Liu & Kuo Stand Tall, Nitsche Dominant as GPL Week 2 Begins

Xuan Liu 1 2015 WSOP
Xuan Liu on point today.

The day began in the Global Poker League with all the buzz about newly named LA Sunset wildcard, actor Aaron Paul.

It ended with Xuan Liu and Kitty Kuo as the talk of the GPL chat and Dominik Nitsche a new dominant force to be reckoned with.

Week 2 of the GPL kicked off today with four more six-max matches featuring some new faces and a couple of returning favorites.

By day's end two of those fresh faces in Liu and Kuo had claimed big wins - and plenty of points - for the Montreal Nationals and San Francisco Rush. Nitsche also nabbed a big 12 points for the previously struggling Berlin Bears with a win and runner-up finish.

Kevin MacPhee, on the other hand, had a day he'd like to forget. He was bounced in the first eight hands in both matches, collecting the big double donut for the New York Rounders.

MacPhee Cooler x2, Nitsche Rolls, Xuan Runs Hot

Kicking off the day in the Eurasia Conference, surging 888poker pro Nitsche stepped in for his first GPL action and it clearly suited him. As one of the players on webcam he was front and center from hand 1 and talked through the action calmly and expertly. 

dominik nitsche2
Dom was dominant.

He was right with pinpoint accuracy more often than not and swept to victory in Match 1, ultimately topping Paris Aviator Mike Leah (who also impressed) heads-up.

Nitsche almost became the first back-to-back winner on the GPL before he feel to Moscow Wolverine Vlad Troyanovsky heads-up in Match 2. Still, the 12 points were a much-needed boost for Berlin after earning just three last week.

Jumping in for his first GPL action for the Rounders in the Americas conference, things got off to a poor start for MacPhee when the deck set him up in hand 5 with two pair against a flopped Fedor Holz set. 

Back for a second go in the next match MacPhee ran AK into Jake Cody's AA and he was gone again before players had even settled in.

The stars of those two late matches were Kuo and Liu. The first female players to get in the action, things couldn't have worked out better for them as Kuo won Match 1 and Liu Match 2.

Kuo had to hold off Fedor Holz three-handed and online crusher Joao Simao to earn her win. Liu certainly got a nice run of cards but clearly showed in talking through hands on webcam that she knew what she was doing and more than earned her win over Chance Kornuth heads-up.

Results and points scored in each match below:

Eurasia Conference 6-Max Match 1

1st Berlin Bears Dominik Nitsche 7
2nd Paris Aviators Mike Leah 5
3rd Rome Emperors Mustapha Kanit 3
4th Hong Kong Stars Bryan Huang 2
5th Moscow Wolverines Vladimir Troyanovskiy 1
6th London Royals Justin Bonomo 0

Eurasia Conference 6-Max Match 2

1st Moscow Wolverines Vladimir Troyanovskiy 7
2nd Berlin Bears Dominik Nitsche 5
3rd Paris Aviators Mike Leah 3
4th Rome Emperors Mustapha Kanit 2
5th London Royals Justin Bonomo 1
6th Hong Kong Stars Dong Guo 0

Americas Conference 6-Max Match 1

1st San Francisco Rush Kitty Kuo 7
2nd Sao Paulo Mets Joao Pires Simao 5
3rd LA Sunset Fedor Holz 3
4th Las Vegas Moneymakers Jonathan Duhamel 2
5th Montreal Nationals Xuan Liu 1
6th New York Rounders Kevin MacPhee 0

Americas Conference 6-Max Match 2

1st Montreal Nationals Xuan Liu 7
2nd LA Sunset Chance Kornuth 5
3rd Las Vegas Moneymakers Jake Cody 3
4th San Francisco Rush Kitty Kuo 2
5th Sao Paulo Mets Joao Pires Simao 1
6th New York Rounders Kevin MacPhee 0

Visit to see full replays of all the matches along with big hands and highlights. Action continues tomorrow and Thrusday with the next round of heads-up matches. Here are the line-ups:

Eurasia Conference - Heads-Up Matches Wednesday, April 13

Sam Trickett London Royals vs. Randy 'nanonoko' Lew Hong Kong Stars - 12 PM ET

Alex Luneau Paris Aviators vs. Dario Sammartino Rome Emperors - 2:30 PM ET

Dominik Nitsche Berlin Bears vs. Vlad Troyanovsky Moscow Wolverines - 5 PM ET

Americas Conference - Heads-Up Matches Thursday, April 14

Thiago Nishijima Sao Paulo Metropolitans vs. Pascal Lefrancois Montreal Nationals - 1 PM ET

Phil Galfond San Francisco Rush vs. Jason Mercier New York Rounders - 3:30 PM ET

Jonathan Duhamel Las Vegas Moneymakers vs. Olivier Busquet LA Sunset - 6 PM ET

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