Linn County awaits legalizing of social games

Poker still stands illegal

It's a pretty peculiar situation wherein many state approved lottery games enjoy legal status but a friendly game of cards is called illegal.

Irrespective of its illegal stand there are many, who after a tiring day get together and enjoy a friendly game of poker.

Taking this into account Linn County is considering a decree which allows friendly games of Poker and other social games as 'legal'.

John Lindsey, commissioner of Linn County, is looking into the matter, he wants to give this type of games a legal status.

A 'Social game' will not have a house player, house bank, or house odds, and the house must not profit from the operation of the game. But a host business can charge a reasonable fee to cover the cost of various facilities provided.Tom Corr, county counsel, has charted out the decree that will change the status of the friendly, social games. These games will be legal in private businesses, private clubs and places of public use.

The decree was supposed to be discussed last week, but was cancelled. No other date has been set.

Many rural businesses, golf courses such as Trysting Tree, Mallard Creek and private settings like Cottonwoods Market, the Crabtree Tavern etc get to benefit from this decree.

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