Learn to Float the Flop, Bluff the Turn in Three Minutes (Video)

Float the Flop
Learn to exploit players who continuation bet too much with weak hands.

Floating the flop to bluff at the pot later in the hand is a powerful poker move and you can learn it right now in less than three minutes.

Most players these days know they have to be aggressive, but for a lot of people that just means opening a lot of pots and continuation betting at every flop.

A lot of these players don't know what to do when you play back at them, especially when they're out of position.

If you spot players playing too loose and continuation betting too often, you can catch them doing it when they have really weak hands.

By calling in position preflop and calling their continuation bet on the flop, you can force opponents to check to you on the turn. That sets up a great bluffing opportunity where you can win the pot, no matter what cards you're holding.

Three Keys to Floating the Flop Successfully

#1 - Floating the flop works better when you're in position because you can pick up on your opponent's weakness if they check to you on the turn.

#2 - This move is designed for heads-up pots so don't bother trying it if you're up against more than one opponent.

#3 - You'll win more pots with this move if you use it against weaker players because they're less likely to bet again on the turn and the river.

Watch Floating the Flop to Bluff the Turn

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