Lefrancois Snuffs Kenney Heat; Jaka & Little Impress in GPL HU

It's Bryn Kenney's world; we just live in it.

After two weeks & two days of Global Poker League action, Dan "Jungleman" Cates was likely leading the race for fan favorite.

He found some major contenders for the title today.

Week 3 of the GPL wrapped with the America heads-up matches and a few new shining stars emerged in Bryn Kenney, Faraz Jaka and Jonathan Little.

Each brought their own unique flair to their matches with Jaka, Manager of the San Francisco Rush, filling in for teammate Jonathan Jaffe on short notice.

He looked the part, too, as the infamous 'homeless millionaire' spent the day on camera in his bathrobe - and won his match 2-1 no less.

Kenney, meanwhile, brought some spectacular creativity and inimitable style to his match against Pascal Lefrancois but the French-Canadian didn't blink.

Relentless Kenney, Smooth Little

The nightcap match of the evening was much anticipated with New York Rounders Manager Kenney up against Montreal National Lefrancois, who came in with a perfect 3-0 heads-up record.

Faraz Jaka
Cool like that.

As expected, Kenney came out firing. He put the pressure on from Hand 1 and it worked out perfectly early on before a 3-bet/bet/bet/jam line with 5-3 ran right into Lefrancois' trap with aces.

He battled back to win game 2 to set up a rubber match but his aggression cost him again when he ran 9-high into trip Kings, shortly after which Lefrancois closed it out.

The win moved Lefrancois to 5-1 overall and claimed another 6 points for the Nationals. Kenney, however, staked his claim to (one of the) most exciting players in the league.

With an impressive performance by his brother Tyler in the six-max matches early in the week, the Rounders have also staked out first place in the conference.

Starting off the day, Jonathan Little impressed in his 2-1 win over Sao Paulo's Joao Bauer, as much for his play as his commentary. Clear and easy-to-follow, Little walked the viewers through hands expertly and gained a lot of fans along with the 2-1 win.

Jaka, likewise, was cool as always and handled his match with Eugene Katchalov with the aplomb of a guy, well, at home in a robe. After the completion of Week 3 here's how the standings line up in each conference:

GPL Americas Standings


1  New York Rounders 40 4
2  Montreal Nationals 38 4
3  Las Vegas Moneymakers 31 1
4  LA Sunset 28 2
5  Sao Paulo Mets 28 1
6  San Francisco Rush 24 3

GPL Eurasia Standings


1  Paris Aviators 40 4
2 Hong Kong Stars 37 3
3  Moscow Wolverines 35 4
4  London Royals 28 3
5  Rome Emperors 27 0
6  Berlin Bears 22 1

Check GlobalPokerLeague.com for full replays of all the matches along with highlights and commentary from the in-house team of Griffin Benger, Sam Grafton, Laura Cornelius and Eric Danis.

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