LEOCOP Event 3: princessace wins DADDY 1

Empire Casino, London

The Ladbrokes European Online Championship of Poker continued Tuesday night with the DADDY 1 tournament. This $10,000 added No-Limit Hold'em tournament drew 283 players, and it was princessace who picked up the win.

It took about seven hours of play for the field to be narrowed down to the top 10 players at the final table of Event 3 of the LEOCOP IV. Another hour and a half later, princessace had toppled the last of the remaining players as well to pick up a $26,097 payday.

The initial exits were quick as stoaner hit the bricks when his A-9 ran into an A-J. eddiyates followed quickly behind stoaner, getting all-in with a set of sixes and being beaten by a set of sevens.

One of the biggest, most exciting pots at the final table saw two players get the boot at once and put Simes in the chip lead. Simes then went on to knock out three further players including the former chip leader TraXxX, who went out in sixth when his pocket queens were busted by Simes' A-9.

Simes couldn't take that chip lead to a win, however. After princessace used trip nines to secure her spot in heads-up play, she battled her way to a win. In the end it was princessace's two pair that did in Simes.

The final-table results are:

Place Name Prize
1st princessace $26,097.50
2nd Simes $16,607.50
3rd mayonaas $10,913.50
4th slobster $7,592
5th Durabo $5694
6th TraXxX $4,270.50
7th GritzNGrav $3,321.50
8th alfiesdad $2,372.50
9th eddieyates $1,660.75
10th stoaner $1,186.25

"This particular tournament is a firm favorite with Ladbrokes regulars. princessace really showed the other players who the Daddy was last night," said Edward Ihre, Ladbrokes Poker managing director.

Ihre noted that in addition to the LEOCOP win, princessace has won the regular Tuesday DADDY tournaments three times. Her win this Tuesday also guarantees princessace a spot in the Masters Event Nov. 22, where a seat in the semifinal round of the Poker Million VII will be up for grabs.


A DADDY 2 tournament on the LEOCOP IV schedule next week features the same $300+$30 buy-in and another $10,000 added.

"The win is a brilliant precursor to today's schedule which includes the Ladies Championship tournament with $2,500 added which starts at 8 p.m. GMT," Ihre said. "I suspect that this tournament will be one of the toughest in the schedule as it is likely to have a number of the ladies from this year's ELC playing it."

Along with the Ladies Championship today, there will also be the Beat the Team rebuy tournament for Event 5. It begins at 7 p.m. GMT and has a $20+$2 buy-in. Ladbrokes will be adding $10,000 to that prize pool as well.

The Beat the Team event consists of Ladbrokes Poker pros and darts pros Colin Lloyd and John Part. Ihre himself will be in the mix as well.

For your shot at the poker action, head to Ladbrokes Poker.

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