LEOCOP Event 2: MrHanky111 picks up win

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Monday night action for the Ladbrokes European Online Championship of Poker saw players paying $50 for another No-Limit Hold'em Rebuy event. Though some high-profile players came out to play, it was Norwegian player MrHanky111 who scooped the win.

The $50 Rebuy event drew 417 players looking for a piece of the prize pool to which Ladbrokes had added an extra $10,000. MrHankey111 got the best of that with a $16,887.51 win for first place.

For his hard work at the felt, MrHankey111 also received an invitation to play in the online LEOCOP Masters Event, where he'll have a shot to win a spot in the semifinal of the Poker Million VII.

There were a number of John Magill, who had a 12th-place finish in the 2006 WSOP.


None of the sponsored pros made the final table, but the action was still high as the top players battled for first.

MrHanky111 became the chip leader quite early in the final table when he crushed CALLIFUDARE's pocket nines with pocket aces. CALLIFUDARE went out in seventh place on that hand.

A little later when play was down to six, Chelsead knocked out jkhp with pocket kings and secured his position as a contender to MrHank111. The two would eventually face off heads-up after seven hours of play in the tournament.

Chelsead started off heads-up playing extremely aggressive, but he would eventually stall out when his A-T ran into MrHany111's pocket queens.

The top 10 players in the LEOCOP IV Event 2 are:

Place Name Prize
1st MrHanky111 $16,887.51
2nd Chelsead $10,808
3rd Wallyayay $7,092.75
4th davorsukei $5,066.25
5th jkhp $3,715.25
6th Roxity $3,039.75
7th CALLIFUDARE $2,364.25
8th Inoriisss $1,182.12
9th mugger $1,182.12
10th Juicem $844.37

According to Ladbrokes Poker, with its $500,000 in added prize money through the LEOCOP events plus an exclusive invitation to play in the Masters Event, the LEOCOP is proving to be one of the most exciting online poker festivals in Europe.

"The number of players from countries all over Europe playing in our festival is really gratifying, it's been a great start to the 2008 LEOCOP IV and day three of the 15-day event brings us the Daddy," said Edward Ihre, MD of Ladbrokes Poker.

"This is a favorite with Laddies regulars, with a deepstack structure offering $5,000 starting chips and 20-minute blinds levels so the players can really get their teeth into it."

The Daddy is a $10,000 added No-Limit Hold'em Freezeout with a $300 buy-in.

"On Wednesday we are hosting two events with added money that totals $12,500, the LEOCOP Ladies Championship and a Beat the Team event with our top pros as Bounties, so there is something for everybody," Ihre said. "Ladbrokespoker.com is definitely worth a visit!"

There are still several events left in the LEOCOP IV, and Ladbrokes Poker has qualifiers running each day for a majority of the events.

The main event of the poker tournament series will take place Nov. 9 and has $250,000 added to the prize pool.

For more information about this and other things the poker site has to offer, visit Ladbrokes Poker.

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