Limit Omaha Hi-Lo champion declared in WCOOP Event #11

The World Championship of Online Poker's (WCOOP) Event #11 hosted a field of 735 entries and boasted a buy-in of $500 + $30.

The $250,000 guaranteed tournament began at 3 p.m. (EST) on Wednesday, September 14th and ended at 2:36 a.m. (EST) on Thursday, September 15th, eventually offering a total prize pool of $367,000. Starting chip count was $2,500 and a total of 63 places were paid out. At the start of the final table, the chip count and seat position were as follows:

1. ballbanger (Lombard, IL) $38,944
2. NOWHY (Oswego, OR) $171,247
3. musher (Las Vegas, NV) $217,220
4. 77KEETER88 (Bakersfield, CA) $322,222
5. DirtyTowel (Ann Arbor, MI) $178,078
6. Stupid-Cing (Las Vegas, NV) $244,626
7. yellowhat (Paris, France) $205,756
8. TOPTEN (S. Elmonte, CA) $201,106
9. TheMuppet (London, United Kingdom) $258,301

As final table play progressed, ballbanger was the first player to be knocked out, followed by TOPTEN, Stupid-Cing, 77KEETER88, TheMuppet, yellowhat, and NOWHY. DirtyTowel and musher were left to compete in heads-up play and quickly worked out a deal based on chip percentage: $10,000 and the WCOOP bracelet were to go to the winner.

The final table results are as follows:

1st musher (Las Vegas, NV) $81,289.00
2nd DirtyTowel (Ann Arbor, MI) $63,137.00
3rd NOWHY (Lake Oswego, OR) $33,810.00
4th yellowhat (Paris, France) $25,357.50
5th TheMuppet (London, United Kingdom) $20,212.50
6th 77KEETER88 (Bakersfield, CA) $16,537.50
7th Stupid-Cing (Las Vegas, NV) $12,862.50
8th TOPTEN (S. Elmonte, CA) $9,187.50
9th ballbanger (Lombard, IL) $5,880.00

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