Learn to Triple-Barrel Bluff in New “Poker Power Moves” (Video)

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Don't just bluff the flop and give up every time.

PokerListings is rolling out a new intermediate poker strategy video series and to get things started we're teaching you to triple-barrel bluff like a pro.

Good fundamentals are hugely important in poker but there are certain spots, certain moments, where the right move is all you need to take down a huge pot.

Every serious player has an arsenal of these poker power moves and today we're breaking down one of the best: The three-barrel bluff.

Over the next few months we'll be releasing 15 episodes of Poker Power Moves, including must-know techniques like: The light three-bet, the check-raise, the stop and go, the squeeze play, floating the flop, the semi-bluff and many more.

The first episode covers the most important things you need to know to three-barrel bluff successfully and it does it all in two and a half minutes.

Some of the tips include learning to tell a believable story, starting with bluffing more at boards that match up with your perceived range (what your opponent thinks you have), what kind of turn and river cards are good for firing the second and third bullets, and what kind of players to avoid when considering bluffing all three streets.

Check out the video below and keep an eye on our Poker Strategy Video section for more episodes coming soon.

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