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Learn to Play Chinese Poker & Keep Score in 3 Minutes (VIDEO)


Chinese Poker is an awesome card game and you can learn how to play right now in less than three minutes.

You can play Chinese Poker with two, three or four players and it's a great game even for people who don't have much experience playing other poker games like Texas Hold'em.

The only prerequisite for this Chinese Poker basics video is an understanding of the poker hand rankings.

To brush up on what hand beats what, check out our comprehensive poker hand rankings page here.

Gameplay, Showdown, Keeping Score

Watch the video below to learn how to deal, set your hand and keep score in Chinese Poker quickly and easily. There's no betting or raising, instead everyone agrees on a point value, for example $1 per point.

Everyone gets 13 cards and then has to organize their cards into three poker hands. Two of the poker hands have five cards and one has three cards.

The only rule is that the three-card hand has to be the worst hand, the middle five-card hand has to be better than the three-card hand, and the last five-card hand has to be better than both other hands.

When everyone's done setting their hands turn over your hands and compare them to each hand of every other player. Each hand is worth one point against each other player and if you beat someone in all three hands it's called a scoop and it's worth a three-point bonus.

Check out the video to see how it works in action!

Trick for Keeping Score in Chinese Poker

When you're playing with four people keeping score can get tricky.

The easiest way to do it is for each player to keep track of their own scores against every other player.

When you're comparing cards in each hand, start with the dealer and compare his cards to the player to his left. You get a point for winning each hand and if you beat a player in all three hands it's called a scoop and you get a three-point bonus.

Next compare the dealer's hand to player 3, and then player 4. Then compare player 2's hand to players 3 and 4 and then player 3's hand to player 4. At the end of the game each player has to settle up individually with every other player.

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