Lederer and Ferguson Suspended from Epic Poker League

Howard Lederer
Lederer and Ferguson will be sidelined in EPL events pending the outcome of the civil complaint against Full Tilt Poker.

The Epic Poker League announced this afternoon that they have suspended Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson indefinitely following the US Attorney’s amendment to the civil complaint against Full Tilt Poker.

Epic Poker’s Standards and Conduct Committee decided that the amendment, which names Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson as directors of Full Tilt Poker, constitutes a breach of the EPL’s Player’s Code of Conduct.

“The Committee voted to suspend Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson indefinitely, pending the outcome of the Department of Justice’s action,” said Committee Chairman Stephen Martin, a former federal prosecutor who now acts as the Independent Ethics Advisor to Epic Poker.

In a story explaining the decision, Martin expanded on the factors that went into the committee’s decision, citing the specificity of the charges and the fact they came from the US government as key reasons behind the suspension.

Martin went on to add that should the civil complaint be further amended, the EPL committee will consider additional disciplinary action.

Andy Bloch, who serves on the committee, recused himself from consideration of the issue.

Annie Duke, sister of Howard Lederer, serves as commissioner of the Epic Poker League.

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most-boring-players-to-watch-at-poker 2012-02-08 02:18:40

I can't express how much I feel disgusted watching these twos playing...they play tightest poker and in euphemistic ways says it to be 'methodical' or 'solid' play...even low paid clerks can play aces..you boring douchebags

inhock 2011-11-28 21:33:01

Whats keeping the feds from putting these people away

Camper 2011-11-11 21:01:40

FTP was possibly the most rigged online gambling site in history, run by the ugliest Frankenstein known to man, and a middle aged wannabe cowboy who thought his hat actually made him look cool. Just goes to show you, thieves come in many disguises. I hope these pigs spend a lifetime behind bars bent over a poke'er table.

brumdogg747 2011-10-24 07:20:42

Dont even call ferguson Jesus anymore.Thats just waay too inappropiate to call a international theif,robber,and scumbagg the same name as Christ.

Michelle 2011-10-09 13:41:19

Poker has always had its share of scoundrels. It is a shame that these players were suppose to be idols, instead they were just lining their pockets like our government officials. Many years ago, I posed a question to Howard Lederer through the "Ask the Pros" section on full tilt poker. It involved the numerous cheating methods in the bigger tournaments, and why no one talked about it. NEVER HEARD A WORD BACK. Howard AND his sister Annie Duke have always been snobbish. Someone should point out to the two of them that if it wasn't for the poker boom, they would both be on their hands and knees looking for spare change on Freemont Street

DOJ... DonkiesOnJuice 2011-09-25 16:52:56

Poker Players ALLIANCE...(shown on lederers jacket) haha, dont seem to be much in the way of an alliance when it comes to ftp and their customers. I bet lederer and jesus along with the others involved in this law suit will be found innocent and then they will come out to try to repair the damage and restore their names. This shit is going to follow them for the rest of their poker days. This whole affair with FTP stinks to high heaven and has cast a massive cloud over online poker. Lederer perhaps should be banned from playing in any casino, poker event for life after this.

hangemhigh 2011-09-25 16:40:00

Think bernie maddoff and the great ponzi scheme which he ended up doing many life sentences over. Lederer must have been having nightmares of maddoff and perhaps joining him for a quick game of badugi before being locked up with a few of his queer fans for a night of suckouts and double barreling.

Ponzi Poker ( formerly Full Tilt) 2011-09-23 18:17:13

Epic Poker League, thats a joke right. Their 2 biggest name players are thieves and frauds. Maybe rename it The Bernie Madoff Poker League or something similar. The Ponzi Poker League. Yea that has a nice ring to it.

The Professor ( lol) 2011-09-23 18:10:55

Lederer is a scumbag. He use to walk around Caesars Palace and vegas with his nose up in the air refusing to acknowlege a friendly hello from fans. Hes a f$%%g thief and hopefully will go to jail. Think of Howard Lederer when you wonder what happpened to your $20,000 bankroll at Full tilt. He spent it at Pieros.

I hate Lederer 2011-09-23 13:36:42

haha! scumbag together with his low life cowboy friend giving Jesus a bad name.