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Two poker players who forged their friendship on the poker circuit came head-to-head Monday in Event 5 of the World Series of Poker Circuit series at Caesars Indiana.

Adam Lippert, from Brooklynn, N.Y., is a former substitute teacher who turned professional poker player two years ago. After turning pro, he met and became friends with Andrew Kloc, from Naugatuck, Conn., another full-time pro.

On Monday the poker friends became poker foes as they met at the $300+$40 No-Limit Hold'em event final table and eventually went heads-up against each other.

Lippert had dominated the final table already, coming from behind as the short stack and running over the table, so it was no surprise when heads-up didn't take long. His 7-1 chip lead was insurmountable as it took only two hands to solidify his victory.

Not only was heads-up play short, the entire final table hadn't taken long to play. It took only 18 hands to lose the first five players at the table, and 28 more after that to wrap it up completely. All the while Lippert and Kloc were joking and ribbing each other.

The first player to depart was Wade Woelfel, a 23-year-old pro from Mankato, Minn. Six hands into the final table, Kloc moved in with pocket nines, and Woelfel made the call with A-8.

The best the board brought him was another eight, and Woelfel went out in ninth place with $2,120.

Two hands later, Bryan Dillon and Greg Lester came head-to-head. Dillon had 6-2 in the big blind and flopped a straight. Slow-playing, he checked and let Lester bet and then put himself all-in.

At the showdown, Lester mucked his hand and went to collect his $3,180 for eighth place.

The 11th hand of the night brought another elimination and also saw Lippert triple-up to take a commanding lead.

On a flop of Q-9-6, Lippert bet $25,000 while holding 9-6 for two pair. Dillon moved all-in with Q-J, and Daniel Phelps called the all-in with J-8 for an inside straight draw.

The turn and the river came deuce and king to give Lippert the win, and Phelps took his seventh-place cash of $4,240.

Lippert took out another player four hands later when E. Craig Fields moved all-in for his last $30,000 with A-8. When Lippert called, Fields said, "You got me," and he was right.

Lippert's A-10 had the edge and the board didn't change either player's fate. Fields took home $5,301 for his sixth-place finish.

Dillon was the next to go when he pushed in with 10-7 right after taking a beating when his A-9 wasn't good enough to stand up to Richard Maranville's A-J. The 10-7 didn't do any better for him as Andy Alina called with pocket queens.

Dillon turned a 10, but was still way behind, and a queen on the river sealed the deal for Alina. Dillon takes home $6,361 for fifth place.

Fourth place went to Maranville who finally had to put his last $26,000 in with K-2. Lippert called with A-3. Maranville flopped a deuce to give him a pair, but a fourth diamond on the river gave Lippert a flush and the pot.

Maranville, a 38-year-old Tennessee native, took home $7,421 for his trouble.

Meanwhile, Kloc was down to $45,000 and was predicting a comeback. True to his word, he doubled through Lippert and then made a couple of uncalled all-ins to add a little more to his stack.

On hand 44 Kloc's luck ran out, and so did Alina's. Alina moved in for $114,000 with K-J. Lippert called with K-Q, and Kloc made the call as well, leaving himself only $50,000.

The board came 10-7-4-Q-2, pairing Lippert's queen for the win and taking out Alina.

Alina, originally from the Philippines and now living in Mississippi, received $8,481 for his third-place finish.

That left Lippert and Kloc to face each other, and two hands later, Kloc's 10-6 was beaten by A-Q when a board of K-8-7-J-10 gave Lippert a straight.

Kloc receives $16,962 for his win, and Lippert takes home $32,864 and a seat in the WSOPC Caesars Indiana main event.

The final-table results were:

Place Name Home Prize
1st Adam Lippert Brooklynn, N.Y. $32,864
2nd Andrew Kloc Naugatuck, Conn. $16,962
3rd Andy Alina Hernando, Miss. $8,481
4th Richard Maranville Sevierville, Tenn. $7,421
5th Bryan Dillon Prospect, Ky. $6,361
6th E. Craig Fields Cincinnati, Ohio $5,301
7th Daniel Phelps Economy, Ind. $4,240
8th Greg Lester Hanover, W. Va. $3,180
9th Wade Woelfel Mankato, Minn. $2,120

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