
  • John Monnette – 686,000
  • Sven Arntzen – 549,000
  • Nikolai Yakovenko – 343,000
  • Todd Brunson – 259,000
  • Phil Ivey – 230,000
  • Bryn Kenney – 207,000
  • Zimnan Ziyard – 203,000

On the way to the final table Ivey got in a few big pots, mainly against recent bracelet winner John Monnette.

The first pot saw Monnette get bets in on every street, scooping the pot with an eight-high straight and an 8-7 low.

Not long after, however, Ivey managed to take a few chips back from Monnette.

Ivey check-called bets on every street and bet out on seventh with(X-X) 4 A 4 T against Monette’s (X-X) K 8 A 9.

Monnette folded to Ivey’s final bet and Ivey chipped back up to 260k.

Ivey Battles Bari, Outlasts Hellmuth

Phil Ivey started Day 3 of this event sixth in chips with 234,000, just a few thousand chips in front of 11-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth.

Ivey is a mixed-game powerhouse at the WSOP. He's got eight bracelets and every one of them was won in a non-Hold'em event.

In 2002 Ivey won three bracelets and two of them were in Stud events, including the $5k Stud Hi-Lo event he's playing in today.

Today Ivey's first real taste of action was against 2011 bracelet winner Allen Bari.

Phil Hellmuth
Hellmuth isn't smiling any more.

Bari was short and doubled through Ivey to get his day off on the right foot. Bari then lost a big pot, which was a blessing for Ivey since Bari doubled through him again just a few hands later.

The second double-up started with Ivey bringing it in with the 2 and Bari completing with the 8. A third player called and Bari bet fourth street when he received the 4. Only Ivey called, now showing 2 6.

Bari check-raised all-in on fifth street and Ivey called. They turned over their hole cards.

Bari: (7 3) 8 4 Q
Ivey: (4 2) 2 6 5

Bari managed to spike his flush on seventh street and with neither player making a qualifying low Bari got the double.

While Ivey's day got off to a rough start he did manage to outlast Phil Hellmuth.

The Poker Brat had been feuding with Adam Friedman since this event began and the two didn't pull any punches this afternoon.

Hellmuth was crippled in a previous hand against Alexander Krapivinsky but it was Friedman that took the last of the Brat's chips

Friedman and Hellmuth played a big pot to seventh street with Friedman making  a flush for the high and a six-low to scoop the entire pot.

Shortly after, Hellmuth was all-in with a pair of nines on third-street against Friedman’s A T 2. Friedman paired his ace to scoop and eliminate Hellmuth.


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